Sunday, 15 July 2012

A forest grown in love

I'm not ashamed to say that when I read this article in the Guardian yesterday I let out a little tear (Ok, I wept like a baby)

An aerial photograph has revealed the secret of a widowers undying love for his wife. After she died 16 years ago he planted a forest in her memory leaving a perfect heart in the middle.

(reaches for a tissue again)

You can read the full article here -> Guardian Article

Is it not the most loving and romantic story you have ever heard?

May we all be lucky enough in our lives to experience, if only for a while, a love so strong and deep.

Let me know your thoughts

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  1. I thought this was the best idea I've ever heard for remembering a loved one. With a bench in the middle. I absolutely love the idea and while I don't have the money or the land to ever have this, it's an idea that will be tweaked if I ever find myself in a similar situation.

  2. I want someone to love me enough so that if I died they would plant a forest for me.

  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  4. That is so cute and so sad at the same time. What a romantic man...

  5. I'm not ashamed to admit I had a wee cry too, it was a beautiful thing to do for his wife. I suppose we can only hope in our lives to touch someone emotionally so much so they feel the need to honour our existance.
    No forests for me yet but I did get an awesome croissant for breakfast that Lee went out specially for whilst I slept ;) xx

  6. I love that! I don't reckon anyone would plant a forest for me, howver much they loved me! so romantic.

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  8. Aww that is adorable! I just read the article and started filling up too! Haha! She was a very lucky lady to be married to a man who would do something like that for her <3

  9. How about we all plant our our own forest - in our own special way xx loved the story too - i have learn't over the years it's best to do it for yourself as only you know how xx


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