Thursday, 27 September 2012

Facebook statuses that make me mad.

Oh ladies of Facebook how you amuse me (Not really)

If you aren't pressing "like" to show how you are against cruelty to animals or pressing like to see what happens to the funny picture afterwards (NEWSFLASH, nothing. It is a picture) then you are posting alluring sentences about inches and minutes.

I'm still waiting for the first person to type, 3 inches, and it's been so long I can't actually remember. OHHHHHHHHH, you want to know my shoe size and how long it takes me to do my hair? I thought you were asking me the size of my partners knob and how long it took him to ejaculate. My bad. (Hmmmmmmm, tempting)

I am failing to see how posting a status such as this actually raises awareness of breast cancer.

And WORSE, I am worried that by people posting a status on Facebook such as the inches and minutes one, they are then sitting back feeling like they have done their part to raise awareness.

Er, no. you haven't. you have done nothing. No more than instagramming a picture of a coffee cup in the morning raises awareness of the illegal drug trade in Columbia would do.

Please don't feel smug and think that you are doing something awesome, because you aren't.

Donate, not just your money, but why not your time? Run a marathon, host a tea party, support your local breast care charity or hospice.

THIS is raising awareness and funds. Not changing your status which you probably change as often as your knickers anyway.

If you want to help make a difference, check out

and if anyone else has any links to breast cancer charities please feel free to leave them below.

As well as raising awareness and trying to raise funds myself, I am going to change my status to a link to one of these charities every day. Why not do the same?

What do you think about the Facebook status updates?

Harmless fun, or dangerous?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Well said. I hate those status updates with a passion. Who actually starts them? It cannot be the actual charities the claim to be raising awareness for can it?

  2. Well said lady, well said :-)

  3. well written although I am guilty of the shoe size/hair time status update - but only because I have a dirty mind and so do my friends! I do love your rant though and it made me smile!

    I think the posting a link to a charity is a great idea - I'll do the same, thanks for the inspiration to actually do something instead of just talking crap (which I do frequently!)

  4. People who do this are cunts, and tedious cunts at that.

    Unfortunately, this is a huge instance of digital technology making people incredibly lazy and feeding bandwagon jumpers. Dumb people seem to think 'liking' or 'sharing' stupid pictures, or constructing inane veiled statuses achieves something for whatever cause is cool to Facebook.


    In fact, there's a term called 'Slacktivism' which sums this internet phenomena up perfectly.

    Here it is:

    Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism or slackervism) is a portmanteau of the words slacker and activism. The word is usually considered a pejorative term that describes "feel-good" measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel some amount of satisfaction. The acts tend to require minimal personal effort from the slacktivist. The underlying assumption being promoted by the term is that these low cost efforts substitute for more substantive actions rather than supplementing them, although this assumption has not been borne out by research.

    Slacktivist activities include signing Internet petitions, joining a community organization without contributing to the organization's efforts, copying and pasting of Social Network statuses or messages or altering one's personal data or avatar on social network services. Research is beginning to explore the connection between the concept and modern activism/advocacy, as groups are increasingly using social media to facilitate civic engagement and collective action.

    The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS describes the term "slacktivist", saying it "posits that people who support a cause by performing simple measures are not truly engaged or devoted to making a change".

    Sharing information on the internet can increase awareness of a particular issue or condition. However, on Facebook/Twitter where most people are fucking morons this isn't usually the case.

    I'm off to change my profile picture to a Disney character to raise awareness of child abuse.

    Toodle pip.

    1. Oh lawdy I thought I was the only one who didn't change their profile pic to a cartoon. I posted a status saying, "so has facebook saved the world from child abuse yet? hurrrr" and got a reply saying, "that's a bit negative"


  5. I am currently compiliing a list of FB crimes & these feature(along with the ones that say 'Hit Like if you'd do ANYTHING for your children' (implication that you obviously detest them if you don't click). Annoying. They're the social media equivalent of a chain letter. They get on my tits.

  6. Thanks I've added your post to my ranty post

  7. Apart from the "C" word I agree with Andrew Ward.
    Great post also.

    Liska x

  8. Hate all that shit. I donate money every month to a kids charity, that's how I help. It's not a huge amount, but it helps (hopefully). I cannot fathom how clicking a button will help. There was a picture of a battered dog going round the other day, 'like if you're against animal abuse' - eh, if you are against animal abuse, why are you spreading round a picture depicting animal abuse??!!! This is like those Peta fuckers swinging dead animals around the place in order for people to stop killing animals?!?!

    I deleted everything and everyone off my facebook and I only use it for one group that I'm a member of (a nail polish swap group). SO sick of it. Also why I hate facebook: 'like and this little girl will get lifesaving surgery' - eh, okay. The way things are going, my kid will probably need braces on his bottom teeth. Is there an orthodontist in the country who will accept an offer of 'please give my son free braces if I make a facebook page and get 15,000 other knobs to like and share it?' - no. No, there isn't. I am also sick of seeing pictures of strangers babies. I don't want to see your babies, I don't know who you are. Also, cherry on top - I made a new account the other day, was intending to start anew. Do you know what the fuckers did? Locked me out and asked for a scan of my passport to prove my identity. NOT A HOPE. Done with it. /essay

  9. Kill it with fire.

    My Dad, much as I love him is a real old 'softie'..always posting stuff like that, as well as correcting spelling mistakes and stuff. Senile dementia.

  10. I fucking hate this shit all over Facebook it got so bad that I actually had to get my mr to scroll through my feed and block the folk doing it as there were just the most horrific pictures of dead, abused, caged and hurt animals constantly with 'like if you'd help' well yes I fucking would which is why I donate to WSPA and Dogs Trust every month instead of clicking a fucking like button like a trained monkey. ARGH. I've unfriended and blocked everyone that does it now as it is moronic and nonsense.

    Controversially maybe I feel the same way about the twitter ones, with change your avi to a picture of your tits to promote breast cancer awareness. Personally I don't think it promotes a thing but that persons twitter account to lecherous gazes which is occasionally what they want. If you want to promote self awareness of breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and other women's cancers get out and do something. Slactivism is the perfect word!

    Sorry for the rant, it gets somewhat fittingly on my tits! Also shout out for Jo's Trust, a small but dedicated cervical cancer charity who are just amazing ! Now I'm off to change my avi to a picture of my cervix... Lol

  11. Hear hear. Now do we have any stock, actually amusing (and preferably quite cutting) come-backs for any moron who does send us one of these revolting messages? If enough people react in this way it might help stamp out this ridiculous trend...

  12. I despise Facebook with a passion! It is so ridiculous and the stupidity of the trolls is truly mind boggling! But it's always that way, isn't it? Idiots abound and it's maddening. Cancer is no joke and nothing to be made fun of. Millions of people are diagnosed and die from it each day. Nothing funny there at all. I have watched close family members die from it and recently had a uterine cancer scare myself. It was negative and I was truly grateful for that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must upload my uterus as my latest avi.

    1. So very glad to hear your results came back negative!

  13. Well said!

    I love the idea of changing statuses to link to charitable causes.

    Facebook is the playground of idiots and the self-obsessed. If I could just be arsed to download the photos I only have copies of on there (thanks for dying on me, old PC) I'd leave tomorrow.

  14. I actually came off FB (you'd think I'd announced I was going to fucking commit suicide, the way some people - the same one's who've never contacted me since, despite having my email/tel no - went on) because of the animal abuse pics.

    I don't know what I found more disturbing; the horrible, horrible pics (which gave me sleepless nights and forced their way into my mind for days afterwards), or the pathetic moronic SHEEP that reposted these images insisting they were doing it for the greater good.

    I personally tackled several of these morons, or 'cunts', as someone so aptly called them, and de-friended them, before waking up to the realisation that this phenomena is, as someone else had already said, an increasingly common activity from these Slackervists, who 'honestly' believe they're doing something (not really, though) and that, as they say, you just can't argue with stupid.

    One utterly self absorbed ex friend, who has a household full of pedigree animals who's existence perpetuates that vile trade of animal breeder, told me, when I tackled her about one of her 'isn't this awful and don't I look great for showing I think it's awful' FB pics, 'well, you KNOW I love animals' as some sort of defence, to which I should have replied, 'yes, and I also love my friends, which is why I would never, EVER inflict such horrible upsetting images on them'

    The last one (straw) for me came through one morning, I pinged the 'well meaning' friend, told them thanks for sharing that, now, what the fuck have you actually DONE to address this'? and surprise, surprise, they never answered that, nor did they keep me updated with their anti-animal cruelty endeavours via email as I requested them to, because, yes, that's right folks, they'd done FUCK ALL.

    Would any of these fucking idiots walk down the street waving a banner with these images on or hand out flyers at the school gates to the many kids who are also on FB (and can often see these images) to 'increase awareness'...? I'm guessing NOT, as they can't be bothered to get off their lazy monkey brain asses, and easing their conscience about doing fuck all is just a keyboard click away.

    My house goes to 6 animal charities when I pop my clogs, people can go make do, as far as I am concerned. I donate time, money and anything else that will help to assist our 4 legged friends, and don't give a shit how inconvenient it is, or how stupid I look doing it, because just one lost 3 legged cat is worth a million of these stupid dumbs keyboard jockeys.

    Peace out xx

  15. I hate those. I hate the passive aggressive "Cancer is really bad, but 99% of my friends are too selfish and horrible to copy and paste this. Not me though, because I'm SENSITIVE" status updates. I hate the tacky pictures with "inspirational quotes". I have hidden more than half of my friends. Why am I still on there again?

  16. Last year I said a similar thing on Facebook and got in almighty shit. I've been on there for 5 years now (I think) and every year it's the same shit, just a difference subject. I sponsored 3 people doing Race For Life this year, have done it myself in the past and give what I can afford when I can afford it to various other appeals. It boils my fucking piss that anyone could be stupid enough to think some inane status makes a buttfuck of a difference to someone with cancer. Lord have mercy! It's an insult to someone with cancer that idiots think that crap makes one iota of a difference. Gah. xx

  17. Just found your blog, love this post haha your so right!!! I also hate the photos of a child covered in bruises with 'like' if your against child abuse, then that picture of a bruised child is there for everyone to see and guess what you pressing your like button hasnt stopped child abuse *gasp* who knew :/ x x

  18. Who starts these things though? Is it the charities who hope that by doing this they plant the seed and that maybe out of hundreds of people one or two may be inspired to take things further. I agree that it doesn't actually do anything to help but someone must start these things. Last year I ran a 10k for Breast cancer care and this year I ran a marathon for Macmillan and I have to say it was a tad more rewarding for me than 'liking' a status. I didn't raise a huge amount but I hope it goes some way to helping.


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