Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Let's talk politics

Oh you guys, Politicians. Where would I be without you?

There I was, thinking I was going to be reduced to writing about David Blaine and his constant search for validation by teasing us with his attempts to die for our viewing pleasure by messing around with electrickery in a metal suit while standing in a puddle.

(You big tease you)

and then, like a vision in blue, along toddles a couple of politicians who open their trap and lets this stuff just write itself.

Firstly, David Cameron has joined Twitter.

I miss my trolls, but I understand. They are busy playing with a new toy, I'm sure they will get bored and come crawling back soon, just don't expect me to engage with them now I know where they have been, I expect a certain level of class from my trolls (excluding the one that just calls me a c*** every now and then that is. From you I expect nothing) and if you have left me high and dry just to go and bait David Cameron for shit and giggles don't expect me to welcome you back any time soon with a warm smile and a open policy on anon commenters.

(I'm sorry, it just stings a little, but I will get over it soon)

As I said on twitter the other day, David Cameron is going to be the only person in the history of Twitter to get "This person has said mean things about you" DMs and they won't be spam!!!!!!!! (I imagine that person will be Boris by the way)

Speaking of Boris Johnson (seamless link there) he's another politician who has been making me slightly uneasy lately. I like to think of Boris Johnson as a bit of a clown, a buffoon, an over-friendly uncle with bad taste in christmas jumpers. The joke wore a bit thin when he was elected to be the Mayor of London but hey, if you don't vote, you can't moan about it. But now there are mumblings that he is being touted as the next leader of the Conservative party........

Now hold on, a jokes a joke but that is just pushing it a bit too far, The Conservatives, they are the one in charge of ruining, I mean running the country? (I think)

And someone thinks Mr Boris 'Whoopsy, I'm stuck on a zip wire. Quick, call the paps' Johnson is the best we have to offer?

Seriously, stick me in there, I'll show you how to run a bloody country guys. I've got my game face on and I am ready to give it my best shot.......

Who is your other option?

George Osborne?

George Osborne who yesterday spoke about workers surrendering their employment rightsin return for shares in their companies!!!!!!!

Hang on, did I read that correctly?

See what I mean? I don't even have to crack a funny here? Mr George 'Always leave them needing more' Osborne is doing it for me.

David Blaine might as well just give up now. With gold like that out there, why do I ever need to write about him?

So what do we think?

Has David Cameron given you a virus yet? (Or a twitter bug)

Boris Johnson? Political threat or likeable buffoon?

George Osborne? What a twat.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Bit like a white polar bear, Boris looks cute but could be deadly. I suspect he could commit murder in front of our eyes and everyone would say what a hoot. What does he actually stand for? And some of the things he's said make me wonder(Africans have watermelon smiles, St Patricks Day Gala at Dorchester was front etc).

  2. I saw Bojo do a speech at an Events Conference a couple of years back. It is not an exaggeration to say everyone around my table dropped their jaws in disbelief as what was coming out of his mouth. The rest of the room wasn't too impressed either. What was so shocking was he was running one of the greatest cities in the world. His stupidity is entirely calculated. I'd say he's one of the most dangerous men in the UK. Real blonde ambition time.

  3. you crack me up. i can call you the C word if you are missing your trolls i don't mind! (ps i don't think you are)

    i love the line about david camerons spam tweeter messages. "they filmed you doing what?!"

    David Blane don't get me started he is on my list and its not a very nice list so we won't even go there :0)

  4. Boris is like a dog on a skateboard- briefly entertaining but basically idiotic. He is welcome to win Britains Got Talent, but I would not want him running the country. I think Eddie Izzard should be in charge, with a cabinet of Billy Connolly, Danny Boyle, Caitlin Moran, Mary Berry and Dawn French. It would at least be entertaining and have good cake that way.

  5. I try not to look upon Mr Osborne with too much hatred. I mean, it's hard work, the hate just kind of spontaneously explodes everywhere...but when you haven't done an honest day of work for pittence in pay, how are you supposed to understand just how essential those rights are to get some breathing space between shifts?


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