Monday, 8 October 2012

A weeks worth of rants in one post

It's always the way, you take a week off and the world goes insane.

I have a weeks worth of rants stored up and I am about to vomit them all out here for you like a 15 yr old on the Cherry Lambrini.

Get comfy people, I'm gonna blow.

April Jones, just 5yrs old and taken from outside her parents home by a sick and twisted individual. and WHAT is the first thing that people talk about?

"What was she doing outside at that time"

Now personally that made me seethe, Perhaps people wouldn't mind turning their judgements on the person who actually took the poor child instead of rounding on the parents.  At a time I cannot and wouldn't even want to begin to understand what the poor parents were, and still are going through, they have to deal with snide comments and people wondering why their child was allowed to play outside.

Zip it, it isn't important, it doesn't matter if it was 1am in the morning.

NO-ONE has a right to take a child, NO-ONE.

And I won't hear any different.

Jeremy Hunt wants to lower the abortion limit to 12 weeks does he? Has Jeremy Hunt ever been in a position where you miss your period, and hope and pray that your cycle is just a little messed up that month, so you wait, you daren't even think about being pregnant, you push it to the back of your mind and yet all you see are babies everywhere, even though you are desperately trying not to think of them. the next month, your period still doesn't come and you do a test. You are pregnant, your world caves in, it isn't what you want. You make an appointment for the Doctor, you can't get an appointment for another week and a half and then the wait for a referral is another few weeks after that, pushing you over the 12 week limit.

What then Jeremy?

What then?

I am not saying that men should not be responsible for making decisions about womens bodies, What I am saying is that Jeremy Hunt should sit the fuck down and not get involved in anything he knows fuck all about.

Conservative Party Conference?

Britain can deliver is the tag line.

Not if we use Yodel we can't.

X Factor?

Are we surprised that Fame-whore Rylan stayed? Of course we aren't. The man may be as irritating as Thrush and now obviously showing himself to be harder to get rid of than genital herpes but he is going to be TV Gold. He is what would happen if Jedward, Katie Weissel, Wagner and Cher Lloyd all got together and had a gang bang at the back of Sugar hut and created a baby together.

Facebook and Christmas

For the love of all things holy, PLEASE stop telling me how many days it is until christmas, I have a calender, ironically it was bought for me last christmas. Stop it, I cannot stand it. You dont see me counting down the days until my birthday do you? (December 19th if you are interested) It isn't cute, it isn't funny and I WILL unfriend you.

Profiting from Pink

I am going to be posting about the wonderful Breakthrough for Breast Cancer as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month very soon, they have a huge list of products you can buy where a percentage of the profit goes to them and will hopefully one day stop this hideous horrible disease from happening.

What I cannot understand is that there are companies out there pushing their own pink coloured products that are not donating a penny to breast cancer.


Companies that do this disgust me, I will name and shame like I did last week on Twitter, ANY company that I see doing this.

Phew, I feel better now.

I fancy a kebab.

Anyone have an opinion on any of these rants,

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Have you been reading my mind? If you have I am sorry for the mess in there.

    April, my heart goes out to her family it truly does. Anyone condemning them are total cunts. End of.

    Cons, go die in a ditch.
    Jeremy, get a grip man, just get a fucking grip.

    FB & Xmas, I am smug in the knowledge I have one present left to get and I'm done, even written the cards out, why am I this organised, cos I have no frigging money so buy throughout the year, So piss off telling me I only have x amount of days left to buy.

    I don't watch X Factor, I just read the tweets about it. And despair quietly to myself.

    Pink Profiteers, you're all wanky bastards who should be dealt with in an extreme way.

    Another rant I have, people that can't keep their gobs shut about personal stuff. Not their personal stuff, other peoples. Gossip can be harmless, however there are times it isn't. So a big fuck off thanks to my supposed mate who decided to tell everyone she knows MY personal business. Remind me to never trust anyone again.

    And now I am going to bed :)

  2. Hear hear! I agree 100% with you.
    The only thing I can't agree on, but only because I have never watched it, is the XFactor rant. And your description did not make me want to have a look :)
    On the Pink ones, name and shame as you started doing! Ridding the wave of pink just to sell a bit more of their products is so cynical I hope people will completely turn their backs on those brands.

  3. Love your description on how Rylan was conceived! Completely agree about the Christmas countdown thing. I love Christmas Day etc but I loathe the build up to it. I don't think Christmas should be mentioned until December 1st!!
    I see your point about April, the main focus is the FACT SHE IS MISSING. No-one has the right to take a child. However I do see other people's opinion. Maybe it could have been avoided all together if she hasn't been out. Have people not learnt from the Macains that there are some wicked wicked people out there and things like this, although shouldn't happen, do happen. But then again where do you draw the line? Maybe locking children up completely so they can't be taken away & not letting them out until they turn 18?
    I don't know the answer but I can see both sides & wish it had not had happened and if it could have been avoided, it should have been

  4. I'd like to see a regular Monday morning RANT slot please.

    April Jones - the bastard that took her is the culprit. Not her parents who let her out to play in CLEAR VIEW of their house. 7pm is not 3am. HE took her. End of.

    Conservatives - Nothing about me is Conservative. Especially my politics.

    Jeremy Hunt. Sorry Jezza I might listen to you IF YOU HAD A FUCKING VAGINA.

    X-Factor - don't even.

    Facebook and Christmas. Love Christmas. FB gets on my bloody nerves. Tick 'Like' if you feel sorry for this baby with a tumour on its arse.
    HOW CAN YOU 'LIKE' THAT SITUATION??? FUCK OFF and stop giving Facebook page views.

    Profiting from Pink.

    The End.

  5. Oh, I completely agree with your comments about April Jones and have blogged about the very same. I also hate the oneupmanship that this has sparked in so many parents, the whole "well, MY kids would never be out at the that time of night" argument. Really? As if the logical result of your child playing in a remote village street with her mates is for her to be snatched and murdered. It makes me fucking despair.

  6. I agree with everything you've ranted about, apart from the April Jones thing.

    No one has a right to take children; it's disgusting and it's sad. But we know from experience that this does happen.

    We also know that 5 year-olds aren't fully aware of dangerous situations and can run across roads or climb high things.

    5 year-olds are vulnerable to many different things and it's just as likely that April Jones could have been hit by a car or fallen off of a wall she'd climbed. What would people's reactions have been if April was killed by a car, travelling at the legal speed in a sensible manner?

    The only witness to her getting into a vehicle was another young child- not an adult. If the witness didn't see this, how long would it have been before the parents knew April had been taken? That question, in my opinion, should be asked by Social Services and the Police.

    Of course it's not the parents' fault that April was abducted and I've no doubt at all that losing a child like that is the worst thing in the world. But the fact is, if April's parents had been more responsible, she wouldn't be missing now.

    Before anyone attacks me for daring to say such a thing, I'm not condoning abduction of children and I'm not saying it serves the parents right.

    1. Um, I don't know. You say that it's not the parent's fault but in the same breath, blame the parent for her being missing. So it sounds like you're blaming the parents right now. Nice.

    2. Charlotte, you haven't read what I've written.

      It's not April's parents' fault that she was abducted. Anything could have happened to her when she was out and unaccompanied.

      All I'm saying is that they were irresponsible letting a 5 year-old child out on her own.

  7. ARISE LADY BIG-FASHIONISTA!! Lady I salute you and your honesty.

    I detest these 'click if you agree' the one that gets me is the 'click if you love your grandma, if you don't click she will die' SERIOUSLY who has the time or lack of brain cells to believe the drivel on there!

    Jeremy Hunt - well we all know what rhymes with hunt don't we.....

    I would pay to watch a tory bonfire... ruining the country, fucking up the NHS and giving tax breaks to their rich friends and shafting the good honest working folks.

    As someone who works for a hospice I see people battling the awful disease on a daily basis makes me SICK to see people trying to profit from making things pink and not giving any money to the cause,

    I LOVE a monday rant, more please xx

  8. Love a damned good rant, more power to you!

    I didnt even know I was pregnant until I was 12 weeks, it was a huge surprise but welcome one, but what if it hadnt been....

    I cant imagine what April's parents are going through. To all that are judging them, I truly hope you never have to experience this nightmare and that you are living perfect lives.


    I love you Ms Fashionista. LOVE. YOU.
    AND LOTS!!!

  10. This has been the highlight of my day. I won't rerepeat all the points you and everyone else has made but I will state you but it so beautifully.

    Now I want kebab!


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