Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Letters from Denmark-Guest post

I'm loving these guest posts, I may just give up blogging and let you guys do it for me.

Here's one from a friend of mine in Denmark.


Big Fashionista x

I woke this morning with a dream ringing in my head that somehow today would be different , that something special would light up my day like a random act of kindnesses or finding a fifty pound note on the floor ( if only), but today was all about an expectation that kept me amused and inwardly exited all day.
Unfortunately, the punctured reality of my day kicked in and i soon realised that maybe this set of 24 hours would roll just the same as they did......well 24 hours ago.
Thats the problem with routines, sometimes they are safe and warm and reassuring and other times they are boring and insanely soul destroying.

But i received the call that would change my routine and it was welcomed as warmly as chocolate cake.

My Good friend, serial blogger and all round good egg is taking a break from her hugely overworked calender and has decided to recharge her batteries somewhere far away from the eyes of the world to take in the sun, the relaxing surroundings and fresh, clean air whilst being waited on hand , foot and finger by waiters with very exotic and rather gay names like "Ramondo" or " Maurice".
The truth is that i have no idea as to the destination of our Fashionistas destination, such is the secret to the location but all i can tell you is that i am sure her suitcase is packed full with goodies and treats and sparkly things that glow in the dark........easy tiger!.

So, how incredibly rude of me not to introduce myself, what must you be thinking of me??

My name is Martin but my friends call me.....Martin, ( always start with a joke they say ) and i am a single man ( see Zook.com ha ha) Who lives and works in a little land far far away.
Denmark is a lovely little country where the people stay fit by bike riding, running and generally look after themselves, The people aren't sucked in by advertising so fashion doesn't really dictate their dress sense and they have a thirst for knowledge that makes us English appear a little "lazy".
It is quite common to be rejected as a potential partner in Denmark if your professional aspirations arn't ambious enough and it is also common to talk about your job and your personal economy on a date! A first date at that!
The differences between the Danish and English culture is huge and i love nothing more than to enjoy the new feelings that these experiences give me but i realise that it would be impossible to tend to such a enormous subject in such a small amount of time so i shall wait until our Fashionista takes her World Cruise and i get a whole week to tell you how wonderfull you all are...bless.

I guess though that it wouldn't be English of me if i didn't mention the weather as we all like to complain as to the current state of play in the "its too hot, its too cold" dilema so with that in mind i can tell you after a brief glance out of my window that the day seems to be.......all right.
Blue skies, bit cloudy, it'll do.
I am going for a walk ..............and thats another Danish thing, People actually call other people up and say " I am going for a walk in the forrest in Ballerup, wanna come?" and that is totally normal......

But anyway, i am going for a walk because i have been asked too and this is where freinds find out how they are getting on, there isn't a big pub culture or dinner party culture here in Denmark, its more like chatting at the gym or a quick chat whilst on the move. The Danes aren't as social as us Brits but don't get me wrong they are not boring as they all love the power of knowledge and i believe that the Dane thinks his or her brain to be their greatest asset.
When one does get invited to parties you will always come home with more knowledge in your head then you did when you got there , whether you had a good time or not.
With a Dane, you only have to mention a "keyword" and they will begin to tell you everything they know about that subject with English ability that will astound you.
Because the Danes aren't really hooked on the phase fashion like English women ( wonderful, beautiful, sweet English Roses) they adopt an individual sense of style and it really does fit as you can detect a womans personality better and from a male point of view this is very refreshing and lowers the degree of difficultiy of choosing a potential partner. Danish women do have that insight to dress exactly how their body shape dictates and they achieve their results by knowing their bodies rather than having to fit into a certain outfit because some designer with a particular french sounding name says so.
An example that i guess you ladies would understand is that Danish women don't care how big their feet are, they do not try to crush them into shoes two sizes smaller to feel as though they fit into the norm! They accept their fate and dress accordingly and thats that.
And because they do not seem to follow any direct trend, you can see an individual persona and as i said, it is so refreshing from a male point of view to be able to spot somebody who you think you could get on with simply because you like the way they dress rather than how they carry the dress that everyone seems to have on.
I am in no way suggesting that Danish women are better than English women, Good god no, i merely suggest that there is a difference in how they spend their day and that there does seem to be generalisations that are different between the two sets of women.
So as this hole gets dug ever larger, Lets just change the subject shall we?
I guess things are going ok with the football in the European championships, England seem to be swimming in fair waters, the Olympics in London are just around the corner and with the Queens Jubilee i should imagine that it is a wonderful time to be waving the St Georges Cross aloft and proclaiming to all that it is such a granduous time to be an Englishman or indeed woman.
I must admit, with everything that is going on in London this summer, i do walk around with a feeling that i am missing out somewhat but hey ho, i am not complaining as i am in fact one off those lucky few that own a television set and have the abililty to use my free time to watch local and international sporting events at attractive rates.


This blogging lark is not as easy as it seems you know, i mean, to be able to translate your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis and deliver it on a level that entertains people is pretty hard going and i realise now that the search for captivating words is harder than i thought.
And then of course, having to find material for the next day and the next and coming up with a point to everything which is something i havn't managed to do as i am a complete duffer at this sort of thing and that is why i am standing with you in the queue waiting for the safe return of our beloved Fashionista to keep you updated with all the essentials that i so obviously do not have to satisfy your need to be kept in the know!

I am sure she will return to us with the best tanning advice, a list of Europes top ten beaches and the lastest gossip from Monaco or St Tropez or wherever our girls travels have taken her.
Wherever she is, let it be known that i was grateful to empty my brain, if even for a brief moment.

Thank you for time and enjoy your summer holiday wherever you may go and hey, if you make it to Copenhagen, look for the English guy in the centre of town, thats me!


  1. Great post!!!! Nice to meet u Martin!!!xx

  2. Hi.
    I work with a Danish woman and you have described her to a T!
    I get on great with her. She comes straight to the point with everything. No messing about. I like it.
    And some of her 'inner translations' are hilarious!

  3. Love Scandinavia, the 'wet cleanness', the simplicity. Lived in North West Germany for 4 years, and that has very scandinavian traits, loved it all. Lovely post. Who's Fashionista? (sooo jk)

  4. A lovely post. Long live the blogging King!

  5. Lovely post, love your writing , made me giggle many a times and I don't know anyone from either country lol x

  6. aww they love me, they really love me.
    Thank you lovelies and gentlepeeps.
    I sound gay don't i?


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