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Sporting great, Media hate

A huge congratulations must go out to Bradley Wiggins for this weekend becoming the first man in.... (It's late, Google hates me and I can't be bothered to check) like EVER (I think I covered myself well there) to win the Tour De France.

It is superb, a really great accomplishment and he should be very proud of himself and the whole country should be VERY proud of him.......

Except. That's not quite how the UK rolls is it?

Todays sporting hero can very quickly become tomorrows, well how can I put this politely? Anti-Christ.....? (you do not want to know how many times I have written Antichrist/Anti-christ here. Anyone know which one is right? Anyone actually care?)

One day you are winning trophies and accolades, the next you are being photoshopped into a picture with you hanging out the back of an Alsatian with a gram of coke on one side and Katie Price on the other. Oh the shame! There are some things you can NEVER get over. (And a picture with Katie Price is one of them)

We have a huge problem in this country of building people up, just so we can knock them down again. Especially in the sporting world. People confuse confidence for arrogance.

Take Amir Khan, in the 2004 Olympics, everyone was rooting for him and the whole country got behind him. Eight years later and he is seen as a "one cocky c*nt" Is he arrogant, or just has the confidence a boxer needs to get in the ring?

Tiger Woods, now I grant you he may have been a little bit naughty (in the same way that the TOWIE stars are a little bit orange) but the pleasure some people took from his demise went further than just about what he did to his wife. (and I'm sure most people who laughed at his downfall didn't even KNOW his wife)

We do the same to popstars, tv stars and film stars. Yes the media plays a big part in this but people have to put their hands up and admit that they sometimes feel people need taking down a peg or two and are the first to smile in satisfaction when someone takes a fall from Grace. (and if Grace was the name of one of Tiger Woods hookers then that my friends is the the best line I have ever written ok?)

Now for me I love a bit of confidence. but the world seems to think we shouldn't be proud of our accomplishments. Hell we can't even retweet any compliments these days without someone whispering we have got too big for our boots.

Instead of trying to suppress people and knock them down, be it sports people, musicians or even Bloggers (yeah I capitalised it, sue me) we should support them, appreciate them. and try to use them to enrich our own lives by being INSPIRED by their hard work and achievements.

Not knock them down.

That's not very sporting is it?

So what do you think? Do we enjoy building people up to knock them down?

Do you grimace when you see someone retweet a compliment?

Is it Antichrist or Anti-christ?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. We love a bit of negativity us Brits. :(
    It's a shame but I agree we build up someone through their success and then the media relish in knocking them down a peg or ten.
    Olympics has been the same sort of thing, it was all "hooray we've won the bid, we've got the Olympics" fast forward a few months and it's changed.
    "Oh boo the Olympics, commuting, waste of public money, it's gonna suck...." etc etc.

  2. I gave up watching the news years ago as it is pure negativity.

    Someone really should do "the good news" bulletin.

  3. I hate the negative attitude brits have.

    They get it better in the US and Aus.

    Here it's "that's great bit really I'm jealous and I'm trashing you behind your back"

    There it's "that's great, you've inspired me"

    1. We need to be more like that. We really do. I feel for our sportsmen and women

  4. I hate the negative attitude brits have.

    They get it better in the US and Aus.

    Here it's "that's great bit really I'm jealous and I'm trashing you behind your back"

    There it's "that's great, you've inspired me"

  5. We are a nation built on self depreciation (is that the right word??) and we expect our famous folk to be the same.....look at Andy Murry, the press has hated him for yrs, let him show some tears and an admission that he let us all down ant the press suddenly love him....(I have always admired him) .... Tis the same im real life...people offer u compliments but if uou accdpt them with a gracious 'thank you' then your concieted.... I however will always be grateful for any comploments I get

  6. Us Brits tend to look on the gloomier side of life (I blame the weather). Anyone does something amazing, we applaud them and then wonder how long it will take for them to bollox it all up, we wait gleefully.
    Well I say "we" ,personally I don't. I have my heroes in life and I get peed off and upset when people slate them just because they did it faster, better, bigger, more (I think that's a song?).
    Sam does have a valid point,"Here it's "that's great bit really I'm jealous and I'm trashing you behind your back"

    There it's "that's great, you've inspired me""

    We should all try and be more like that *nods*

    I compliment people and get irked if they reply with"oh I'm really not" well if you weren't I'd not of said it.

    I personally like seeing retweets were people are being complimented. I do not see it as arrogant or self centred at all, I see it as someone finally learning that are worth the compliment.

    Kellie, it's Antichrist ;)

    masses of love as always xo

  7. Welcome to the human race, a cesspool of envy, schadenfreude and a lot of other bollocks. If they can't have it, you can't have it either. If they have it, you shouldn't have it! If you have it then you don't deserve it. People are stupid. I don't like them. Maybe it's time for me to become a crazy cat-lady and distance myself from people as far as possible.

    Good Deity, I'm babbling and rambling again, sorry!

    PS: Antichrist will do just fine

    1. Oh Markus. It's all rainbows and kittens with you isn't it hun ;)

    2. Rainbows and kittens! Sounds delicious :)

  8. I think it's hard for lots of people to see others bigged up all the time - though when they've earned the cycling way, who ever could begrudge anything!??

    Still, the media give us what we want and one thing we want is comfort. The idea that we all have feet of clay really comforts many people, even ourselves, horrible insecure meanies that we all can be...

  9. What? A British man wins a French race in France for the first time ever, and it's not actually headline news on the BBC? And in fact I hear it first from you, Kellie? Well, it may have been headline news yesterday when it happened, but I was out enjoying the sunshine, so I may have missed it. :)

    Just goes to show though, today's news is tomorrow's shredded-up packaging material, just as yesterday's heros are today's villains or more likely, figures of fun, as you say.

    Agree with what you say, a little more pride in our achievements and generosity of spirit for the success of others, and graciousness in actually accepting compliments would help life feel sweeter for everyone. Good post...and I won't slag you off tomorrow. ;)

  10. personally I don't follow celebrities much. I watch golf and cricket but what they do off course in their private lives is no concern of mine unless they rob, steal or murder and the law can take care of that. This applies also to film, models etc. I respect their talent but that's all.
    I am publishing this as annoymous it's the only way I can. but I am

  11. I'm a huge fan of cycling and have watched the TDF for many years. It's a huge achievement for Bradley Wiggins and it was an utterly great thing to see. The sad history of road cycling means that there will be doubters instantly - there have been one too many drug cheats in the past. It's a horrible shadow cast on the sport and I hope that the sheer vehemence with which Wiggins talks about drug taking in sport means that he will not be one of them (I truly believe in him).

    It's really sad how we build people up just to knock them down in the UK. I wrote a blog post recently about how everyone needs a cheerleader as I really do think that we need to get better at supporting people to take a risk, do something with their lives and then support them (instead of deciding they've got too big for their boots) when they do achieve it.


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