Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jaws, The Cull.

When it comes to getting a bad reputation, you have to admit that sharks are up there with the best of them, The only way that a sharks reputations could be any worse is if they hung around with Chris Brown while moonlighting for G4S at the weekends.

After a spate of recent attacks, people are now talking about a cull of Great White Sharks to decrease the numbers and hopefully stop the killings.

Now, I don't know about you but if I had an aversion to getting treated like an amuse bouche by a Great White then the chances are I wouldn't be putting so much a toe in the water. (My similarity to a walrus is uncanny, less amuse bouche more main course I think)

People want to cull sharks......................... for being sharks?

Now I'm no bleeding heart and if sharks ever evolve and are able to traipse down my local high street, eating pensioners in Argos willy-nilly then I will be at the front of the queue to sign the petition and tut tut disapprovingly at them. (Dude, that's not cool, that's someones NAN, tut tut)

but until then, I fail to see how us diving into the water and being eaten by a shark that is probably just swimming along minding its own business until dinner just happened to go diving by is a good reason to wipe out a huge number of a species.

(If I was walking down the street and a Krispy Kreme doughnut just happened to swim past, you bet your arse I would get all down and bitey on it)

And if we are going to cull sharks because occasionally they like to chow down on on a human who is in THEIR backyard, I imagine that COWS are thinking of having a HUGE meeting and arranging a serious culling of us humans!!! We munch down on so many more of them tasty little buggers than the sharks do us. (I wonder if they have thought of forming a coalition with chickens, not only do we eat them, we steal their periods to have with soldiers)

Sharks will be sharks and all that and while it is always sad when someone loses their life, I fail to see how you can cull a species for doing what it does best. What next, cutting down trees for growing leaves, a huge cull of kittens for being so goddamn cute, and while we are at it, lets cull slugs for being so slimey (oh hang on, we may be onto something here) I'm sure sharks were not given those rows of sharp teeth so that they could star in a Colgate advert, (or any other well known brand of toothpaste)

But you may think differently,

Let me know.

Are you team shark? or team human?

Do you think it is fair to cull just because occasionally they kill someone in THEIR water?

Or is the cull of sharks worthwhile to save human lives?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Oh, I totally agree with you, maybe we should not cull them, but instead use them as a waste disposal system for poliricians and bankers..... Likewise I am against badger culling and my latest pet hate Sparrow hawk culls...cus they are hunting some idiots lil fat racing pigeons (a local problem) FFS, should encourage the flying rats to go faster, a good thing surely?!?!?!?.....
    Rant over, I must thank you.... that was the best LOL giggle i have had all week xx

  2. Defo team shark! If ya wanna share their turf then ya gotta take the consequences. Maybe the western aussies should net off an area? Dunno, but no killing coz it interferes with our play time. #selfish.

  3. Team Shark, Team Bear, Team any animal that gets put down because stupud humans decide to venture into their territory.

  4. I'm 100% Team Shark.

    If you run into the African Plains kicking up dust and making a racket, if there's a lion nearby then I'm pretty sure they're going to seize the opportunity for a snack. Likewise, if you're in the water, waggling your limbs about and making lots of splashes, if a shark sees you, I don't think it can be blamed for taking the opportunity presented to it.

    I definitely, 100% don't want to be eaten by a shark and therefore you won't find me paddling where they like to hang out.

  5. Team Shark, absolutely! Humans are the most dangerous animal on the planet, and the most selfish! Sometimes I think the planet would be a lot better off without us!

  6. Team Shark every time.. It does highlight the human trend to want to pass the blame and sensationalise. In the broad scheme of things Sharks kill very few humans in comparison to other causes of human death yet the media really milk the news story when some unfortunate soul finds an appendage has been sampled by a shark looking for something tasty to eat. The reality is that Sharks do not find us very good to eat and most attacks are a case of mistaken identity. Unfortunately headlines like "Rogue Shark Eats Swimmer" with photos, sells more papers and causes more public reaction than real issues going on elsewhere in the world that result in more tragic and devastating loss of life. A very worthwhile blog post, however I am not sure about your likeness to a walrus... if this is the case STAY CLEAR OF THE WATER sharks love eating Seal it is like "bacon & eggs "to them!!

  7. my mom will tell you she made a deal with the sharks ages ago: she doesn't swim in the sea so long as they stay off the pavement...

    I take the risk of swimming in the sea... that's what makes it fun ;)

    1. I know. I tell her that everytime I speak to her. She is the coolest mom I know :) She even listens to Nirvana :D

  8. Absolutely team shark, despite the fact that my deepest and most abiding fear is being eaten by one.

  9. Team SHARK!

    I'd be peed off if someone randomly wandered around in my territory, although I may not eat them. FGS they are sharks, of course they will eat what they see as natural prey, they're eyesight is not fabby so they do get confused between seals and surfers. Oddly I did see a surfer that did bare an amazing resemblance to a seal in his wetsuit.

    I am now however worried about a cow uprising.... mmm steak


  10. Team you so rightly say...tis their own backyard. Have to say..the Chris Brown comment?! Proper lol'd. xxx

  11. Team Shark! Swim in a bloody pool if you're worried about losing a few limbs, I say! xo

  12. TEAM SHARK!! If you go and walk about on the savannah then you know there's a chance you're going to get attacked by a fricking lion. You go swimming in the sea, there's a chance you're going to get bitten/eaten by a shark.
    I am not fond of sharks (I saw Jaws at about the age of 6 and they've freaked me out ever since) but I don't swim anywhere they could get anywhere near me! So humans, how about instead of killing the sharks we actually start exercising some common sense! Or we should be culled for sheer stupidity.

  13. I love this post so much it hurts, an amuse bouche! pahahaha.
    Team shark all the way.

  14. TEAM SHARK! TEAM SHARK! TEAM SHARK! If we walked into a tiger nest (nest? do they nest?) and people were killed, would that justify a tiger cull? Wtf at these people. Simple solution is DON'T SWIM IN SHARK TERRITORY. I love your post Kellie xxx

  15. I totally agree with u, if we swim in their territory then getting bitten or eaten is a risk that we choose to take! Of course it's sad when someone does get hurt or die but to kill a animal for doing what comes naturally is wrong in my opinion! Great post :) xxxx

  16. It was noticable that when a guy was killed by a shark off the Australian coast the other week, they closed ofd the beach and used helicopters and jet ski to drive the shark back into deep water.


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