Tuesday, 21 August 2012

On tilt

Tilt/On Tilt

When poker players let their emotions cloud their poker judgement.

Now I don't mind a little poker every now and then (mind out the gutter people, mind out the gutter) and I am fully aware of this poker definition BUT..........................

I've realised that I actually go shopping on tilt.

It's true, throw some emotional shit at me and ten minutes later I am bollock deep (figuratively speaking) in sparkly shoes and whore make-up (or is that the other way around?)

It is the equivalent of going shopping hungry. If I am "emotionally unbalanced" (what? It happens every now and then) then I really shouldn't be allowed out shopping without a responsible adult or with a credit card.

Some people eat their emotions, I bury mine in a layer of till receipts. (and eat them, don't judge me)

If you go to Asda hungry, you purchase 4 loaves of bread, caramel syrup and 6 Muller corners when all you went in for milk and cat food. (true story) If you are "on tilt" you find yourself sobbing in Superdrug buying hair dye and new blue glasses

(Um, I could not possibly comment on the truthfulness of this story, but my hair does look good and I can see again)

I'm not alone in doing this am I?

Does anyone else go shopping "On Tilt" and come back with floral pencil skirts/purple hats and fluffy Hello Kitty PJs?

Or is it just me who emotionally shops?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. You know your readers so well! The moment you said "get your mind out the gutter", my mind was in fact in the gutter...poke, poke lol!

    I'm the same when it comes to shopping except I do mine on line. I can't face the outside shops when I'm that emosh!
    Plus clothes shopping forget it! I get even more emotional.
    Nothing like booking in for a massage or facial to boost me up though lol.

  2. I do this so much, I don't do it often and I never buy really nice stuff but the majority of times I have forgotten a half hour later what I actually bought.
    Mind you I eat my emotions as well :S

  3. I'm a lot better than I was, but at Uni I was on an emotional seesaw. I'd only stop buying stuff when I couldn't care any more bags. Then I'd have to go and have a sit down and a kit kit.

  4. THIS is totally me. My family know me so well that whenever anything bad happens or I'm down, they say "Don't go shopping".

    So, these days, when I feel blue, I just go online, fill up my basket with goodies and then log off before I accidentally buy it all.

    Sounds lame, but it's surprisingly effective!

  5. Oh, I must be something of an anomoly, I only shop when i'm happy...If im down I have no interest in anything, tho I do eat my emotions so safer to stay ay home anyway, away from Greggs

  6. If I didnt shop on tilt my wardrobe would be practically empty and my jeans a size 8 instead of the frankly rounder size 14.

    I wholeheartedly approve....emotional shoppers keep the economy from total effing collapse ;-)

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqfxmWbelcQ

    i've just been reminded of this Simpsons classic

  8. Totally an emotional shopper- but worse still- ONLINE! The internet is my demon, and when 'on tilt' a few days later packages with things like HUGE spiked heels and dresses in my aspirational size start appearing....

  9. I'm probably an emotional shopper. If I'm having a bad day or shitty week I'll head to the shops and give my debit card a battering. I'm probably keeping a few shops in business!

  10. Oh I used to be an emotional shopper - which made me the 'now plus size shopper' that I am. However, in the last year I've perfected my poker face and am so strict these days...well, ok so I have the occasional mishap - who doesn't?! ;-)

  11. Oh God. Yesterday I went to town to lunch with my goils. I came home with 2 tops, a ring, 6 pairs of earrings and a load of Poundland tat. Although it's kind of funny, it's also shit scary as I know I'm filling up a hole with purchases instead of saving for a mortgage. Eep. xoxo

  12. I try not to ever shop when I'm feeling emotional. Bad things happen when I do >.<

  13. Yes I will "on tilt" shop for anything except the family food shop!I have noticed that there is some kind of point I have to reach before I am satisfied, I can't put my finger on what it is, not money, or weight or number of items, just seems to be some emotional level, but the level is going down, used to be HUGE and I have been working on it for about 3 years now with some success

  14. Emotional eater here, but also emotional shopper..... but once again online. I feel shit, I order. Things arrive. I feel bad. It's a vicious circle.


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