Monday, 3 September 2012

Tesco, Every little DOES help, you should try it sometime.

Picture the scene,

One stressed mum uniform shopping with her three demon spawn children, She pays at the till, turns to shout at aforementioned demon spawn, takes them to the toilet as one who had sworn blind she didn't need the toilet five minutes ago is now breaking her neck for a "wee wee" and then goes outside.

she looks in her bag, and her purse is GONE.

Well this happened to ME, today.

at 12,20pm in Tescos Galleons Reach (come one, come all stalker types)

Now I know I am not the first person to have their purse stolen, in fact it has happened to me before (lovely area in which I live)

So I know the drill, I check the tills, I check the toilets, no sign of it. I run, quite tearfully to the security guard, after all, Security is kind of his thing, I explain the situation and he looks at me,

"checked the toilets?"

"Yes mate, first thing I did, and the till"
he wanders off to the till.

"no, I've checked that"


This kind of set the whole farcical thing up from thereon.

I beg, I plead for them to check the CCTV, I had over £140 in that purse. (why do they never steal my purse when it is empty?) He goes for a quick chat on his phone and another man comes over.

"well it's like this" he tell me "The CCTVs move, and you might not be on them as they aren't fixed and they move around to see what is happening"

I tell them I get that, can they PLEASE check them,

he then tells me they have.

I'm not on them!!!!!

Seriously, magic or what, in the space of 1-2 minutes they have checked the whole footage and i'm not there!!! If I would have known that I would have knicked a turkey!!!!! (I jest)

They then shrug and say there is nothing they can do.

I walk away and when we get outside my youngest daughter asks why when she looked back, the security guard and his friend were laughing.

So I'm glad that Tesco find me losing £140 in their store so amusing, I really am. Their security and staff have obviously no respect for their customers if they feel it is ok to treat people this way.

I got upset, I cried (I ate) and then I got angry

I went back, demanded to speak to a manager. Sarah and another manager whose name now escapes me. they looked into it in more depth.

GUESS WHAT, I am on the CCTV. (puts back turkey) now isn't that a surprise. They can see me with my purse in my hand but then I do walk out of shot. I have no clue whether my purse was stolen, fell out of my bag and someone had the find of their life or what.

It isn't the loss of the money that hurts the most. It was the way I was treated by Tescos.

Even the second time, they didn't take any of my details so they could let me know if my purse turned up! They knew I had no money but didn't enquire how I was going to get home.

Tescos I am bitterly disappointed in the service that I received today.

You said it yourself, Every little helps,

But what you did today was only a little, and it really didn't help at all.

Yours, an ex-customer

Kellie Hill

Big Fashionista x x x


@UKTesco have contacted me to tell me the store will be calling me tomorrow.

That's clever, they never took any contact details from me !!!


I have spoken to Shane the manager who accepts that things could have been handled better. They will be calling me again tomorrow when it has been looked into more

UPDATE 3 4-9-2012

It is 3.45 and I have just spoken to the manager who I spoke to instore and last night. He apologised profusely for the actions of his staff. He assured me that lessons have been learnt and that security will be having extra training focusing more on HELPING customers not just focusing on shrinkage control.

This does make me happy. Whilst the situation itself was bad, it was the way that Tescos actually dealt with it that left me hurt and humiliated. If I had to go through that so that the next person doesn't have to suffer the distress then while it doesn't make it ok, it makes it slightly easier to bear.

On a more personal note the manager did say that next time I was in store I should ask for him and as a gesture of goodwill he would give me some flowers or something like a bottle of wine to say sorry.

Now while I was NEVER in this for compensation or out for what I could get I have to admit I wasn't really impressed that he would want me to go back to the "scene of the crime"

And I did tell him that.

And then gave him my address.

If Tescos want to say sorry then surely THEY can make the effort.

What do you think?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


As I wasn't happy with what had just happened with the store I decided to speak to customer services at head office. They just made me feel really small and said that it seems like the store have it all in hand and if I wasn't happy all they could do was just hand it back to the store. AGAIN

I give up. I really do.

I honestly don't think I will be shopping in Tesco EVER again!!!!!!!

Big Fashionista

UPDATE (I've lost count)

Yesterday I emailed the CEO of Tescos in frustration with my blog link. I have just had an email back saying they will be looking into it.

Hopefully the second to last update

At 4.30 this afternoon I will be going to meet the Store Manager and the Area Manager of Tesco. I don't know what will be happening, what will be said or done. I just hope they can make the assurances that something like this won't happen to anyone else.

I will keep you all informed


When you read through everything that I have written so far I think that the one thing that shines through is my frustration. I never blamed Tesco for the loss of my purse at all. Just the issues that went on afterwards. That was what let Tesco down in my opinion.

This afternoon I met the Manager of the store and the Area Manager. Both very charming men who took the time to explain that they have taken on board what went wrong and are definitely learning from it so that it never happens again. I could have wept with relief. They will be looking at the security issues not only in that store but in other stores as well. They acknowledged they made mistakes in places where they had a chance to put things right and they apologised profusely in person.

I think all I ever wanted was someone to really acknowledge that what I went through was wrong and today I got that.

After I had spoken to them and they had made their apologies I was happy, I was never in this for anything other than getting the issues resolved.

But the managers had other ideas, and once again almost made me cry. (but in a good way) Any old apology can come with flowers and chocolates to say sorry for the way that you were treated, but not only as a gesture of goodwill did I get that, the manager was a total sweetheart and actually went out and bought me a new purse to replace the one that I lost. (cue welling up of tears) Now that is the personal touch. He was really concerned whether he had chosen right and I must admit that he HAD. It is a gorgeous purse I would have picked myself, they also gave me gift vouchers to shop in store but honestly it was the personal touch of the purse that really made me feel appreciated as a customer and made their apology heartfelt.

I have been quick enough to condemn Tesco for their bad behaviour so when they do something so well to put it right surely it is fair that I share that as well.

I am definitely pleased to announce this is the final update to this post. It is finally put to rest. Eventually and with some kicking and screaming Tesco took notice of a customer with an issue and went out of their way to put it right. And I personally am glad it is all over and done with and no-one hopefully will go through this again.

Thank you to everyone who read, commented and retweeted. It certainly meant a lot to me and for that I thank you.

The End



  1. I used to shop at tesco all the time, but their staff are pants so I don't bother anymore. I know people need jobs but they also need training on how to interact with the public.
    Really sorry this happened to you, I hope Tesco pull their socks up and make it up to you somehow!

  2. Argh! What's wrong with people? I don't understand why people work in these sorts of industries if they can't actually be helpful.

  3. I really really recommend you write to Head Office. Usually in situations like this when the staff are unhelpful, the head office should hopefully do all they can to help you. It's worth a shot, and at least if they let you down again, you know Tesco do not deserver your custom.

  4. Awful! What incredibly poor customer service. Furious on your behalf.

  5. So sorry you had such a shitty day! Hugs to you xxx

  6. So sorry you had such a shitty day! Hugs to you xxx

  7. So sorry to hear this babe. My partner works in security, not for Tesco may I add. He has often commented on how terrible their security are though when we've gone to our local store. They stand near the door trying to look intimidating OR chatting up the local slutty looking girls.
    I've never once seen them do anything helpful or anything that resembles their job role.
    It makes my partner so angry because he knows how the job should be done and they obviously don't!

  8. You would think it made business sense to maybe offer you £100 in vouchers, to help make up for the loss and to ensure your continued custom. They could so easily have made this a little better for you, instead of just making a bad situation a whole lot worse. Poor you!

  9. That is terrible! They should have taken details. I can't believe that they laughed, some people just have no respect what so ever. I'm sure it would be a different story if it happened to them. Selfish people!

  10. Sometimes people forget to be human and extend a helping hand. Big fail on several levels here. In my local (not Tesco) store, they would have sat you down, sent out a search party, given you a cup of tea, offered to ring someone to pick you up- not to mention put out a tanoy announcement asking people to look out for a purse or watch out for pick pockets. I don't know what the guards were laughing at but they probably see their job as stopping drunks getting into the store not helping customers! Make sure you report it to the police- for all you know it was the security guard who stole your purse... Bad service and care. I hope you manage to cancel your cards and sort everything quickly xx

  11. Gutted for or Sainsburrys all the way xox hope ur purse turns up x

  12. How awful! You really need to write to them and send them this. There are so many professional people looking for jobs that I can't believe whenever things like these happen. Just kick the ones that aren't good and bring in the ones that are Tesco and please train your staff dear Tesco

  13. You'd think a company would be more concerned if they were informed that light-fingered scum were operating in their stores. Mind you, it just backs up what I always say - despite these places making lots of noise to indicate otherwise, the person who often comes last on the high street is the customer. They have your money so they don't care. Compassion costs nothing, or so you'd think. *sigh*

  14. I think Tesco are terrible. Their customer service is sorely lacking & I hate that such a crap company are infiltrating every nook & cranny of this country. I shop at Asda now & adore them! It's awful having your purse stolen - it feels like such an invasion of your private things. I'll definitely share this for others to see! Hope you're ok. x

  15. Living just around the corner from Gallions Reach I know exactly what you're talking about. Having worked in 2 different supermarkets myself(in NZ) I am appalled by what passes as Customer Service in the UK. Barking Tesco is marginally better but is a smaller supermarket.

  16. Just cancelled my tesco delivery for tomorrow. I hope you get some satisfaction from them.

  17. What a horrible set of staff. No wonder they have to rely on slave labour for their staff.

    Also, don't be so sure someone wouldn't hand your purse in with all cash intact. I have done it before - £500 in cash when I found an old ladies purse; at a time when I was skint at university too!

  18. That's so awful terrible help and service from Tesco's. That's just shocking. I'm so sorry you had to go through this x

  19. Oh how terrible, an upsetting experience losing a purse but then to be treated in this way. Shameful. I'm sending a hug too, but I also think you should be writing, using this blog, to them on both twitter and on facebook. Good luck x

  20. How utterly disgusting. Whilst feeling pissed off (and rightly so) i'd fire off a letter to head office demanding results. I'd list every little bastard thing security (Didn't) do and put your foot down.
    Tescos IS shite. I spent 20 minutes queuing to buy a pint of milk yesterday. I may as well of drunk it and placed it empty back on the shelf. *hummfff*

  21. So sorry you went through this today. I expected more of Tesco staff, I really did xx

  22. That is such a shitty thing to happen. :( And as you say it's always when you have money in there. I had my purse stolen the day we moved into our house - whilst out celebrating with a drink at our local. Nice.
    The security in our Tesco are seriously strange. One followed me out of the store and into the carpark then just before I got in my car he asked me to provide proof I had bought my alarm had gone off, I was at the till nearest the security booth and I'm sure he saw me give the lady the money. Odd man.

  23. You were treated awfully! I work for Tesco and we receive absolutely no customer service training. Some of the managers, more so than the other staff definitely need it though!

    The Security however are the same in my store pretty much. Tesco use external companies for 'security' guards, so it'd be worth finding out who they work for, to complain too.

  24. As being a ex member of staff, I am completely appalled by this! We are after all taught that the customer is always right and come first, no matter what. I know it really doesn't change anything or help in the matter, but I can promise you, not all stores are like this. You would never have been treated that way in my old store, that's for sure!
    I'm am so sorry you had to go through this and I really hope it either gets handed in (and they can contact you,) or Tescos some how compensates you. I can totally understand why you wouldn't shop there again though!

  25. That is awful! I work in a Tesco store on checkouts and know for a fact if a customer was treated like that in our store the security would have been sacked and our store manager would have a fit! Being on a till I've had people with similar problems come through and knowing how I would feel in their situation I would do anything I could to try and help them! Its shocking how some people can treat others like that and not care about their feelings :( I would definitely put in a complaint with head office as they do take things like that seriously and that store should definitely be investigated for their poor customer service and the security guard deserves to lose their job!

  26. You've been treated appallingly, they should have tried their best to help you not just fob you off and then laugh at you. I am especially disgusted by that bit. Absolutely terrible. I hope your purse has just been lost rather than stolen because at least then you have a chance of getting it back if someone finds it xx

  27. Very poor customer service indeed. Just dreadful. Hope your purse is found and Tesco decide to treat you properly. Good luck!

  28. I think it's a staff thing more than a Tesco thing. Pretty rotten whatever.

  29. Having lost my purse recently and working in retail I can see both sides. You are right to expect compensation for the laughing and for the blasé attitude of staff. However what if they did see someone on CCTV take your purse? It wouldn't have got it back thieves are opportunists they'd have taken it and gone? Or if they'd have seen on camera you'd dropped it; what difference would it have made? Still without purse. Yes the handling of situation should be better but to expect as others have put forward £100 of compensation from tesco is not really realistic. Yes they should have handled you better ; ultimately it wasn't their fault. Everyone can learn from this experience both staff and ourselves- be more vigilant and carry less cash.

    1. I don't think you will find I have asked for compensation ANYWHERE in this post.

    2. Hmm, yes Kellie really said she asked for compensation, oh no, wait! She didn't, she simply said she should have been dealt with better and yes, checking cctv sometimes helps as it could have been a known and repeat offender.

  30. As for those calling for sacking... People don't get sacked for not checking CCTV or laughing particularly as there would be no proof that the laughter was linked to the incident. Neither should an entire company be written off by this experience my tesco store is exceptionally helpful in the time I've shopped there. This is one store on one occasion. Perspective people!!!

  31. Aw babe, huge hugs, hope your day improves and ignore the anonymous friend, anyone would be upset if it was them treated in a shoddy manner x

  32. don't base all tesco stores as the same, my store would go mad if security treated you this way, it down to managment at that store and not tesco in general

  33. That sounds awful, I'd go right to the top and e mail the CEO - according to Google, his e mail address is x

  34. That is shockingly awful, what a very bad day, an awful thing to happen to lose so much money and even more disgusting then the thief who took it or the person who found and held on to it is Mr Tesco's reaction. I have to say I can't wait for another large supermarket which is opening in my town soon so I don't have to step foot in that awful place again!

  35. Good on you for speaking up about it. I'm dreadfully sorry it happened to you :( *hugs* xx

  36. It really is a myth that a customer who receives good service will tell just 1 other person and a customer who receives bad service will tell 10..... Go the power of social media! My young daughter found a £10 note on the floor at the Ideal Home Show so I made her take it to the lost and found desk, when I asked her if the staff had taken her details and given her a reference number she said no, I returned to the desk with her to ask for this information, and unbelievably the staff denied any money had been handed in. This was all within the space of 2 minutes!(note to cynics, she was 10 and saw her hand it over) When I asked to speak to a manager I was fobbed off and told "they would look into the matter..". My daughter told me she didn't think she would bother handing in money if she found any more, I through gritted teeth, told her she must, as she would want someone to hand money in if she lost any.

  37. If you look at your receipt you can text a comment to head office. granted it will not get your purse back, but if you have dates, times and names staff involved can be disciplined. although this depends on how competent the store manager is.

  38. I work for Tesco, and some stores are like the unfortunately, the security guards are all pants. They're ran by a different company so 99% of the time they don't give a shit. Process is to take details, absolutely stupid that they didn't!
    My store have sacked security guards for being rude, but because they're managed by TSS we can't train them on Service!

    Good thing is tesco are now hiring their own security staff so they can actually manage them. It all depends on management at the end of the day, if management have a shitty attitude likelihood is so will the rest of the staff!

  39. The security twats wouldn't be laughing if it was their wallet that had been stolen.

    I hope the call tomorrow is better, you were treated appallingly and they should at least apologise properly for the way their staff (be they contractors or not) treated you.


  40. Poor Kellie, what an awful way to be treated :(

    Big hugs x

  41. Sorry babe. Serms to be a sign of the society we live in. No one gives a s##t anymore. Hope u get a decent result tomoz...all the best ♥

  42. Here's hoping a more than a token gesture as an apology after that performance.

    I wouldn't be going back in-store and to have to go up to the manger -tell him who you are then him get you a 'present' is ridiculous. If he wants to he should be turning up on your door step with it personally!

  43. An absolutely awful experience. The large supermarkets take so much of our hard earned cash and treat us in such an appalling manner. I have had a different but similarly challenging experience with one of the others which despite me speaking with head office has got me nowhere. So I have vowed never to shop there but as a way of getting my own back, park there for free (for the alloted time) each time I am in that area. Also told friends not to shop there. I would take them up on the offer of the freebie, delivered of course!

  44. I feel so infuriated for you. Not only because, very possibly, someone thinks it is OK to come across a purse and not return it but especially by the behaviour of the morons your local Tesco employs to act as 'security'. From what you have written, their treatment of you from start to finish was insulting and smacks of 'can't be bothered'.

  45. Really not good enough is it. Offering you a bunch of flowers or bottle of wine next time you go in? Are they for real?! That's insulting in itself really.

    On the flip side, it wasn't really Tesco's fault that your purse was stolen but I realise you were humiliated by their staff. I'm sick of Tesco recently, too, not because of staffing issues but because of their rubbish online service and their over priced items.

    Don't let it drop. Eventually, they'll back down if you shout loud enough, make enough fuss on social media and even go to the papers if necessary. They're a huge organisation; they can afford to go one (or two) steps better than they have.

    Good luck
    CJ x

    1. I'm totally not blaming Tescos for my purse. That is one of those things. It happens. My issue really is with the way I have been treated afterwards.

      Laughed at, lied to, left to find my own way home with three children and then told they are learning from it, plus next time you are in we will give you a bottle of wine. I am genuinely never returning to the store again.

      I am just glad that HOPEFULLY no-one else will have to go through the same experience

    2. Do you mind if i ask what it is you would have been happy with when you spoke to the head office the final time? I appreciate you don't want compensation, but if the store manager apologised and offered a little gesture of goodwill what else can the head office offer? I have read your post and appreciate all the replies, yes your situation was dealt with inappropriately and I'm not questioning that, i am just curious as to what response would be acceptable for you?

    3. I think it is just a question of them wanting them to stop treating me in such an awful manner. It has just been one thing after the other, I want them to actually learn from their mistakes and not have anyone else go through what I went through, so if I have to keep standing up and hold them accountable for their actions.

      I will

  46. I have reduced my shopping in Tesco to an absolute minimum recently. I got fed up of poor service and wanted to support smaller local shops instead. Good for you for taking the matter further, I can't believe customer services fobbed you off like that when you'd already been fobbed off once before. Will they learn? I doubt it.

  47. This is awful! Nothing worse than having something stolen or lost :( made worse by uncompassionate staff. x

  48. Aaaa Tescogate. Well the manager is clearly a people person, the rest well...aint. Every little didnt help. Tesco are just meglomaniacs now. I use Morrisons, much nicer and damned cheaper hun. U might save some of the £100+ u lost. Good luck with ur choice of shop. Best of british ♥♥♥

  49. Glad to hear Tesco finally treated you properly, very sad though that it took such a lot of effort from you to get that treatment. We shop mostly at Lidl's (whose staff are brilliant) and only go to Tesco for the odd bits that Lidl's don't sell.

  50. What ever happened to the customer comes first or the customer is always right? Crap company, crap service and so sorry to hear firstly about your purse and then the appalling lack of service or thought from the staff xx

    Needless to say I am not and was not a fan of Tesco before reading this... x

  51. Aaaah Im so glad they managed to redeem themselves.

    Theres a lot of bad press about Tesco in the blogging world (not without good reason I must add) However, I lost a £20 note in my local store (Burscough if you're interested) a few months back (it fell out of my jeans pocket) and I went to the desk and the tills on the off chance it had been found. It hadn't and I didnt hold out much chance of finding it but continued my shop in a sombre mood. However before I had completed my big shop the manager had re-located me in the store, with £20 in hand - a member of staff had found it in the milk ailse and reported it straight away.

    Top marks from me and a lovely warm feeling of niceness for Tesco's. Its not often someone hands cash in!!

  52. My experience is that if you are not sure whether your purse has been lost or stolen - its been stolen! Supermarkets are rife with pick pockets and they target stressed mums! This happened to me, the gullible side of me believed I had lost it until I had a call from the bank saying someone had tried to use my card minutes after I "lost" it! Thankfully they believed it wasn't me using it, mainly because the thief spent money on pot noodles vodka and cigarettes. I think I was more appalled at tjei bad diet than anything else!

  53. Sorry to hear about your dealings with tesco and glad you got closure, I think it's awful that you had to go through all that just have the situation dealt with correctly. Manners cost nothing and if their staff had any they wouldn't need training. I can't stand tesco, i have my. Own issues with them but too long to go into x

  54. Just goes to show what a little purse-severance (lol!!) can achieve. Well done u and well done Tesco. Very gracious in the end. Good job xxx

  55. Glad to hear there are still some decent people left in the world, the purse was a lovely, heartfelt thing to do, well done that man. It's always terrifying when something is lost or stolen but it's that horrendous empty feeling afterwards that is just awful to deal with, it's so hard to describe, knowing someone else has something belonging to you and you have no control over it. One kind word in such a situation makes a lot of difference. I hope the security guard got his comeuppance and I hope whoever stole your purse treated themselves to a big takeaway that gave them the shits for a week. xx

  56. Awful situation for you. But how lovely that the managers bought you a new purse.

  57. same happened to an eldery relative in barking tescos next one to gallions. same area manager i imagine. Same response. security not interested in checking cctv. no duty of care to her to make hr feel comfortable after the incident. Appaling. They do as litlle as they can get way ith. its just a numbers game to them. You only got satisfaction because you wouldnt let it lie.
    i think they only employ ignorant security staff, it must be a prerequisite for the job

  58. I sympathise with the full purse losing situation, I really do, however I did just giggle out loud in a silent office at you putting the turkey back when I'm meant to be doing work not reading blog posts.

    For the record... I'm not a total weirdo reading really old posts, I just enjoy landing on random posts when it's quiet at work because I really love your blog and writing style :)


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