Monday, 11 June 2012

Is blogging a young uns game?

Occasionally, (very occasionally) people ask me what it is that I do. Obviously if I'm in a bitch arse mood (more often than it should be to be honest) I make something up. I've been everything from a gun runner (sorry about that Auntie) to a recorder player in a new age rock band (what can I say, I get bored easily)

I don't really want to reply with I'm a mother because I'd rather talk about the jobs I do well and actually enjoy

so sometimes I reply with "I am a blogger" (Gun runner at the weekends though, what can I say? Stats are low at the weekends) which usually gets the reply "oh ok" (and the subject quickly changed)

But over the weekend I got a different reply.

"A Blogger? Aren't you a little old for that?"


A little old?

To write shit down on a computer?

Oh HELL NO.  Now I hate being told I am too old to do anything (You should see me at the playground) but TOO OLD TO BLOG. Well excuse me while I go and get measured up for a coffin (No PR's I do NOT want to review a coffin)

When did that happen? Now I remember previously a magazine (No names here) doing a blogger competition a while back (Sorry, the memory isn't what it used to be) and setting an upper age limit of mid twenties but after a massive uproar that upper age limit was quickly removed and all were welcome to play. (and tack a sparkly badge on their blog of course)

But is blogging seen as a young persons game?

Or is there enough room in the Bloggersphere for everyone?

Now there are millions of great blogs out there, fashion blogs, beauty, food blogs, sex blogs and even blogs about blogs. it is a diverse world out there and every blog has a different opinion and THAT is one thing that I love about blogs. You could have two blogs update with a new post about the exact same subject at the exact same time and each would be a different view of the same thing. That is because each individual puts their own views and spin on things.

Just because someone of say, MY AGE wants to blog about fashion, there is nothing to say that I am going to blog about polyester trousers and comfortable shoes is there?

Can I not blog about Galaxy prints and Ragged Priest T-shirts? Am I too OLD to know what is fashionable these days?

The same with beauty, would a blog about beauty written by someone as ancient as me ONLY be tailored towards anti-ageing creams and wrinkle treatments?

Of course it bloody wouldn't.

So am I too old to be blogging? Am I one of the grandmas of the blogging world?

What do we think?

Have you experienced any ageism in blogging? I would love to hear your opinion on the matter, Is blogging a young persons game? or are you like me and think that age is irrelevant and it is great content that makes you read a blog.

Let me know,

I'm off to grab a cup of Horlicks (or any other brand of hot milky drink, if they aren't paying, I'm not name checking) and then go for a quick go on the roundabout.

Care to join me?

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Blogging is for any age group. As someone who is peeking round the corner at the big 5.0. (not that I feel it!), I have two blogs on the go, doing and saying different things and I am thinking of starting up a third! So, a big two fingered salute to those who say that us oldies should bugger off into the sunset of the eternal beige cardie!

  2. Blogging isnt about age its about having something interesting to say. Look at Very Old Grandmother, Rita has a successful blog and is an extremely stylish woman. The fact that she's older is irelivent. You're never too old to blog! GG

  3. I must admit that amongst beauty bloggers I do feel ancient, partly what has stopped me going to events so far! But just because I am 32 does not mean I wear boring make-up and paint my nails beige!

    1. You're not ancient amongst beauty bloggers, pack it in!

    2. That's often why I skip events (I'm 29), KD. Maybe in future we can all go and talk about how things were in our day! :-)

      It's mad because clearly age has no impact on quality of blog. Let's be brave in future!

      Great post, Kellie x

  4. Hot topic!

    15 years ago, I would have said 'granny, go and knit or something'

    I've always been too old/too fat/too mummy/too single/too poor/too rich for whatever I've done.
    So of course I'm stepping into blogging now, when I have the wisdom and sense to produce decent enough stuff, but not the luxury of time to develop it.

    I searched for most successful blogs over 30 before leaving this comment. There are a lot of women who look my age, but they're not telling. I joined Studio 30 plus, but left, as there was no-one there, and it just looked like a blog set up to promote your links, SEO 101 you know?

    We need a group. But we're busy enough, what with the Zimmer frames and the sewing bags to lug around :)

  5. I feel old sometimes in regards to the fashion thing but if I'm honest they're maybe my insecurities.
    There should be room for everyone, them young uns gonna be old soon too.... ;)

  6. One of the joys of the internet and social media is the way we can all escape categorisation if we want to. You can blog or tweet without anyone necessarily knowing anything about you that would stigmatise or pigeon-hole you.

    So absolutely not - blogging is freedom from the domination of youth culture!

  7. It doesn't matter to me what age a blogger is if I find they're blog interesting. The beauty of blogs is their diversity. I'm not exactly "down with the kids" but I love reading a younger persons viewpoint on fashion/ beauty/food etc By the same rule " experience" from older bloggers should never be underestimated!
    That said I've never revealed my age on my blog or Twitter.... ;D xx

  8. Age really is just a number when it comes to writing. You can either write or can't! Personally, I prefer reading this blog over a younger blog on beauty and I'm 22. I seriously can't believe they said that, I'm not a feminist, but had you of been male, would they still of asked if you are "too old"?

  9. Funnily enough, Marie Forleo has posted a video about this today:

    I always think that those who consider people 'too old' for something are at best ill informed, and at worst narrow minded.

  10. No more than someone is too old to be a journalist or an author. It is something I think about as an older-than-most blogger, but not in terms of whether I do it - more in terms of how I may be perceived, or how I feel about posting pics of myself etc. I do get depressed looking at the smooth, plump skin of younger beauty bloggers *sigh* makeup just looks so much better on them, but older women also love (& need!) makeup & often have more cash to spend on it, so they are very valuable readers too.

    Apols for poor grammar & punctuation am in a rush!

    Nic x

  11. Great post as per and relevant to me as i'm positively ancient :)so wonder about this age thing myself x

  12. ah good post! I'm the middle ground but sometimes i feel out of place with all these girls in their early 20s coming in x

  13. Blogging gets too much labels and discrimination these days, even within in the community! Its what put me off a bit recently, but I am giving it another go, as, ultimately, there are no limits to blogging and any one can do it, no matter of age, gender, body shape, views. If you enjoy it you do it, whether its writing a fashion blog or swinging on the swings at the playground! Age is just a number these days, just ignore any one who says otherwise!

    Kitty xox

  14. That's ridiculous! I'm only a 'young' blogger but I absolutely love reading blogs from all over the scope - teenagers younger than me, early twenties like me, thirties, forties, fifties it makes NO difference I love a variation it's what makes a blog exciting!


  15. Sod em! I'm 33 and won't stop blogging about my newest playsuit or glitter polish just yet :D

  16. I completely agree, there is no age limit! I suppose if it was a blog about stair lifts and mobility scooters one would expect an older writer and if it was called day 'I'm 14 and I hate my stupid life' you'd expect none other than an angry 14 year old, but for anything as varied and diverse as beauty, fashion, music, film, parenting and *cough cough* ambulances then age means nothing at all. I havn't experienced any ageism but then again, I lie about my age ;-) and am sat nicely in that 25 ish bracket of blogging perfection. There are people though who don't think the blogosphere is big enough for everyone and there will always be those who try and exclude others. I've been told that I am 'not welcome in the blogging community' and I have 'no place or right to be blogging'. Two fingers and a raspberry should sort out any nay sayers! Besides, unless you post your birth certificate on your blog you can be whatever ever age you want!

  17. Age is but a number, sweetie. I am so sick of all the isms of the day. Ageism, racism, sexism, etc. It makes my blood boil and my ticker can't take that. Why, back when I was a wee slip of a girl, I always knew the day would come when I, too, would age. We begin to age when we're in the womb! Now that I'm a whippersnapper...heehee....I see and feel no different than before. Just because there's a bit of snow on the roof doesn't mean the embers ain't a'smokin'! You are a great blogger and I prefer your blog to all those twenty-somethings any day! They, too, will one day age, if they live long enough! Sorry, if I went on a tangent. You know how it is with us old fuddy duddies. By the way, have you ever noticed how hard it is to type from a rocking chair? ;)

  18. Forgot to mention that there are a few weeds in the Garden of Eden but that didn't stop the Pleasure Dome from being a joyride! lol

  19. In a way I can understand the reaction, as blogging is seen on teevee shows being done by teens only, so unless they actually understand what blogging actually is, then some people just honestly won't have a clue.
    I read blogs from all age groups, but if I want a beauty blog I like to read those of a similar age to myself as that way I know it will be a decent product, if that makes sense. I don't want to look like the 40 year old pretending to be 18 (although I never got past 6 apparently mental age wise - thanks to my son for pointing that out...)
    Fashion is fashion, I know what suits me and what doesn't, so I will read fashion blogs quite often to see what is actually about and affordable, with that, age doesn't really come into it.
    Jewellery I do like to keep up with the trends as I make my own, so again any age group.

    All in all age doesn't matter, you can be 6 with a blog or 600, as long as I enjoy reading it, it doesn't matter :)

  20. "Can I not blog about Galaxy prints and Ragged Priest T-shirts?"


    If I can blog about Galaxy bars and Judas Priest T-shirts.

    Seriously? Fuck em. Not EVERYTHING in this world is the domain of the young. I read lots of blogs (and haphazardly write one), but my list covers pretty 16 to (around) 65, and is much more the richer for it.

  21. I'm 15 and sometimes feel like people don't take my blog seriously but only having a small amount of followers that is very rare! I think generally most people within the blogosphere understand there is not age rating but people outside of it are naive and won't take the time of day to hear more what it's all about. I love your blog and I'm one of the youngest audiences! xx

  22. Well if you're the grandmother then I am the great grandmother. I dunno K, I agree that there should not be any form of discrimination in blogging but I do think it is about how the individual feels, and as an individual I can individually feel a bit of an oldie in a bunch of youngsters, especially when some are young enough to be one's children. But like I said this is my individual thoughts as an individual and I am not judging any other 46yr olds at all. Hope I made that clear enough, individually speaking ;)

  23. Fuck girl! If you're old, there's no hope for me!
    Seriously though, that's just bullshit.
    I DARE someone to suggest I'm too old to do anything!
    Seriously. I'm in THAT kinda mood :)

  24. Whoever said this too you is not a blog reader themselves. Simple FACT. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and all very different opinions like you said!

    I would also like to point out that some 'older' bloggers like to think they know more than 'younger' bloggers (which I have had experience of)! I treat people how I like to be treated regardless of age, size, race etc etc etc........

    I want to be a 90yr old blogger LOL!!



  25. Well they've obviously got no real conception of what the sphere of blogging is like, so they were obviously too ill-informed to have an opinion. I'm 35, I blog about what I want. No one seems to have taken exception to it yet. (That said, there are certain traits which may be hallmarks of certain blogger tribes. Age may come into some of these)

  26. Ageism in rife in our society and that comment to you about blogging is one of millions of examples of it. As you know Kellie I am a fashion and beauty journalist and one of my freelance contracts is that I am the Beauty Director of Saga magazine - you can imagine the comments I get...Saga magazine is targeted at men and women age 50 and above. There are many beauty press trips that I do not get invited on, many products I do not get sent etc etc because of the age group of my readers. It is all complete nonsense as women particularly in their fifties are still interested in the latest beauty products. Anyway I could waffle on about this for hours. Lynnette x

  27. To be honest I think they're talking nonsense. I know a lot of people don't have internet or any of this nonsense but theyre few and far between, I think the perceptions of young=tech savvy and cool, are pretty misguided. Some of the best bloggers I know are over 40 and have much more interesting things to say.

    Blogging is for all ages and that's what I love about it. I like seeing how someone's blog is an extension of themselves. Personally I love polyester slacks and comfy shoes but thats just me.

    15 year olds have blogs, 50 year olds have blogs. Dont be worrying I love reading your blog!


  28. There should be no age limit on anything, let alone sitting on our derrières typing wot we fink onto the internet. Bollocks to everyone else, we should all do what makes US happy! I'm 38 years young and although my blog is total crap, I keep going because it's like therapy.

    Viva les oldies! xoxo

  29. Yeah, bollocks. Kids blogs are often rubbish, probably, as I can't be arsed reading one. I'm confident a quick survey would reveal that 90% of the blogosphere is busy mums blogging about their busy lives bringing up kids. Mine? I simplify stuff for the hard of learning. I waffle about things that annoy or amuse me. It's my soap box and it's very carthartic, if that's how you spell it. Too old to blog my arse. Give them a slap and tell them to go and play with an X-box.

  30. Haha brilliant! I am fairly new to blogging and at the ripe old age of 25, even I feel a little bit too old. The average age of the bloggers behind the fashion blogs I read seems to be about 17. I'll join you for a Horlicks (but only with a rusk, to balance it out)

  31. My beautiful, intelligent, funny best blogger, don't you dare take any notice of the small minded, unintelligent comments of an agist arsehole. How dare someone comment about age without reading your fantastic blogs. Please let me know their name address and age, I'm sure I can have a lively debate with them, after which they will change there mind about making such comments. We are all getting older by the minute, and it's our experiences that make us so much more interesting.

  32. Cant believe I nearly missed this! Too old to blog? lmfao (definitely too old to be using that sort of abbreviation though. fml). Frankly how anyone under 40 can be described as too old to do anything is beyond me. And anyone over 40 is too wise to give a flying monkey's backside what anyone else thinks so its all good.

  33. You are younger and more slender than I. I find the idea that there is some kid of age or size limit for fashion blogging to be rather silly. Whilst it may be true that there are numerous young people interested in fashion I suspect any differences in numbers of bloggers in different age groups may be more of a function of free time and computer familiarity than of anything else. Happy fashionista blogging! I hope you keep right on posting. : )

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