Monday, 30 July 2012

Big Blog/Little blog

So I asked the question just a short while ago

What do YOU see as a Big Blogger?

So much lately has been said about the Big blog/Little blog divide.

Now call me naive but I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Big Blog/Little blog divide!!! (I know, I know. Head in the clouds and all that)

When I asked the question on Twitter it seemed that you all had an opinion.

@KLGHair said, "I think Big Bloggers (hate that term) for me are the ones who've really built a great rep and a large readership

@aimeeElizzybeth said, "Lots of comments, ads down the side, many followers on a variety of social networks.

@Pamperedprince said "anyone over 5ft 9"  (I adore this guy)

@Beautycfw said " someone who thinks they deserve respect or authority because they have a large number of followers"

@DirtyLittleW said "lots of readers, blogging often well known. I'm a little one"

(There were lots more comments but my eyes hurt now. Thank you to everyone who replied to my question)

 So is a "Big Blogger" just a state of mind?

A lot of people I asked, including me, feels like a small blogger. Should we be THINKING BIG?

Or is there a backlash against what people see as Big bloggers?

Being a blogger isn't easy. God knows we all know that.

and aren't we categorized enough without putting categories on ourselves?

I would love your opinions on this.

What makes a Big blogger?

Do you see yourself as a Big Blogger or a Little Blogger? Or like me, just a blogger?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


The Alternative Olympicas

So one weekend in and already I have watched so much sport that I now consider myself an expert in some extremely obscure sports. (Beach volleyball is intensely athletic and doesn't deserve the quips made about it that's for sure)

But it begs the question, What the hell am I going to do when the Olympics finishes? Short of hanging around Weymouth beach offering a commentary on Sailing or dragging a horse to my local pool to play Water polo (Am I doing it wrong?) I have absolutely no idea.

The only other thing that I can think of doing is setting up an Alternative Olympicas.  You know, one we can excel at without even trying. Now before anyone starts screaming at me for disrespecting Team GB, I'm not. Sport is a discipline, every sportsperson works extremely hard and every medal we win is well deserved and highly fought over. No-one goes to the Olympics just to be a competitor, every sportsperson is there to win. End of.

But my alternative Olympicas is going to be heavily weighted in our favour.
(My Olympicas, my rules)

The opening ceremony is going to be a couple of guys, just spraying Pepsi into the crowd, I can't compete with Danny Boyle so why even try. Just to continue in my contraryness (Is that even a word?) I may approach Burger King to sponsor me, I'm theres for a whopper with cheese, some fries and a diet coke, (god I'm cheap)

If O2 also want to sponsor me? Call me guys, you know I love you.

The first event will be Syncronised Umbrella lifting event. The great thing about this event is that it can be held in the open air,(Although knowing our luck it will be 90 degree heat during my games) Syncronised Umbrella lifting will be judged on the time it takes for the umbrella to rise after the first raindrop hits. (If we don't win Gold, Silver and bronze in this event then I will demand a piss test on every competitor)

The next event didn't start off a British event but we have trained hard for it, we have given it our all and embraced it as our own.

It's the Cat Photography event. (sponsored of course by Instagram)

One cat, a lotta iPhones (on O2 of course, I'm nothing if not sponsor friendly :) ) and SHOOT!!!!!

We have to be feline pretty confident this one is in the bag (No kitty, not you in the bag, that would be wrong) I'm pretty sure we could get a purr-fect score.
(Shall I stop now?)

Another event would be the triathalon, this event is an event that requires a wide range of skills, it is the Bitching, Moaning and Nagging Triathalon.

(You know you are all imagining who you could nominate to represent in this event)

Maybe it could be a team event, A relay bitch, I'm sure I see those on Twitter quite a bit lately, One person bitches to another, who then adds to the bitch and then passes it along. Team points will be deducted if you get called out by the person you are bitching about. (and you will feel shame)

The moaning part

Well that has to be an individual event doesn't it? Or the first one to drive everyone away with their moaning gets Gold.

What else? Let's think of some other events.

Hmmmm We could learn from The Olympics mistakes and make queueing an event. If I tell everyone that it is also an audience participation event I'm sure the whole day would go a hell of a lot easier. I expect to attract the sort of audience for my event that spent the whole Olympics saying "Well I could do THAT"

Really? Prove it.

Queue you buggers, queue. AND DO IT WITH A SMILE DAMMIT.

Ok, so this is my Alternative Olympicas.

What do you think? Care to join in?

Can you think of any other events that would make a welcome addition to my event?

OR can you think of some other sponsors that would care to donate a couple of million, (ok a fiver and a some chocolate) to the Alternative Olympicas cause.

Let me know, I'm off to practise, I'm a shoo-in in the cat photography event. If I lose, it will be a CAT-astrophe (ok, I'm stopping now, I promise)

Big Fashionista x x


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Guest post Colourful Clothes

"I would first off like to send out a BIG thank you to Big Fashionista for
giving me this opportunity to write on her page! This is my first ever
guest post and im quite excited! For those who dont know me Im a
twitterite (@fashionfloozy) and my blog is I go
by the name of Christine and I like to change my hair colour a lot!hehehe!
I am married and have two beautiful little girls. I like to blog about
nail art and fashion so this post is a little bit different! Any way down
to business!

*Colourful Clothes?*
Like most adults, I get up and get myself dressed and made up before
leaving the house (this is of course after being jumped on and boked upon).
This will be, today for example, converse jeggings and a top. Pretty
simple stuff, nothing too vibrant today. When I get downstairs, it is of
course feeding time.....not for me of course (that will be in about an
hour)....its the kids! My eldest is almost 3 years old. She can feed
herself but likes to throw her porridge around the place too. Even at
this grand age, I still enforce a full apron. And there is still food on
the floor, table and chairs (and her hair, face and hands)! She will then
come over to me after she puts her dishes in the sink (smearing porridge on the cupboards) and give me a leg hug, and mashes the first bit of colour
into my outfit. Of course I do not notice such stains as I am preoccupied assisting my 7 month old.

Baby number 2 is also eating porridge, throwing the spoon out and getting
covered, but this you do expect from a being so small. Once she is done
and wiped down, I will lift her, usually she will need a nappy change, and
on my way to to she she will rub her face into my shoulder. Me thinking
this is a very cute and affectionate hug I miss the yoghurt filled slobber that has been ground in. Nice.

When the bubba goes for her morning nap and I get to eat my breakfast, of
course my eldest is sniffing about, eyeing up everything. It's All Bran.
Nothing a child would like/want, yet her fingers go into it and splash
about sending splatters of milk all over me. I of course am oblivious as
I'm starving and shovelling it in as fast as possible.

Lunch time. This translates to my kiddies as "Smash more food into mummy"
time! Snacks?! Its the same story! I give them a banana or those organix
carrot sticks, i get orange highlights down my face and sticky mushed, half
eaten banana down my arm, over my boob and on my lap.

By the time dinner comes along I'm already like a rainbow! But what can I
say, I'm a colourful gal.

How colourful are your clothes? Are you like me and are mucked to the
gills by the time breakfast is over, fully relying on baby wipes to get you
to the end of the day? Or are you a changer? After every splash you and
your kiddies (if you have any) get changed? Let me know! I would love to hear from you all! Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet!

Thanks for reading!"

Fashion Floozy


Friday, 27 July 2012

Nom or Vom

The good thing about this being MY blog, is that I make the rules. The good thing about ME making the rules,

If I decide to use the same hot male celebrity twice,

Well that's just down to me.

And I'm PRETTY sure that when I tell you todays Nom or Vom is................

Tom Hardy

You won't be complaining either.

Happy Friday, here is Tom Hardy. Just for you. Coz you're special.

So what do we think?

Tom Hardy

Nom or Vom

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Festival Fashion with George at Asda

I know, Fashion on THIS blog!!! Who would have thought it?
(Saves me getting sued under the trade description act I suppose)

A little while ago I was approached by George at Asda to create a "Festival" themed look.

I can do that, I thought. (Being Big Fashionista and all that)

For £20 they told me.

Hmmmmm, well THAT might be a little bit more difficult I thought.

Could I put together a "Festival" look from George at Asda for just £20


With change left over.
(Check me out)

and who better to help me show my festival outfit than TALULLAH.

A classic Kaftan, nice and simple, just £6

Daisy print leggings, £9

Pulling the whole outfit together.

Flip flops, because Festivals dont HAVE to be all about wellingtons do they?

Wedge Flip Flop Was £5 now reduced to £3

So I managed to put together a festival outfit for £18. That means I have enough money left over for an ice-cream I'm sure.

If you want to see more of what George at Asda has to offer then you can see more here  George At Asda

So what do you think of Talullahs outfit?

Festival Chic (or do I need a name change?)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Disclosure: All items were chose by me and provided by PR. I would also like to make it clear that there is a competition attached to this post for the bloggers involved that whoever get the most comments wins a voucher.

I am telling you this to be as transparent as possible not to make you leave me a comment..... although, (Ya know, girl like to eat and all that)


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What have you done make you feel proud

I touched on this subject briefly yesterday and after a discussion last night with @JayneJRead and @BeautyShortlist I decided to expand on it as I think that this is a important issue.




All attributes that should be seen as a good thing. Not used against us or as a stick to beat us with.

Why shouldn't people be proud of their accomplishments? Why should people have to hide in the shadows and not shout from the rooftops when they have done something amazing for fear that people will sneer that we have got too big for our boots or we are arrogant. Why should we hide our desire to succeed?

So in the words of Heather Small,

"You're a sight for sore eyes"

(hang on, I'll try that one again)

"What have you done today, to make you feel proud"

So what I want you to do is this.

Share with me what you've done that makes you feel proud lately.

Stand up and scream it from the rooftops.

Have you got a new job? Reached 100 blog followers? Had a smile from a stranger? Got a new cat? (Yeah I follow you on Instagram) or just met someone who makes you smile.

Be it big or small, if it made you feel proud then share it here.

You deserve it. because YOU ARE AWESOME.

Don't let anyone ever tell you any different.

Big Fashionista
x x


Monday, 23 July 2012

Sporting great, Media hate

A huge congratulations must go out to Bradley Wiggins for this weekend becoming the first man in.... (It's late, Google hates me and I can't be bothered to check) like EVER (I think I covered myself well there) to win the Tour De France.

It is superb, a really great accomplishment and he should be very proud of himself and the whole country should be VERY proud of him.......

Except. That's not quite how the UK rolls is it?

Todays sporting hero can very quickly become tomorrows, well how can I put this politely? Anti-Christ.....? (you do not want to know how many times I have written Antichrist/Anti-christ here. Anyone know which one is right? Anyone actually care?)

One day you are winning trophies and accolades, the next you are being photoshopped into a picture with you hanging out the back of an Alsatian with a gram of coke on one side and Katie Price on the other. Oh the shame! There are some things you can NEVER get over. (And a picture with Katie Price is one of them)

We have a huge problem in this country of building people up, just so we can knock them down again. Especially in the sporting world. People confuse confidence for arrogance.

Take Amir Khan, in the 2004 Olympics, everyone was rooting for him and the whole country got behind him. Eight years later and he is seen as a "one cocky c*nt" Is he arrogant, or just has the confidence a boxer needs to get in the ring?

Tiger Woods, now I grant you he may have been a little bit naughty (in the same way that the TOWIE stars are a little bit orange) but the pleasure some people took from his demise went further than just about what he did to his wife. (and I'm sure most people who laughed at his downfall didn't even KNOW his wife)

We do the same to popstars, tv stars and film stars. Yes the media plays a big part in this but people have to put their hands up and admit that they sometimes feel people need taking down a peg or two and are the first to smile in satisfaction when someone takes a fall from Grace. (and if Grace was the name of one of Tiger Woods hookers then that my friends is the the best line I have ever written ok?)

Now for me I love a bit of confidence. but the world seems to think we shouldn't be proud of our accomplishments. Hell we can't even retweet any compliments these days without someone whispering we have got too big for our boots.

Instead of trying to suppress people and knock them down, be it sports people, musicians or even Bloggers (yeah I capitalised it, sue me) we should support them, appreciate them. and try to use them to enrich our own lives by being INSPIRED by their hard work and achievements.

Not knock them down.

That's not very sporting is it?

So what do you think? Do we enjoy building people up to knock them down?

Do you grimace when you see someone retweet a compliment?

Is it Antichrist or Anti-christ?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Losing our way in an online world

Today I wanted to bring you something different. As bloggers we all experience times when we really don't know where we are going, we feel like rudderless ships just drifting through, but we tend to not share how we are feeling, we keep it inside.

Todays post is a post from someone who I am sure you all know. It is Sam from Make Up Advice Forum. I love Sam, I find her knowledgable, friendly and she always talks a lot of sense. I wanted to share her thoughts with you, I know that it has helped me as a blogger. and I hope it helps you.

Over to you Sam x x

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Kellie for giving me airspace on her blog to chunter on for a bit.
I really do believe that she says whatever we’re thinking (but aren’t brave enough to say), and allowing me to share with you, on her website, is a massive honour.
I can’t really remember when I first ‘met’ Kellie on twitter. It feels like she’s always been part of my world. There when I wake up in the morning (how she’s made me snigger and giggle into my intravenously ingested coffee!), there throughout the day. There to laugh at ICarly with (if you’re not a mother to a preteen, ICarly is the best thing on kid’s TV!), and there to pick you up if you’re feeling a bit blue.
I like to hope that I sometimes pick her up when she’s a little blue, but I doubt I’m as much of a rock and support as she is.

Thanks K, you’re incredibly special.

Anyway, back to why I’m here.

I apologise in advance for typos, grammar issues and anything else that goes hand in hand with brain working faster than my fingers can type!
I’m spilling my heart a little here, so if this does tend to wander and stray, it’s because I don’t believe in self editing, and as such, I haven’t proofed or even reread it (probably, I’m writing this before I write the piece.... hmm, anyone else confused?!)

Anyway, my point is, this is a bit of me that’s coming straight from the heart to the fingers to the blog you’re reading now.

I want to open up about losing my way in the online world.

For nearly 7 years, I’ve owned an online forum for makeup artists and makeup lovers. I’ve been involved in online cosmetics for far more years than that, but having a space on the web of my own has only been for the last 7.

Back in the day, forums and messageboards were really the only way to communicate with like minded people in a virtual world. There was no facebook, no twitter, no social media in the modern sense. Just forums dedicated to various specialist interests.
Like most who find a niche, I stumbled upon it, and quite quickly, we became very popular with girls wanting to do their own makeup for weddings and parties, or freshly let out to play makeup artists wanting some support.
Over time though, like most things, the site adapted. We’re currently on our 4th incarnation of the forum, and even now I’m looking to what is around the corner.
About 4 years ago, before blogs became anything other than an online diary for the writer, I felt that we needed a more professional place to write product reviews, and give makeup breakdowns.

Again, it was fairly unusual, and we seemed to have stumbled upon another niche market.

However, a couple of years ago, I began to lose my way in the online world.
As fast as we and other similarly styled sites were paving the way, so to speak, blogs and dotcoms were popping up all over the place.

The need to differentiate MAF from other online sites was imperative, particularly as our forum participation started to dwindle, and we needed to constantly think of new things to keep people interested, and coming back to us (it’s a commercial enterprise, I’ve got to make a living somehow!)
But it was a little under 2 years that I really began to lose my footing and wander blindly out into no man’s land.

At the time, December 2010, I was pregnant with my 4th son, and had just had the first of 2 threatened miscarriages. I was advised. Nope, told actually, by my consultant that I had a choice. My 3rd son was born premature after 3 threatened miscarriages, and basically my choice was to step away from the online world, rest and keep my baby safe, or lose him.

Not really a choice, so I obviously stepped right back. I removed myself from Twitter, facebook, the forum, the website, everything. After 4 months, when I was 30 weeks pregnant, I was given a reprieve. Not that I could come back to work completely, but that the chance of having another prem baby was reduced.

Stepping back into the online world was like waking up on another planet.
Overnight, blogs had popped up everywhere. And very few of them looked like traditional blogs anymore. (This lovely blog here to me, is a ‘traditional’ blog!). Most of them looked like my site! It was a whole new world, and perhaps, one might say, a more level playing field.

I slowly started to get a little more interactive, but felt rather lost, and then when Oliver was born (on time, and safely!) I chose again to take time off to enjoy him. In all likelihood he’s my last, and having never taken much time off with the others, I really wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.

Announcing to the world that I was returning to work a week before the Summer holiday’s wasn’t the best move in the world, but you know, baby brain and all that....
Inundated with requests from PRs and brands to feature their products, I seemed to be working round the clock, day and night, and juggling motherhood, and a job as a working makeup artist.

I seemed to be writing all day every day, something I’ve never done before.
Again, I felt like I was floundering, and although I’ve never been one to ‘break the news first’, I felt like I was competing. With whom, I’ve no idea. Myself? Blogs? DotComs?

Before I knew it, I was trying to write an article a day. Some were good, some a bit meh, and others were just filling a gap.

When this transition happened, I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s been something I’ve been increasingly aware of over the last 3 months, since my son turned 1.
Now, given that I’m the boss of me, my advertisers aren’t brands or products, and I’m not beholden to anyone to set dates and deadlines, what sort of craziness is this!
I’ve lost focus of the forum, yet I can’t seem to find the time to give the members enough of me.

I’d lost focus of what I wanted to achieve from the website.

I’d lost focus of where I wanted to see myself.

Fortunately, with some help from friends and online acquaintances, I’ve now found my way.

Why beat myself up and try and get an article bashed out every day, just because other dotcoms and blogs do.

Why try to be ‘the first’ to break the news, when it risks an embargo breakage and a relationship with a brand/pr?

Why put undue pressure on myself to ‘fit in’ when all its achieving is a lacklustre performance and quite frankly, some potentially rubbish features.

I’ve never written articles or features or reviews, asking for comment. We have the forum for that, but trying to be as impersonal as a magazine, yet as regular as a blog has battered my head about somewhat!

I do know where MAF is headed, it’s an exciting road that I’m stepping onto, and you know what. It’s okay to be different to other online outlets, whether they’re blogs, dotcoms, personal websites, or those things that printed magazines have online (apparently not blogs, or magazines. What the heck are they?!)

I've always been different, why I tried to fit the mould I don't know.

It's not me, it never has been.

I think I'll go back to doing what I do best.

My own thing.

@makeupadviceMAF on Twitter

Thanks Sam, I find it an honour that Sam wanted to share this with me, I nodded and agreed through reading it all and knew it would have a good home on my blog. As bloggers we DO lose our way, we can sometimes forget why we started doing this in the first place, our perspective changes or sometimes the world just changes around us.

I would love for some of you to share how you feel about it all, do you struggle to find your identity, or sometimes find your voice isn't quite saying what you really want it to?

How has blogging changed for you since you started?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nom or Vom

When you really have to search hard to find a picture of your choice of Nom or Vom with his shirt ON you know you have picked a true winner.

Let's face it, he is going to be the only reason that some of us choose to watch this seasons Britains Next Top Model.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this weeks Nom or Vom is..............

Tyson Beckford

So is it hot in here or is it Tyson?

So what do we think?

Tyson Beckford?

Nom or Vom.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Three little words

Nothing strikes fear in my heart more than THOSE three little words.

And no I'm not talking about "I love you" Those words are actually lovely to hear. (soppy mare that I am)

The words that I cannot stand are "Forgive and forget"

Just three little words that trip off the tongue easily.

but like a lot of words they are so much easier to say than actually do.

And if someone lets you down, hurts you or lies to you, at one stage it is always down to you to decide whether you can get over it or not.

It becomes less about what they did to you and becomes more about whether you can be the bigger person and "forgive and forget"

The problem is I'm not sure if I can be that sort of person

I'm friendly, warm, loving and I am fiercely loyal (I'd make a wonderful pet wouldn't I?)

but if you screw up?

I don't hold a grudge, I really don't. but if someone lets me down (and occasionally it does happen. I know shocker right?) I don't know whether I have it in me to forgive and forget. What I can and will do is walk away without even a backwards glance.

What would you do? Are you a forgive and forget sort of person?

Do you nod and agree at the words of Buddha

"Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, you are the one that gets burned.

Or do you think Buddha was talking crap and you can hold a grudge until the end of time or until you hold their cold dead heart in your hands (and whatever comes first is okay with you)

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jaws, The Cull.

When it comes to getting a bad reputation, you have to admit that sharks are up there with the best of them, The only way that a sharks reputations could be any worse is if they hung around with Chris Brown while moonlighting for G4S at the weekends.

After a spate of recent attacks, people are now talking about a cull of Great White Sharks to decrease the numbers and hopefully stop the killings.

Now, I don't know about you but if I had an aversion to getting treated like an amuse bouche by a Great White then the chances are I wouldn't be putting so much a toe in the water. (My similarity to a walrus is uncanny, less amuse bouche more main course I think)

People want to cull sharks......................... for being sharks?

Now I'm no bleeding heart and if sharks ever evolve and are able to traipse down my local high street, eating pensioners in Argos willy-nilly then I will be at the front of the queue to sign the petition and tut tut disapprovingly at them. (Dude, that's not cool, that's someones NAN, tut tut)

but until then, I fail to see how us diving into the water and being eaten by a shark that is probably just swimming along minding its own business until dinner just happened to go diving by is a good reason to wipe out a huge number of a species.

(If I was walking down the street and a Krispy Kreme doughnut just happened to swim past, you bet your arse I would get all down and bitey on it)

And if we are going to cull sharks because occasionally they like to chow down on on a human who is in THEIR backyard, I imagine that COWS are thinking of having a HUGE meeting and arranging a serious culling of us humans!!! We munch down on so many more of them tasty little buggers than the sharks do us. (I wonder if they have thought of forming a coalition with chickens, not only do we eat them, we steal their periods to have with soldiers)

Sharks will be sharks and all that and while it is always sad when someone loses their life, I fail to see how you can cull a species for doing what it does best. What next, cutting down trees for growing leaves, a huge cull of kittens for being so goddamn cute, and while we are at it, lets cull slugs for being so slimey (oh hang on, we may be onto something here) I'm sure sharks were not given those rows of sharp teeth so that they could star in a Colgate advert, (or any other well known brand of toothpaste)

But you may think differently,

Let me know.

Are you team shark? or team human?

Do you think it is fair to cull just because occasionally they kill someone in THEIR water?

Or is the cull of sharks worthwhile to save human lives?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tantrums and bitch fits

So yesterday must have been a slow news day in the US because one of the biggest news stories to come out was Suri Cruise threw a bitch fit over her mummy not buying her a puppy.

(We've all been there sweetheart, we've all been there)

It is a horrible lesson to learn that tantrums don't get you anywhere in life Suri,

and trust me when i say that if they did I would be covered in diamonds (and Matthew McConaughey)

Tantrums. Cute on 6yr olds, when you can still send them on a time out (although not so cute in the middle of Asda. Little...... cherub) not so cute on grown men and women.

I've seen it with my own eyes, grown women pouting or stamping their feet to get what they want (No, there wasn't a mirror in front of me at the time, so NER)

Not cool, but sometimes SO damn funny to watch.

So please share with me your stories of tantrums and bitch fits that you have witnessed (or thrown)

And let me know if they worked. (I'm taking notes here, Mr McConaughey is looking FINE lately)

Big Fashionista x x


Monday, 16 July 2012

A special guest post follow up

A couple of weeks ago when I went on my hell-idays I featured a weeks worth of guest posts and while all of them were both interesting and widely extremely well received, one of them captured your hearts.

Guest Post

I'm sure you remember.

So today I bring you a follow up guest post from your favourite Anon so that they can tell you what's been happening since their last guest post.

I hope you enjoy and are as proud as I am right now.

Right, where was I?.......

I wanted to return to this marvellous blog to thank all the readers and people that commented on my guest post back in June. A lot has happened since I wrote that blog! I am now living as a woman full time and married Dannii Minogue!............Only joking! although now I'm wishing the Dannii part was true.

Since writing that post I have been overwhelmed by the response from people who totally understood where I was coming from. I was totally and utterly overwhelmed and suprised by the amount of people that were interested in what I had to say and my views on being a Transvestite. I actually started a blog off the back of that, so I could open up to more people.

Since the realisation that being a Cross-Dresser isn't the most shocking and craziest thing in the world I began to open up a bit more to closer friends. By doing so I created quite a stir amongst the guys that know me. I simply posted a Few Pics on my Twitter to see what would happen. The reaction's went from "Bloody Hell mate, your Sister is fit!!" to "Finally decided to open up" to even " Thats cool mate, oh do you have my Pulp Fiction DVD?"

It dawned on me that a lot of people just simply don't care! Not in a horrible way but more in a " Yeah ok, but I'm busy at the moment" way. It kind of made me take note that even though this hobby of mine is a major par of my life, it's not a major part of others, which in a strange way makes me feel a lot better about myself. This way I now know who I can share it with and open up freely and who I don't need to discuss it with.

I also found out that the entire dressing up and looking like a girl thing, can make some guys uncomfortable. I got some messages, none that were hurtful, that seemed to be awkward. It was a shock to some guys that are use to me being a guy seeing me look better than some girls in my local town. Am I causing some people to question their sexuality? If so, GOOD! It means I make a good looking woman!

So here's what I wanted to talk about. Does fancying a Transvestite/Transsexual/Cross-Dresser make you Bisexual? Gay? Lesbian?

Like I have said before I am attracted to femininity. I love women. the way they dress, hold themselves, put on their make up, just generally the feminine qualities they hold. SO if I saw a Guy dressed up as a woman and he looked good, and I fancied him, would that change my sexuality?
I personally don't think it does, as I am attracted to the femininity of the appearance. what is between the legs isn't a factor at this point, it's all about instant attraction.
I have never found a Guy attractive, I can appreciate if a guy is good looking, but I have never had the same attraction to a guy in a masculine presence than I would at a female or a Transvestite etc.
But you have to remember sexuality is purely a label and sometimes labels can be replaced. Being attracted to something doesn't generally have to label you or place you in a box.

It's a Bit of Food for Thought. Below are a Few Pics of Transsexuals and Genetic Women. Can you guess who was born a female and who has honed the art of confusion?

How Many did You Get Right?

I shall continue to blog under and tweet from @heelsandtelly and if we start chatting then I'll start following you from my guy account But lets take it one tweet at a time. #StayFab

Thank you so so much for this follow up babe, I truly appreciate it.

Make sure you all leave some love on this page, I have really enjoyed seeing the change in confidence in this person, I know some of you now know and chat to them on both accounts but I obviously have to respect their privacy and leave it down to them to feel comfortable enough to reveal more to you.

All I can say is that I am so so so proud of you. x x x

How about you guys?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Sunday, 15 July 2012

A forest grown in love

I'm not ashamed to say that when I read this article in the Guardian yesterday I let out a little tear (Ok, I wept like a baby)

An aerial photograph has revealed the secret of a widowers undying love for his wife. After she died 16 years ago he planted a forest in her memory leaving a perfect heart in the middle.

(reaches for a tissue again)

You can read the full article here -> Guardian Article

Is it not the most loving and romantic story you have ever heard?

May we all be lucky enough in our lives to experience, if only for a while, a love so strong and deep.

Let me know your thoughts

Big Fashionista x x


Friday, 13 July 2012

Nom or Vom

It is that time of the week when we have everything to look forward to,

The weekend, lie ins and Saturday night fun

Oh and even more importantly,

It's Nom or Vom.
(The best reason I can think of to look forward to Friday)

and this weeks Nom or Vom needs no introduction (and if he does, I suggest you go and sit in the corner and think about how much you have disappointed me)

So without further ado,

This weeks Nom or Vom

Dave Grohl.

So that is this weeks offering of man meat. Tatts, rocker, all round bad boy? Yep, that's all my boxes checked.

How about yours?

Dave Grohl

Nom or Vom

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Aren't ALL women real?

There is quite a lot of things out there that anger and frustrate me. (Oh don't make me list them, I will be here all night) but recently there has been one sentence that has really boiled my piss.

"Real women"

What I find offensive about this term is seeing it used by SOME plus size/curvy/overweight/voluptuous (delete until you find a word that doesn't offend you) women and marketing agencies not as a way to make themselves feel good but as a derogatory term towards other women.

"Only a dog wants a bone"

"Why have a stick when you can have the whole tree"

"Real Women have curves"

Now before you all scream for my head to be removed from my body and impaled upon a stick outside Primark or some other place where it can be sneered at for all eternity, I am saying this as an overweight (My words, deal with it) woman myself.

Aren't all women real women?

Why can't we all just be who WE want to be and are happy with without feeling the need to put down someone else?

Real women have curves? So if you DON'T have curves does that makes you less of a woman? A female athlete who has toned her body and is at the top of her game isn't a real woman?  Just because she doesn't have curves? The size 6 model who appears in Vogue? Isn't she a real woman? Or is she somehow LESS of a woman? an UNREAL woman?

I don't think so.

I am all for embracing our figures but not at the expense of someone else. Why should I make myself feel better by making someone else feel bad?

So what do we think?

Is the term "Real women" offensive? Or is it just a way for an overweight/curvy/plus size/voluptuous women to take back and have confidence?

Is it a criticism against thin women or a criticism against society?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Snow on the roof

I have a confession to make.

( I know, I treat you lot like a priest sometimes, just take a pew and listen)

Actually, just turn around so I can't see you judging me.

Deep breath.

I have a thing for older men. Now before Ted and Eric start sprucing themselves up in their care homes in preparation for my visit, I am sorry but I'm not quite at that level yet.

(Although my well documented shameful love of Dick Van Dyke is a constant source of amusement to my friends)

I don't know what it is about the shock of white hair that floats my boat but it does.

Do you think I watch CSI Las Vegas for the interesting plot lines and a lesson in forensic science? Do I hell.

I watch it for TED DANSON. The man has got hotter in his old age, yes he had swagger in Cheers. I could see it. (Expects half of my readers to say "What is Cheers") But now??????

Fans self.

He is HOT. (I know, I know. I just can't help it. I have issues)

A man with silver hair can get my pulse racing faster than any mummy porn can. (although that's not that difficult to be honest)

What do they say?

Just because there is snow on the roof it doesn't mean there isn't fire in the furnace.

Look at George Clooney? I'd let him poke my furnace anytime he wanted!!!!

(Ok, I'm going to stop now)

So am I alone in my love of the older more mature man?

Do you like a Silver Fox?

Or are you quickly unfollowing me and trying to wipe this post from your memory altogether?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Monday, 9 July 2012

Slugging it out

Now I don't know how the weather is where you are (I have visions of all of you sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping on Pina Coladas, whereas the reality is probably more like you are all sitting in your living room slurping your tepid tea) but here where I am in East London the weather can safely be described as WET. (wetter than a nun reading 50 Shades of Grey)

(Oh don't groan, would you have preferred me to use the term damp or MOIST? You know you wouldn't)

And while us Brits are pretty much used to the rain and having awful washout summers, THIS summer has (now how can I put this delicately) pretty much taken the piss.

And this has caused problems. We have had seepages (NO, I'm not talking about 50 Shades again)  leakages and FLOODING. (Has anyone checked that Rhianna hasn't re-released Umbrella) but the WORST thing about this awful weather?

The absolute worst thing about the weather?

and it is something that has slimed its way under the radar.


That's right, Slugs. Bloody homeless snails slithering their way across everything, like nomads.

They are everywhere at the moment, bloody everywhere.

Note to self, do not repeat the walk across the garden trick of July 4th again. Our American friends may refer to this day as Independence Day, Slugs now refer to it as Footocalypse. (They lost a lot of good slugs that day, and I nearly lost my lunch)

Now I don't know about you, but I am concerned. Concerned that slowly the slugs are taking over the world and no-one has noticed. (I'm hearing stories of slugs even infiltrating Government offices. Surely that is what they mean by slimy politicians?) First it was just one little slug occasionally slithering through my garden, but now it is as if they have invited all of their little sluggy Facebook mates to have a huge garden party. (I must stop leaving beer out for them. I thought I was being nice!)

And this may be just a conspiracy theory but I haven't seen many birds around lately. Are these a new breed of slugs that just headbutt any birds that are stupid enough to try and eat them? Or are they like a sincere apology from Chris Brown and get stuck in their throat.

What else can they be doing?

Slowly sliming every hard surface so that we all slip and fall, break our ankles and end up unable to fight the oncoming Slugaddon? Slugocalypse? (I need to find a better word for the oncoming end of the world)

Ewwwwwwww, and I swear the little bastards are so judgemental, when I catch which ever slug wrote "Clean me" on my kitchen floor is going to get a salt bath so deep they will do a passable impression of an Alka-Seltzer.

So consider yourself warned. Slowly (Ok, very very slowly I admit) Slugs are trying to take over the world

All I can suggest is that you arm yourself with salt and some heavy boots. We are on their turf now. It is a war, their numbers are growing and mother nature is sending reinforcements (Bitch)

AM I alone in noticing more slugs?

There are more around aren't there? Tell me there are.

And tell me what you think, Slugocalypse? Slugageddon?

Can YOU do better?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Friday, 6 July 2012

Nom or Vom

So love it or hate it, 50 Shades of Grey is what everyone is currently talking about.

And this is man who is currently being touted for the role of Christian Grey in the film,

You may be thinking this guy looks vaguely familiar, he has starred in White Collar, is appearing in hot new film Magic Mike and played Blaines brother in Glee (best version of Gotye Somebody that I used to know ever)

So this weeks Nom or Vom is

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Matt Bomer

So what do we think?

50 shades of oh my fricking god I would ride him like Seabiscuit?

or 1 shade of I don't get a crap.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cruise V Holmes +1

So TomKat are no more,

The marriage is over.

Now considering that the only relationship that I actually give less of a fuck about is my own I have been devouring the news coverage like I do the potato salad at a Harvester Salad cart (Quickly and with shame)

I have to admit it is the Scientology part that interests me the most, purely because the media puts such a spin on things that no-one really truly knows what Scientology involves other than that they are evil and make women in labour shut the hell up and just get on with it in quiet. That would be divorce proceedings for me right there (or a murder inquiry)

The media can basically say what they want about Scientology because we don't know what goes on.

So Scientologists actually dye their pubic hair blue and walk around saying "look at me I'm Hairy Smurf" do they? Scientologists also like to keep hedgehogs as pets as they very handily double as hairbrushes and I also read that Scientologists worship small cats and give them all the same name, Bob. (I do hope they also don't hire hitmen for people mocking them and their pubic hair)

Now we know none of this is true........ or do we? (I would like a cat called Bob) But what seems to get lost in all the media mud slinging is that two people who had a child together have now split up and I am sorry to piss on anyones cornflakes but this is ALWAYS sad. Yes they may be happier apart and no-one should stay together for the sake of a child because that NEVER works but before we all treat it like another episode of Eastenders let us remember there is a small child involved in what is sure to be a very very messy divorce that is probably going to be played out in the public eye (and probably a visit to Oprah) for her she knows nothing more than that Mummy and Daddy don't love each other any more.

And for any child that is sad.

Don't you agree?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The greatest sporting events of 2012

The time is nearly upon us.

The greatest sporting moment of 2012,

There is no more training that can be done, it now all rests in the lap of the gods. You can see the tension etched on the face of the participants,

Have they done enough, will their body see them through their event. Can they win?

Ladies and gentlemen.


That time of year when parents who have gossiped with each other all year about the hot new male nursery teacher (So so hot) basically turn their backs on each other and demand a piss test of the winner of the egg and spoon race.

THIS is why nowadays schools are making Sports Days non-competitive. it isn't the children, it is the adults. I have seen adults have stand up, knock down arguments over whether their child actually crossed the line first. It was frightening to watch adults being judged by children and found to be wanting. The children didn't care who won, they applauded, stamped and cheered on every winner.

The adults? erm, not so much. Adults will eye up the winning childs footwear suspiciously to see if that has given them an unfair advantage? Sniff their drinks to make sure they don't contain Red Bull (It was an ACCIDENT, the bottles got mixed up) and even weigh the eggs to make sure their child isn't handicapped with a heavier egg. (that was a long old sports day that one)

And let's not even START on the parents race. Long gone are the days when mummies and daddies used to get dragged into a race protesting, kicking off their birkenstocks to run barefoot in the grass, all laughing and joking as they cross the line all red with embarassment.

Now you are more likely to see parents stroll up to sports day clad head to toe in Adidas, "What these old things? I'm going straight to the gym afterwards"

Yeah course you are darling, The only Gym you know is the Jim who serves you three sausage rolls at a time in Greggs.

One adult I know put so much into their parents race they broke a BONE!!!!!

Some parents even TRAIN with their children for Sports Day!!! Train? How do you train for a school sports day? (This comes from the mother who has to be dragged unwillingly to even attend! Seriously I have got them for 8 whole weeks soon, let me enjoy these last two weeks in PEACE FFS)

I don't know, maybe the whole thing should be cancelled and I should just go to a spa for the day.

What do you think?

Are School sports days fun?

Should they be banned?

and WHEN do you think schools will introduce random drug tests for sports day

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Tabloid TRASH-Stop the press.

I've given up buying Newspapers, If I want to be mislead, looked down on or treated like crap I will go and visit Abercrombie & Fitch.

Tabloid newspapers are basically cartoons these days, they have given up reporting on news altogether and are now just filling their pages with fluff and filler so lightweight that even Heat magazine would blush at the thought of publishing it.

Take The Sunday People (For gods sake, someone, take it away) When I saw the front pages I realised that if ever there was a time to yell STOP THE PRESS then THIS was it.

Now I know that Journalists hate Bloggers comparing themselves to journalists, But I am more of a journalist than anyone who works on The Sunday People will ever be. (Hell my eleven year old daughter is more of a Journalist than some of these people)

Let me talk you through this page by page and see if you agree with me.

FRONT PAGE.  (you know, the important page)

Could it be the continuation of the massacres in Syria? The Banking Crisis? Oh Silly me, it is the news that Pippa Middleton is back in the arms of her ex-flame.

(Well THANK GOD for that, her lack of action had been keeping me awake of a night for months)

Page 2

A small article on TORY JOY as PM vows to consider a referendum for Europe. This is accompanied by a photo of "Cam and Sam"  (Their words, not mine-Oh Sunday People, so close and yet so far)

Page 3

Helen Flanagan in a bikini in Dubai

Now I'm sure her mother is thrilled, one more for the scrapbook and all that, (it will look lovely along all those FHM and Nuts photoshoots)  but not a single part of me sees this as news in any way shape or form. This is so shallow it makes a puddle look deep and meaningful. Not a single ounce of news here. not even a gram.

Pages 4-5

The Sunday People goes deeper into its front page story about Pippa Middleton.
How the hell they managed to scrape a front page AND two more pages out of this bilge is beyond me and they are parading it as an EXCLUSIVE. (Possibly because other newspapers were too ashamed to make a story out of it?)

Page 7 

Under the heading News and Features (can I sue under the Trades Description act?)

Beckham snubs Olympics, Ryan Giggs goes to Wimbledon with his WIFE, Boyzone were ignored at Heathrow in favour of One Direction recently and Fans at a Stone Roses concert handed out free beer.

I'm still not seeing any news here. Is it just me?

Page 8-9

Tom Cruise V Katie Holmes


I just can't. Sorry. No words. (Unlike The Sunday People who managed LOADS, I tried to count but lost the will to live after 1,232)

Page 10-11

The Barclays Bank Crisis.

Perks up a bit, Ok, so this could be news.

Although it seems to that this article was written specifically so that the headline pun men could have some fun.

"Diamond is for never"

"No ducking or Bobbing"

"Don't bank on it"

2 pages, 3 headlines. you do the math.

Pages 12-13.

Sorry but I still have a migraine from looking at these pages.

VIP is it?

Rooney touching his knob, Jerry Hall 'Aving a fag, Miranda Kerr in sparkly leggings.


Page 15

(Kill me, please)

Cliff Richard is in talks to join The Voice.

I am starting to see something important missing in this newspaper.


Pages 16-17

An interview with the widow of Pc David Rathband. The first article I read all the way through by the way. I was sorry to see this tucked behind Helen Flanagans bikini, TomKats divorce and all the other crap.

(I can't read any more)

Page 19....................................................................................................

At this point I started flicking through. I really couldn't read anymore.

I briefly stopped at an interview with a woman who tried Beyonces 60 kcal a day Maple Syrup diet and ended up with an eating disorder wanting to kill herself, I glanced at the article about Denise Welch giving up drinking and I almost ripped out the page and wiped my arse on Natalie Cassidys column on page 31.

At this point I decided that I couldn't continue. Where was the NEWS? I was starting to wonder if it was even made of paper that's how far from being a newspaper this is.

I see more in-depth articles and features on blogs every day of the week.

There is absolutely NO journalism skills in this paper whatsoever, WHY do people read this? Is it escapism? (read 50 Shades of Grey instead) Is it just for something to do? It definitely isn't to read about world news is it?

Am I over-reacting here? Do I expect too much from a tabloid newspaper? Or are they just viewed as News Lite? Diet news?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

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