Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Writing a post about not writing a post.

A bit like the title says, this is a bit of a weird one (Waits for everyone to mutter, nothing new there then)

You may have noticed that there was no post yesterday (Tumbleweed. Bastards) and I think that this week, posts might be a bit thin on the ground.

Now obviously, if a footballer trips and falls into a reality stars vajayjay or someone from X Factor finally gets their style sorted out (Rylan, Fame whore-That is all) then I won't be able to resist popping up and giving you my opinion, but I am actually going to be taking a couple of days off.

I'm (trying to) write a novel, and it is extremely difficult to concentrate on both the blog and writing a book at the same time.

I am only really right at the beginning of writing my novel, just 10,000 words in but I am really enjoying developing my characters and plots and want to really give it 100% of my attention, if only for a little while.

I've been structuring it for a long time now and decided that if I didn't start to write it soon I would keep putting it off. I love to write and I could forever be content just writing on this blog because it makes me so so happy, but part of me needed to just go for it.

Who wants to think about what COULD have been.

Maybe I will get bored halfway through and push it to one side, maybe I will finish it and hate every word, or maybe, just maybe, I will finish it, love it and get it published.

I just don't know, but I owe it to myself to try.

So, forgive me if I neglect my blog just a little bit. Rest assured I will NOT be giving it up completely, (Nom or Vom is safe, chill yourself) I'm just taking a little holiday for the rest of the week.

Back soon,

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Wow that's fantastic! Good luck with your book....it's all about discipline and breaking it down into easy-to-handle chunks apparently xx

  2. Good luck lovely, how exciting! xxx

  3. Lovely news! Have fun writing the novel, as long as you're having fun doing it it will feel enjoyable :)

  4. Good luck with your novel Kelly. You write wonderfully on your blog so a book? Sounds awesome. :)

  5. Keep the head down and best of luck. A wonderful thing to write a novel. Be good to yourself with lots of tea and biscuits, I hear that is good for creativity...lol. Your book will be great, just like your blog. I love reading it and look forward to it.

  6. Ooooooh how marvellous! best of luck sweetheart :)

  7. Lots of bloggers did this last year - http://www.nanowrimo.org/

    Maybe a good thing for you to do as well to get into the discipline??

    Knowing the outline of your book, it is going to be a SMASH! SO excited for you xx

  8. Best of luck with your novel. I think even finishing one deserves a huge pat on the back! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you manage to get published some day though x


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