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Guest post Colourful Clothes

"I would first off like to send out a BIG thank you to Big Fashionista for
giving me this opportunity to write on her page! This is my first ever
guest post and im quite excited! For those who dont know me Im a
twitterite (@fashionfloozy) and my blog is I go
by the name of Christine and I like to change my hair colour a lot!hehehe!
I am married and have two beautiful little girls. I like to blog about
nail art and fashion so this post is a little bit different! Any way down
to business!

*Colourful Clothes?*
Like most adults, I get up and get myself dressed and made up before
leaving the house (this is of course after being jumped on and boked upon).
This will be, today for example, converse jeggings and a top. Pretty
simple stuff, nothing too vibrant today. When I get downstairs, it is of
course feeding time.....not for me of course (that will be in about an
hour)....its the kids! My eldest is almost 3 years old. She can feed
herself but likes to throw her porridge around the place too. Even at
this grand age, I still enforce a full apron. And there is still food on
the floor, table and chairs (and her hair, face and hands)! She will then
come over to me after she puts her dishes in the sink (smearing porridge on the cupboards) and give me a leg hug, and mashes the first bit of colour
into my outfit. Of course I do not notice such stains as I am preoccupied assisting my 7 month old.

Baby number 2 is also eating porridge, throwing the spoon out and getting
covered, but this you do expect from a being so small. Once she is done
and wiped down, I will lift her, usually she will need a nappy change, and
on my way to to she she will rub her face into my shoulder. Me thinking
this is a very cute and affectionate hug I miss the yoghurt filled slobber that has been ground in. Nice.

When the bubba goes for her morning nap and I get to eat my breakfast, of
course my eldest is sniffing about, eyeing up everything. It's All Bran.
Nothing a child would like/want, yet her fingers go into it and splash
about sending splatters of milk all over me. I of course am oblivious as
I'm starving and shovelling it in as fast as possible.

Lunch time. This translates to my kiddies as "Smash more food into mummy"
time! Snacks?! Its the same story! I give them a banana or those organix
carrot sticks, i get orange highlights down my face and sticky mushed, half
eaten banana down my arm, over my boob and on my lap.

By the time dinner comes along I'm already like a rainbow! But what can I
say, I'm a colourful gal.

How colourful are your clothes? Are you like me and are mucked to the
gills by the time breakfast is over, fully relying on baby wipes to get you
to the end of the day? Or are you a changer? After every splash you and
your kiddies (if you have any) get changed? Let me know! I would love to hear from you all! Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet!

Thanks for reading!"

Fashion Floozy



  1. Oh I remember those days... actually with a 7yr old who loves to dig in my make-up and a 4 yr old who loves to paint, those days look set to continue. Any Idea how to get cheap-ass nail varnish out of white trousers?

    1. It seems it doesnt get any better hahah!as for the nail varnish....try polish remover and bleach? hahaha

  2. Mine still do this and they're 16 and 13! Hug colours.are a.bit higher up now tho! Looooool!

    1. hehe its a sign of love I think!! x

  3. Mine still do this and they're 16 and 13! Hug colours.are a.bit higher up now tho! Looooool!

  4. I have stains all over my top today!! But I can't blame the kids! I'm a messy eater. I need an adult bib

  5. I will never, ever forget the day I brought home a brand-spanking new pair of white cork wedges, as proud as punch. I left them in my room, went back that evening and my then 3-year-old had drawn all over them with black permanent marker. I kept them for about 4 years before I thought I'd better cop on and throw them out. Gutted! Oh I'm always slopped, I am envious of glamorous adult women, I will always be the one with peas on my jeans and noodle on my shirt.

    1. oh no!!I hate it when things like that happen!you could dry!

      Glam adult women either have no children or have a nanny or changed after every meal and have OCD! Id much rather be a dirt bird hehehe


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