Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My beauty secrets.

As you all know, I tend to rant (I mean write) about whatever takes my fancy here. But today I wanted to give you a small insight into my beauty regime.

I have to admit I could never be a beauty blogger full time and I have the ultimate respect for bloggers who do blog about beauty. My main issue is that I look like a gargoyle, you know the ones that sit on top of cathedrals and just glower at you as you walk past? The ones that give children nightmares about going to church (no, not priests)

Yes, gargoyles. Well that is me first thing in the morning, (although I am yet to find a sculpture of a gargoyle smoking a fag and mainlining coffee) SOMETIMES I look at myself and think "Not so bad" but that's usually when I've slept in my make up so I don't think that counts.

So although I feel I am not best placed to give you make-up tips, I do enjoy posts about make-up and would like to share with you some secrets from my make up box.

Today I am going to talk about tools,

What DOES a thirty-something year old woman use to apply her make-up?

Well here are just a few of my day-to-day essentials.

As you can see, there are many tools that I can use to create the smooth, line-free look that I like to go for.

The top three are mainly for filling although they can be multi-tasking and used for smoothing small areas and detail work. (pesky crows feet)

I find that a bigger surface which has more cracks in it responds better to a tool which can cover quickly (before the product sets) I'm thinking that soon I may need to expand my "tools" to include a hawk and a float. (Do Debenhams stock these yet?)

I also find that my equipment is a lot easier to keep clean that your usual run of the mill, brush type equipment as well. A quick wipe over with an old rag and my tools can go back in their box ready for the next day.

There are many stockists of the tools that I use, I find that If I shop around I can usually find a good bargain or two and I have been known to browse the aisles of B&Q for hours although their staff are not as knowledgable about some things as I would like, fancy not knowing if one of your trowels was hypoallergenic, I ask you.

So I hope you have enjoyed this small glimpse into my make up box today, next week.

Foundation, quick dry cement or expanding cement? I will be telling you what gives the best coverage and I ask, if these are SO good, why is there not a waiting list?

What's in your make-up box?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Oh my gods I just snorted coffee everywhere. Kellie you're fabulous and not a gargoyle at all.

    Now I must rush off and find a sander to remove the huge zit I have on my chin

    1. Oooooh a sander? I'm totes jealous, I may ask for one for Christmas ;) reaaaally great exfoliating tool I hear

  2. 1. You're bloody fit as fuck. I actually wrote the word to just so that you realise I'm serious.

  3. Oh sodding hell Kellie....I have to comment with two heads. Firstly.....funny as f*ck!!! (normal head on).

    OK....now....as a qualified Makeup Artist I need to point out that Polyfilla ain't always the best finish and leaving yer slap on at night is the fastest route to ageing and zits the size of Mount Vesuvias. OK I am now boring myself...except to say that you are bloody gorge and if you ever want a Northern Monkey Makeover you know where I am xxx

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