Friday, 1 June 2012

Nom or Vom

So better late that never right?

Now currently I am watching an old film from 2000 called Supernova and the thing that strikes me is that for some people, like Beckham and Clooney the ageing process is a good friend,

but for some, um. not so much.

So I am shutting my eyes and remembering James Spader as he was.

Ladies and gentlemen,

James Spader

So what do we think? Mr Spader WAS hot wasn't he? and I would rather think of him like this, than this :-(

(sad face)

So what do we think? James Spader.

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Nom in the first picture, the rest is VOM because he looks just that little bit too smooth and, if I can admit boring...

  2. He looks a little like Jensen Eckles/Ackles ( I can never remember and I am too lazy to google it) when he was younger. A nom for the Young one, a Vom for the last pic. ps: where is Dave Grohl?

  3. nom for the younger versions, but total vom for the last one....but I think some people just don't age well. I however have a picture stuffed in an attic somewhere that is ageing by the minute whilst I keep my youthful looks ;p lol

  4. Nom on all the younger Spaders and nom for older Spader when he drops some of the weight. Saw him the other year (in person) with the weight off and he looked great. Don't like the last pick....he needs his normal hipster black framed glasses and a different haircut and style.

  5. A mahoosive VOM from me for once...I've always thought he looks and acts just a bit too creepily pervy for my liking. He made my skin crawl in Sex Lies & Videotape and I never recovered *shudders*

  6. Was a total NOM in his day. Today however, is not his day.

  7. Nom back in the day. Thinking of him as Steph in Pretty in Pink is making me purr....

  8. He was a NOM with capital letters back in the day, I so loved him and Andrew McCarthy back then. They have both aged oddly but Spader was fab in Boston Legal and McCarthy in Lipstick Jungle, I think I like them because they both have cheeky indecipherable grins.

    1. Oooooh Andrew McCarthy?

      Wonder where he is now?

  9. Well I'm just different. Younger, he just seems sinister and a bit I dunno, blech, but now, I so would, so its a NOM for me!

  10. I think on the whole James Spader is nom. The last image is from The Office so I think he is meant to look a bit bleurgh.


  11. I have to say nom-something bout him!! I even think secretary is quite romantic despite the s&m :D

  12. I would say Nom for Pretty in Pink and White Palace (worth checking out as he played the younger man who has an affair with Susan Sarendon who is just bloody foxy!)xx

  13. Oh GOD, so NOM in the eighties and nineties. My weakness was for blonde boys with big eyes and fringes. He hasn't worn well, but I still smile at the thought of him and his highlights and tan.


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