Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Taylors of Harrogate, Coffee heaven.

I only have a couple of vices, (that I admit to) and the main one has to be my love of coffee, I love coffee, drinking it, eating things flavoured with it and even the smell it.

So when Taylors of Harrogate asked if I would like to visit their factory I didn't have to think twice.

It was all I hoped it would be AND MORE.

Think how a chocoholic would love to visit  Willy Wonkas' Chocolate Factory?

Well the tour of Taylors of Harrogate was my equivalent.

We arrived at Taylors of Harrogate at lunchtime and firstly experienced some wonderful hospitality. If you want to make me happy, FEED ME, we sampled some of the wonderful food that they serve in their canteen (No wonder all the staff had smiles on their faces, it was delicious) as well as trying some of the famous Bettys cakes.

Next up for the twelve contented bloggers was a Coffee tasting masterclass ran by the very knowledgeable Emily

I have to admit I learnt a lot of new things, I am ashamed to say I never knew how coffee looked on trees or thought about how it is processed.

We tried the different single origin coffees first, coffee from different places all over the world and we were taught about the subtle differences in flavour.

Note to self, when you are given the choice of spitting or swallowing (the coffee) do NOT, I repeat, do not collapse into uncontrollable giggles which render you unable to look anywhere but at the ceiling. (And certainly not at Sally or Becky. Naughty ladies)

We then tasted different blends, the Hot Lava Java being my personal favourite.

Happily full of caffeine, our next stop was the factory floor, where we watched the coffee process from start to finish. We even got to wear hairnets and fabulous disposable long white coats. I have never been inside a factory before and found the whole visit insightful and not only that, a lot of FUN. (looking around the factory was like an episode of How It's Made)

Want to see some pictures of my day?


All in all a great visit to a great British company that has a well-earned superb reputation.

You can check out Taylors of Harrogate and all the different products the company has to offer here

I am now a huge fan, not only of their coffee, which I loved already, but the brand as a whole. A family-run company with a great product and staff that are quite rightly proud of themselves, from the lovely ladies on reception to the wonderful canteen staff who made us lunch, everyone was happy to go the extra mile and with a smile on their face at the same time.

If I ever move to Harrogate, I want to work at Taylors, (and drink the coffee non-stop)

So what do you think?

Are you Taylors of Harrogate fans?

What's your favourite blend?

and how hot do I look in a hairnet? :-D

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista x x



  1. love your hairnet look

    We are huge Taylors and Betty's fans here not just having lived in Harrogate but because it's fabulous stuff - my mother drinks the Yorkshire tea intravenously and she is a Lancashire girl

  2. Just had one of those 'doh!' revelation moments when you said you'd never been in a factory before. Mind goes 'What never been in a factory?!' Then dawns on one that many people have never been in factories. I worked in several rather less salubrious than Taylors, whilst I was doing my A levels and again before that, visited the one my Dad worked in - so I guess I'd never questioned factory knowledge before. Sharing my bizarre brain with you there ;p x

  3. Massive Yorkshire Tea fan and its the only tea we use for our guest house guests for breakfast. Isn't Harrogate lovely? I sent OH off to buy our guest house and he bought one in a not very lovely area in Yorkshire. Shortly after we moved there I had to go to Harrogate for work and phoned him demanding to know what was so wrong with the 2 guest houses I had sent him to look at in Harrogate. To this day I wish we had bought one of them instead.

  4. *sigh* - now i not only want a coffee, i want the whole kit and kaboodle!!! *jealous face*

  5. I am so jealous! I LOVE coffee, all coffee anything that has coffee in it, on it or near it!

    You totally rock the hairnet look :D

  6. You do look rather ravishing in the hair net. It was a fab day, really enjoyed it.


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