Friday, 12 October 2012

Nom or Vom

I'm always happy to take requests (apart from that suggestion you made via Email, I really don't do that.... anymore)

and when someone requested this guy this week, I thought, Hmmmmmmm, Let's take a look at what he has to offer.

Firstly, I have learnt he doesn't like to wear clothes. (I know, I can sense your disappointment)

Secondly, I have learnt that he doesn't really do anything for me.


But for you guys, hopefully he may be just what you are looking for.

So this weeks Nom or Vom is...............................

Adam Garcia

So what do we think?

Adam Garcia, Nom or Vom

Let me know


  1. Too short. Met him at an event. He's like your kid brother. Very funny though....and obviously can dance. Just a preference of mine that they are eye-level above my breasts.

  2. Nahhhhh..... think I'll vom it.

    Ooooo can you do that guy out of Eastenders, that FIT one. Joey is it? Get all flustered everytime I watch it.

  3. When he dances.... I can see it.

  4. Nah......not doing it for me :-/

  5. I'll go for Nom... as long he doesn't wear the weird blue underwear from the 80s-tastic fourth picture.

  6. I can't believe I'm the only nom!

    Although I can't believe I didn't know he was gay before seeing this little gallery.

  7. Is that a cheeky bush of pube? Shock horror!

    No, sorry, it's a vom. He's not exactly bad looking but he just looks like any other young guy walking down my street trying oh so desperately to have sex appeal and managing to turn it into a comedy act...

  8. Nope - Vom from me. The photos make him seem sleazy, rather than sexy. Give me a man, a real man not a boy child pouncing around pretending. Too harsh! Maybe?

  9. NOM!! I love Coyote Ugly because of this guy!

  10. Part of me doesn't want to do this but he is an Aussie, therefore his a Nom!!!

  11. Nope....nothing for me....

  12. I'm on the fence. He's good looking, but doesn't have much sex appeal, if that makes any sense. He's almost asexual...except in the pic where I spy pubes. I am a perv, though! xx

  13. *sigh*
    *licks screen*

    1. BTW - that last picture of him in a chair is just odd. It does him no favours.

  14. ew.. not so much. certainly not my cup of latte. though i do appreciate the display of my favourite man-bit...

  15. awk you know I'd have a go at him, but he wouldnt be my main choice.

  16. I really don't want to feel attracted to him. I'm like double his size and I'd break him and he looks very boyish and far too clean but there's something there.... very weird one, that! Can I say a Vnom?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. hmmm these pics aren't doing it for me BUT I did love him in Coyote Ugly!

  19. He kind of looks like Jeff Goldblum crossed with, ack, I don't even know. Some kind of tiny alien. I just can't.

  20. Nom nom nom nom. He is fit as flip for me. x


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