Tuesday, 14 August 2012

We can all rest easy now it seems

So after The Olympics we all thought that we were going to experience a Post-Olympic lull that nothing (other than Tom Daley turning 19 to make it slightly less uncomfortable) could lift.

Well we were wrong.

Now I'm not talking about Miley Cyrus chopping off her hair, (The day I decide to get worked up over something like that is the day you have permission to take me out the back and give me a good kicking)

Yesterday was the day that we all finally got to stop worrying about Jennifer Aniston.

She got engaged.

Now personally, I didn't realise that I had to be concerned about the multi-millionaire business woman actress but APPARENTLY I did. (who knew?)

The amount of womens magazines out there that were positively frothy at the thought of Ms Aniston getting engaged was to be honest quite indecent. I had visions of them all sitting around like maiden aunts discussing her on a regular basis

"Well yes, she commands millions of dollars a movie"

"Yes she has her own home with a pool and gym and sunset views"

"Yes she is her own boss and a film star in her own right"

"But she's not married, she cannot possibly be happy"

Jennifer Aniston has got herself quite a reputation of being unlucky in love. I was beginning to think that all for all these years I had been hearing her name incorrectly and her full name was actually Poor Jennifer Aniston

"Poor Jennifer steps out of her home alone"

"Poor Jennifer gets dumped again"


The magazines are now heralding the nuptials of Ms Aniston as if they had personally sold her off for two camels and a slush puppy and are sending out the message that only now she has snared a man can she truly be happy.

and if that's what they are selling then they can peddle it somewhere else as I ain't buying.

and Jennifer, a word of warning, while you may have got them all off your back for a while I have a nasty feeling that within the next couple of weeks the mags will turn their attention back to you with the question,

Screw the Olympic legacy, WHAT IS Jennifer Anistons legacy? (Before looking pointedly at your uterus)

Don't say I haven't warned you.

What do you think,

Had you lost sleep over Jennifer Aniston before?

Can you rest easy now she has got engaged?

What do you think of the way magazines are portraying Jennifer Aniston and her engagement as if only now can she truly achieve her life ambition.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. They'd have a field day with me (if I was a multi-millionairess with an established acting career and a ex-husband who shacked up with an alien lookalike).

    I don't want to get married AND I don't want children. Da, da, daa!

    So I couldn't give two hoots what she does. She's absolutely harmless and stunning to boot!

  2. She's already BEEN married! I've never even had a PROPOSAL so I have no sympathy.

    1. Me either babe.

      Perhaps we need to hand in our vaginas somewhere

  3. I have a confession. Last week, when I was suffering from insomnia and didn't sleep for 39 hours. It was in fact because I was worrying about Jenny.
    I'm so happy she's getting married, I can sleep soundly lol!

  4. Arrr she seems a nice girl, although after so many cock ups (;-)) perhaps this fiance hasn't discovered whats wrong with her yet. It must be somink big if her looks and money aren't enough to keep them by her side. Or maybe she's the choosey one in which case let's face it, she's doomed to failure. If she can't put up with some shit then it won't last long. Sorry Jen but there ya have it.

    1. Julie, tell me your comment is taking the pish, please...
      Why do you think there's something wrong with her? Even more worrying, why do you think if she's single she's a failure? I'd honestly love to know...

  5. lol, poor jennifer well hopefully now she has found some happiness

  6. I've an awful urge to be a bitch but that's not going to get me anywhere.

    Shame you couldn't have done the same, you up there.

  7. It should be a case of who gives a flute what Jennifer is and isn't doing but what worries me more is women's attitudes to this story.

    She's not married, so what? She's never had kids, so what?! Wait, now she's engaged? SO WHAT?!?!

    George Clooney is flaunted as the prime example of 'virility', living the high life with a never ending line of stunning women on his arm - ehm, Jennifer is doing exactly the same yet she's the focus of pity?


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