Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cruise V Holmes +1

So TomKat are no more,

The marriage is over.

Now considering that the only relationship that I actually give less of a fuck about is my own I have been devouring the news coverage like I do the potato salad at a Harvester Salad cart (Quickly and with shame)

I have to admit it is the Scientology part that interests me the most, purely because the media puts such a spin on things that no-one really truly knows what Scientology involves other than that they are evil and make women in labour shut the hell up and just get on with it in quiet. That would be divorce proceedings for me right there (or a murder inquiry)

The media can basically say what they want about Scientology because we don't know what goes on.

So Scientologists actually dye their pubic hair blue and walk around saying "look at me I'm Hairy Smurf" do they? Scientologists also like to keep hedgehogs as pets as they very handily double as hairbrushes and I also read that Scientologists worship small cats and give them all the same name, Bob. (I do hope they also don't hire hitmen for people mocking them and their pubic hair)

Now we know none of this is true........ or do we? (I would like a cat called Bob) But what seems to get lost in all the media mud slinging is that two people who had a child together have now split up and I am sorry to piss on anyones cornflakes but this is ALWAYS sad. Yes they may be happier apart and no-one should stay together for the sake of a child because that NEVER works but before we all treat it like another episode of Eastenders let us remember there is a small child involved in what is sure to be a very very messy divorce that is probably going to be played out in the public eye (and probably a visit to Oprah) for her she knows nothing more than that Mummy and Daddy don't love each other any more.

And for any child that is sad.

Don't you agree?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Yes it is sad, I was watching the coverage on tomcat this morning, and I said to my mum, no one seems to have thought what this is gonna be doing to suri! Like you said all she knows is her mummy and daddy don't love eachother anymore, to me that's the saddest thing of this split x x x

    1. Definitely very sad. No amount of money changes the fact her parents won't be together

  2. I really want to not give a shit but this one has always intrigued me, I've always really liked Katie Holmes and she hasn't looked happy in a photograph in years. I feel sorry for their little girl, she's only 6 and she's not having anything remotely similar to a normal childhood, the way (supposedly) sane adults focus on her outfits and style is unbelievable. It's a tough time for a kid (I was 5) and I hope they all come through it relatively unscathed.

    1. Fingers crossed. Although I can see this one being played out in the media from beginning to end getting messier and messier as it goes

  3. It's always the way with celebs kids. No child asks to be brought into the world with a paps camera shoved in their face. Poor Suri. I hope she has a loving family network around her to support her while mummy and daddy sort their shit out...

  4. Poor child. All the paparazzi being themselves, all the nastiness in the paper and online, that no matter how hard they try and shield her, she will see it. Taunts at school from the other bratty monsters, um I mean delightful children, etc etc.
    I got divorced when my girls were 5 and 6 and that was bad enough for them without outside pressures.

    I just hope they can protect Suri to a certain degree. Perhaps a miracle will happen and the "news" rags will leave her out of it all.


  5. I feel for the child, because the rumours, gossip and media coverage will never go away. I also think it can be hard to forget that we don't know the relationship or the people involved. All we know is what we see in the press and divorce is probably not what they wanted or intended either.

  6. In a bizarre twist of fate, I know someone who works for Tom Cruise, so I am interested, mildly in this story.I loved him as a teen, then all the jumping on sofas and being a wally kind of put me off him.Its odd, but you know the ones that will work out. Until they split up too. Usually the good ones get back together though, but I really never saw this working out anyway. Suri is the cutest girl and I hope he takes more of an interest in her than his two adopted children with Nicole. Who knows? Their business I guess. The press are being very odd. Is there really a lack of news so dire that this is headline worthy? I have plenty of news from round here..rwon men threatening kids with knives, gunshots at night, the terrible practices going on in a care home..but, no, as long as someone irrelevant split up from someone even more irrelevant in a country 1000s of miles away, thats fine, carry on


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