Sunday, 11 November 2012

Helen Rochfort, Cute bag alert

This week I went along to a press day for Eskimo PR, and in amongst drooling over some gorgeous shoes and light spring knitwear I spied what is going to be either the hottest Christmas present for grown ups this year or become a staple part of the bloggers wardrobe.

I am a HUGE fan of Helen Rochfort bags and the brand in general, but the bag that is going to be hitting the website TOMMORROW is absolutely gorgeous.

According to Helen, the bag will be on the site Monday so get in there fast as it is definitely going to be a BIG seller and it is Limited Edition so HURRY!

Plus it's only £29!!!!

You can order yours on

What do you think? Is it not the most gorgeous bag ever?

Let me know what you think and if you are going to be ordering one.

I think I will be.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I'm no handbag expert, so don't shoot me for this response but I think it looks more like a primary school girls lunch satchel. Can't imagine what sort of outfit it would go with on a grown women??

    1. I would wear it with jeans and a plain top. I think it's very cute. We don't all have to like the same things, it's what makes us FAB. xxx

  2. Sister's Christmas present - sorted.

    (Will probably keep for myself...)

  3. oh that is lovely!

  4. Love this satchel, hate how popular it is ;) Thank you for letting us (me) know when its available and how much many pounds I will need to part with! I'm so tempted :(

  5. I love it. It looks a bit like a colouring in satchel. What a cool idea would that be?

  6. Love this bag, I find a satchel so much easier to use and it doesn't put as much strain on my shoulder, thank you for introducing me to Helen Rochfort bags I'm sure they are going to be a new favourite of mine1

  7. I bought one! Got a discount for tweeting too :D

  8. Hey Big Fash,
    You just made me order one!
    I'd not seen it until now but as soon as I read this post I was like OMG neeeeeeeeed.
    Can't wait to receive it!

  9. That is very cute! Hahahah satchel blogger cliche lady ;)


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