Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Telegraph, Andrew M Brown and my reply

So I'm angry, I'm not a little angry, I'm a HELL of a lot angry. And THIS is why

Meet Andrew M Brown, This man has decided to try to undo all the hard work and effort that women all across the world have put into the 2012 Olympics by making this the first time that EVERY team has had a woman competing.

Now these women are not here to make the tea Andrew, they came here to compete, to win medals, they are OLYMPIANS.

And with this ill-advised, sexist piece of trash below he has not changed my opinions on Judo, or athletes of any sex, all he has done is shown himself to be a dinosaur.

A man that fears change, a man that fears women can be as strong as a man or work hard to achieve her dreams. has he supported these women in their chosen sports?

No, he has belittled them, he calls them girls for gods sake, why not cap it all off and enquire why they are not protecting their ovaries or wonder who is cooking the dinner that evening?

I have two daughters, this Olympics has inspired them, it has shown them that they can be what they want to be with hard work and dedication,

I also have a son, I will NEVER let him read the blog post by Andrew M Brown, I do not want that man to influence any of my children.

Andrew just because you admit something sounds sexist it doesn't make it LESS SO.

would you write something extremely RACIST, or homophobic and then think you could just laugh it off by admitting it sounded bad?

No you couldn't.

I hope the Telegraph realise just how awful this blog post by Mr Brown is, it positively drips with patronising words and sexism.

We should be supporting our Olympians, not trying to protect their "soft limbs"

I for one am disgusted by both Andrew M Brown and The Telegraph.

Are you?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Wow. What absolute fuckery.

    Well said (as always). This man is an absolute wanker!

  2. Jebus!

    It's at times like these that you have to be thankful that you're nothing like this pleb.

    How folk like him survive is beyond me.

  3. I'M SO GLAD YOU WROTE THIS. I'm too hopping angry to construct a post right now, but shall add this to my blog in due course,it makes you wonder if the media are embracing the "Samantha Brick effect" of deliberately baiting hits&mentions with the most ridiculous opinion they can find, appalling journalism

  4. Very well said. I think Gem may be right, this silly boy seems proud of his sexist attitudes.

    This is the kind of story you'd expect to see in a tabloid, The Telegraph should be ashamed of itself.

  5. Not only is it ridiculously sexist, but the reference to women scrapping outside Yates' Wine Bar is incredibly snobby too. What a twat.

  6. I admire these women. I would encourage all women to take up martial arts. Keep the creepers and weirdos at bay. Pay no attention to this dinosaur, he is from an ancient time and knows no better. Good luck to all the Olympians and may all their hard work pay off!

  7. I completely agree with you. I too was appalled and outraged by his post. I just hope that views like his are very much in the minority!

  8. I really wish you hadn't blogged this cos I've gone from perfectly chilled to amazingly angry in seconds.
    In the years before I came along my dad competed at international level and later inspired me to take up the sport. I progressed to an orange belt and man that was tough. I don't think Brown understands the level of skill and tactical knowledge these women possess in order to compete at 'grappling' Sure, the sport is dangerous, with broken fingers and the like being more common than my changing of shoes but injury peppers every professional sport and athletes work around it.

    I'd like to see Brown take on Gibbons. Then we'd really see if this is a sport for girls!

  9. Simple answer: don't buy it. Don't click it. Don't look at it.

    And then it will go away.

    As long as somebody visits the Daily Mail website, even if only to stock up on justifiable anger and contempt, it will be able to sell advertising, and make money.

    The Telegraph often wanders down the same sordid path, trying to generate ad revenue by generating controversy.

    So just don't look. And then they'll stop. And then bigots and imbeciles will have to be bigoted and imbecilic on their own at home, without even having their opinions reinforced by tabloid rags or sexist drivel like the Telegraph.

    Well, that's what I think anyway. But I'm just trying to drum up traffic for my offensive blog...

  10. What prat. Thankfully most of the comments on the telegraph site seem to agree with me.

  11. I didn't click on the link Kel, I didn't want to give this A-hole any more attention. Fecksake. I have a daughter too, and we love watching the Women compete and kick a bit of ass. She is asking why we don't see the olympics every year, she is loving it so much!

  12. Oh my... One of my fav topics to rant and moan about. I'm fascinated and scared by how the words "sexism" and "racism" as well as a few other choice-word have become such strong weapons in today's society. At some point I'll have to sort my thoughts on that in my head and put 'em into a post on my blog.

    Isn't it ironic how in a, supposedly, more open minded and free society people have to censor themselves just to not "offend"? It doesn't make sense...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending that original blog post (because it is rubbish), but sometimes I can't help myself but think that rather often these days people get offended because it's the thing to do these days. To look for things to get offended about. No, I'm not talking about you Kellie, I'm talking about a much bigger phenomenon.

    I'm pretty sure my babbling has upset someone now, right? It must have! I think it's time for the weekend, isn't it? :)

  13. im quite shocked! I did to Karate up to brown belt and often had to spar and found it greatly entertaining! I find "fights" like this are great as it shows skill yet with out Criminal violence! He should remember that us women would have fought long before we were seen as "Ladies"

    While I wouldn't tolerate a fist fight in my house or on the street, as a sport I say power to the ladies!

  14. My daughter who does Thai boxing plus a few other things just laughed and said he was living in the past when that mindset was prevalent

    ericburrows @

  15. I didn't find it sexist at all and I'm female, its his opinion let him have his just like I'm sure you like to have yours.

    1. I do have an opinion. It's above.

      I'll accept your opinion a lot easier if you put your name to it. I might not agree with Andrew Brown but at least he signed his name

  16. I found his article supercilious as well as sexist. He comes across as arrogant and basically I just don't like particularly like him really.

    I honestly cannot see the difference between men doing judo and women doing judo, same holds and throws etc. So why is the women doing it disturbing and not the men?

    I get the feeling he thinks woman are supposed to be the weaker and softer sex. Perhaps he just doesn't get the whole idea that woman can do 99% of what men can do and sometimes better. (the 1% involves trying to pee out of a train window without getting any pee on yourself, don't try it, just let the men win this one)

    Masses of love!

  17. My dad encouraged me to take up karate as a kid, and I still train now. My limbs are quite regularly bruised, but soft they aren't ;)

    I'd encourage ANYONE, male or female, to give it a go. Driving is dangerous - shall we stop women doing that? What about voting? (insert swear here). GOD forbid that a woman should strengthen her body by testing it by pitting it against someone else.

    Actually, one of the best things it does for girls is teach them not to freeze if someone ever tries to hit them - it teaches you a different reaction that could be the difference between getting away and getting safe or being seriously hurt.

  18. Ah he's full of shit, why did he watch it if it disturbed him? "Soft Limbs" - how are they soft?! Idiot. Then again, look at all the publicity he's got for himself, I didn't know he existed this time yesterday.

  19. Why do I need a name for an opinion? These days people aren't allowed to have opinions and if they do they end up with a lot of hate for it. The reason I wont put my name is I would prefer not to get angry messages from people who don't agree with me which I know I will get because unfortunately these days if you disagree with someone this is what you get.

    1. This isn't a cult. If people want to disagree with me and my opinion then I welcome it, but come on, at least I made my points about why I disagreed with Andrew Brown, even hiding behind anonymous you did nothing to back up your own argument,

      Even Andrew Brown HIMSELF said he was being sexist?

      Feel free to come back, still as anonymous with a more in detail response as to why you don't think it was sexist. I will listen and also make sure no-one throws anything at you.


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