Saturday, 9 June 2012

Filthy Gorgeous

Me and my nails have a Love/Hate relationship, they grow long and strong and I love them and then they break and then I BLOODY hate them.

At the moment, I have EIGHT nice long nails and the one in the middle on each hand are short (all the better to...................type with, what did you think I was going to say!!!!) so Nail varnishes are featuring quite heavily in my life at the moment.

Cue Nail varnish post..................

Filthy Gorgeous are a range that I have seen talked about quite a lot recently but until now have never had the pleasure of wearing.

And if you are going to be introduced to a new brand then why not start with the newest and the best they have to offer.

Any beauty/nail writer of any shape or form knows the importance of a GOOD Holographic nail varnish, there has been various offerings from brands but until now I haven't found one that has done the job AND been in the correct price bracket for me (I absolutely refuse to pay £25 quid for a bloody nail varnish, £25 QUID? what is it made of, Unicorns?)

Meet Prism, Prism is a holographic TOPCOAT that you can use to add sparkle to any nail varnish to give it real OOMPH. when I met the brains behind the brand recently I was advised to layer it over a red as it looks like FIREWORKS on your fingers!!!
(I tried it, it really did)

But then I decided to get a bit tricky (as one does when there is no wine left to drink and if you go to bed it means the next day comes around that little bit quicker-Half term, three children, say no more)

If you haven't been introduced to Deborah Lippmanns' Wicked Game nail polish then you are missing out on a truly magical colour, I would call it a purple/green/silver duochrome (Yes I know I named three colours there, sue me) it is to me a very ethereal colour which while beautiful lacks the real strength to make the transition from nice to stunning (flashback to my teenage years RIGHT there)

so do you think now might be a good time to introduce some pictures to this blog?

(You all know Beauty blogging isn't my thing right?)

Now PLEASE bear in mind these polishes are notoriously hard to photograph and my camera is so basic I could have given you better images by DRAWING them and colouring then in with glitter!!!!

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game

Filthy Gorgeous. Prism, Deliberately (honestly) taken with a flash so you could see all the colours that reflect back in the light!!! Look at those sparkles

Wicked Game. 2 coats. Again it is hard to show the true colours here, it is a nice polish but lacks Va va Voom

HELLO Va Va Voom

One coat of Filthy Gorgeous Prism over the top of any nail varnish and you are guaranteed colour so sparkly you won't be able to help but stare at your fingers. But at the same time it isn't in your face sparkly, it is like a subtle sparkle of a well cut diamond rather than gaudy and cheap. It adds depth to a polish and intensity as well.

I LOVE it.

And the price? well this polish is just £9.00. There are no Unicorns here! It isn't overpriced and I think it is well worth the money to jazz up polishes you already own.

You can buy this online at or at Debenhams department stores.

I am suitably impressed with Prism and will definitely be checking out the rest of the range to see what they have to offer.

What do you think of Prism? Have you tried it? Or have I tempted you to?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I've tried prism, it's fabulous. I use it on my toes in the summer to give that summer bright sparkle. I'm definitely trying it over red - firework as you walk! GG

    1. It looks so pretty over red, a lot brighter than when it's layered over a subtle colour

  2. I love the filthy gorg range. I have one of there nail vanishes on ebay at the moment. Its called Noelle

  3. That looks amaze. I have Mavala's Pure Diamond which is similar but I think the sparkles are a tad smaller, the light bounce is ridic though! I need this one now!

    J xxx

  4. Adding it to my HUGE list of wants now! Payday is next Friday, woohoo by Saturday I shall be a pauper again.
    You are indeed a temptress as I now want this. Dees it work over black though as I normally wear black nail varnish rather a lot.

    1. Someone was talking about that on Twitter! It would look amazing over black

    2. fabbytastic! I shall definitely get myself it next Friday then xo

  5. There is something about a good glitter, oh fuck it, any glitter, that instantly transforms me in my head to a spinning rollerbooted hot pant wearing disco diva.
    It should be available on prescription.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is amazing! I need some of that. I've tried a few other Filthy Gorgeous polishes, there is a green glitter with blue bits in that I just love.

  7. The glitter looks amazeballs. I did a nail course last year and whilst I can happily do others nails I have no co-ordination with mine so I feel your pain.

  8. You are a bad influence. I'm not allowed to buy any more nail polish EVER, and then you show me something even more amazing than my stash of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms that I picked up for pennies (and really should flog on ebay for £30+ each)

    Must Not Shop.


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