Saturday, 23 June 2012

Guest Post-The rules are, there are no rules

So this guest post is from the very lovely @anessexwife

Who I have actually met in REAL LIFE!!!!! Ooooooooh check me out

And she hasn't done it herself so let me give you her website to take a look at after you have finished reading AND COMMENTING here ;-)


Big Fashionista x x

So, I’ve been given the honor of guest posting for the AMAZING Big Fashionista while she is away.

My initial excitement about this was quickly replaced by fear, what on earth do you write about on a blog where the only rules are that, quite simply, there are no rules?

Blogging on someone else’s page, especially when they are as fun as easy going as Kellie, its like being in class with a supply teacher. You are doing the same things you do everyday, except all normal routines and boundaries are thrown out the window. It’s all very unpredictable. Fun isn’t it?

I wonder if it conscience, that while I’m writing this, I’ve just looked up to see a few naked men on my TV screen holding sausages in their hands?* Bit rude for 7pm, but that media for you I guess, sex sells. But then you already know that, what with this being the home of Nom or Vom and all that.

This is why I love blogs. I never really read them before starting my own, yet I quickly saw the attraction. You got to see the innermost of everyone’s thoughts, feeling and desires, all there in black and white, very appealing to a nosey girl from Essex that was adjusting to live as a SAHM and missing out on the office gossip. However I now know that it goes further than that. You chat to these people on twitter, read their blogs, loom at their photos, possibly meet them at a blogger event or two and then, if you are really lucky, they may become your ‘real’ friends.

Reading blogs gives you a lot of food for though (quite literally sometimes with all the great food blogs out there). For me, they are my equivalent of having a good old office debate. Now I work from home I miss that interaction, sharing my views and listening to others talk about current affairs. Blogs have given that back to me, and for that I’m very grateful.

So now, asks the nosey Essex girl, why do you read blogs?

* The naked men and their sausages were on the new Richmond advert, I was not, repeat NOT, watching early evening porn.


  1. I read them because I literally am THAT nosy lol Some of them are informative and some are for shits and giggles but I'll always click in and have a ridiculous amount on my reader because of my incessant curiosity!

  2. Same as Sera, I'm nosey, horribly nosey in fact lol.
    I do like reading different types of blogs to see what make up/ nail varnish/ clothes are new and looks good.
    But for the most part it's cos I'm nosey :D


    p.s I haven't seen that advert at all, maybe I should watch tee vee more often ;)


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