Thursday, 26 July 2012

Festival Fashion with George at Asda

I know, Fashion on THIS blog!!! Who would have thought it?
(Saves me getting sued under the trade description act I suppose)

A little while ago I was approached by George at Asda to create a "Festival" themed look.

I can do that, I thought. (Being Big Fashionista and all that)

For £20 they told me.

Hmmmmm, well THAT might be a little bit more difficult I thought.

Could I put together a "Festival" look from George at Asda for just £20


With change left over.
(Check me out)

and who better to help me show my festival outfit than TALULLAH.

A classic Kaftan, nice and simple, just £6

Daisy print leggings, £9

Pulling the whole outfit together.

Flip flops, because Festivals dont HAVE to be all about wellingtons do they?

Wedge Flip Flop Was £5 now reduced to £3

So I managed to put together a festival outfit for £18. That means I have enough money left over for an ice-cream I'm sure.

If you want to see more of what George at Asda has to offer then you can see more here  George At Asda

So what do you think of Talullahs outfit?

Festival Chic (or do I need a name change?)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Disclosure: All items were chose by me and provided by PR. I would also like to make it clear that there is a competition attached to this post for the bloggers involved that whoever get the most comments wins a voucher.

I am telling you this to be as transparent as possible not to make you leave me a comment..... although, (Ya know, girl like to eat and all that)



  1. Sadly, as a medic who attends many festivals each year there are very few outfits that look this good

  2. I love this look! That kaftan is gorgeous!!!

  3. Flip flops? Have you been in a festival loo?!

    Love the kaftan and leggings though. And £18... wow.

    Do they do stuff for lard arses such as myself?

  4. I love the kaftan and the leggings! Not so much the flip flops though , mainly as I have odd toes lol

  5. Love the leggings & the kaftan goes perfectly!

    Good work!! xo

  6. I have an issue with kaftans but good work still xx

  7. I like the Kaftan but I can't wear leggings, hello sausage legs! x

  8. I'm mostly just pleased to see Tallulah! But I love the leggings!

  9. Tallulah returns! Love the leggings, really cute!

  10. What a fabulous improvement in Tallulah she can stand up straight now - there is always hope ;)really loving the kaftan nice and cool looking :)

  11. I've got the flip-flops and at £3, bargain and theyre wedgie ones too added bonus.
    Love the Kaftan and leggins I havent seen either in there and i thought i was good at mooching in George! Necklace is funky too x

  12. Love it esp the leggings :)

  13. As always you are right up there with style - price is excellent and the look is great. Look out Asda I'm coming to you VERY soon. Thank you

  14. I loveloveLOVE the leggings. To the extent that I might just have to go shopping this afternoon if this blessed courier ever bothers to show up so I can leave the house.

  15. Where is Tallulah's messy festival hair and her face paint? Love the outfit though. Great choice for a festival. It looks folky and comfy x

  16. Love it! Kaftan and leggings combo, classic hippy chic.

  17. I wore pretty much the same outfit to Download! It's great to know I am still in fashion

    Jenny L

  18. Like the leggings and that top is very floaty.


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