Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Jumpers, Hell no, or Noel

So I stop blogging for ONE WEEK, I come back and what do I find (apart from new blog followers. Hello, welcome, sit down over there. No, not that seat, the other one. Thank you, this won't take a minute and then normal service will resume shortly.) I find that you all have embraced a new trend. (Well, I say embraced, some of you have this trend in a headlock from what I can see.)


In one week have you all lost your mind? (and sense of taste?)

Now yes, I admit, I am usually the first to say that everyone should be free to wear what they want and no-one should be judged for what they wear. Well I am REVOKING that rule from this day forward.

What are you all thinking? Please, someone needs to tell me whether
 this is something that I can blame Alexa Chung for, (coz that bird is on my shit list anyway, and I will gladly pin this one on her too, if I can.)

IF you are wearing your Christmas jumper ON Christmas day in a vaguely ironic way, then I am right behind you (Pointing and laughing, I grant you, but behind you ALL the way)

But may I point you towards my previous post, It is NOVEMBER, and you are walking around wearing a jumper with a Rudolph face on it and a comic pom pom nose?


But when did this happen anyway? The last time I looked, Christmas jumpers were naff and like onesies only to be worn inside anyway. (Sidenote, if you can find a christmas onesie for me, I will be all over that like a RASH)

Now it seems Christmas jumpers are the this seasons Satchel!!!!

So tell me, Christmas Jumpers?

Naff or Not?

Are YOU purchasing a Christmas jumper or five? or are you not getting behind this trend at all?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. loads of xmas onesies in primark! and it doesnt even matter if you only wear them at this time of year, because theyre only about 12 quid

  2. I love Christmas jumpers so I'm glad they're everywhere this year. I will only be wearing mine on Christmas and to a couple of Christmas parties I'm going to though...

  3. I dont like them, actually I can say I hate them. They should never be worn, not even on christmas day/morning/night. But they do say to each their own...

  4. Naff. I run an Online Carboot on Facebook for Maidenhead (I say run, I mean I snaffle the good shit before anyone else spots it), and someone posted a Rudolph jumper that LIGHTS THE FUCK UP! Why would any sane person wear one of these? It was so nasty, Timmy Mallet would've turned it down.
    Not a fan. I don't own any nasty jumpers or onesies.

  5. The Christmas jumper is something that should never be worn, unless maybe in the middle of July as a joke. Other than that, it is a big NO from me.
    I would agree with your idea of pining it on Alexa Chung though, it's only fair.

  6. I'm a Christmas themed jumper girl, and there is a difference in wearing a snowman on your body (massive no no) to a fairisle-ish reindeer themed knit jumper. I go for the latter, as it's pretty standard dress code in the depths of Dorset!

  7. I've definitely getting some Christmas jumpers this year. I will be wearing them in the week run up to Christmas!


  8. Fairisle is about as close to a Christmas jumper as I'll get but I quite like the look. Although that's because I generally think that everyone is taking the piss out of hipsters who are wearing them seriously...

  9. I was recently bought a "Christmas jumper". It doesn't have a reindeer on it, or a picture of a robin, but it is very warm and I love it. It's like wearing a cuddle. But possibly because it's from someone very special.

    I'm pro the CJ. :-)

  10. I LOVE christmas jumpers, but only on/around christmas day. However, I adore fairisle jumpers all winter and other winter types of jumpers and would wear a different one every day if I could!

  11. I think you're all mad. Christmas jumpers are horrific!

  12. love the christmas jumper and plan to purchase one in wear on Christmas Day maybe Eve and not other day...

  13. No, no , and thrice NO! I cannot stand Christmas jumpers, at all.

  14. Yes, yes, yes! Although saying that, I've actually yet to go out and buy one....but if I do, it'll be worn on Christmas Day then shoved away for another year. xx

  15. We are with raven on this one Nay, Nay and thrice Nay!

  16. not for me!!however, today I bought ones for my children!! #BadMom

  17. I'm sorry, I do love a Christmas jumper, however strictly to be worn on the week before xmas and the Big Day only.

    Then again I am typing this wrapped up in my giant reindeer onesie so clearly what do I know.

    LOVING your work though as always xx

  18. I absolutely love christmas jumpers ! Ah, they are all adorable. I already have my cutesy jumper picked out, and I'll love
    wearing it, they can say what they want.


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