Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hibernation justification

So this week Britain has experienced serious flooding, and now we are being warned of freezing cold temperatures and snow (In December, I know. Shocking, who would have thought it?)

Anyone else think that now might be a good time to think about hibernation?

Now I'm all for making like a bear and sleeping the whole winter away, (especially this winter) in fact, looking at my BMI, I think I have been preparing my whole life for this exact moment. I've laid down the body fat, sorted out the perfect onesie (comfort is a must for hibernation) and even considered what sort of January snacks I might partake in. (Cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

I'm not even joking when I talk about hibernation as a serious lifestyle choice. It would certainly save on the heating bills. I would make a duvet cave and just snuggle up underneath it until about April (or May) I would definitely emerge thinner, I will have missed out on all the Christmas shopping stress, (I may just wake up on December 19th for my birthday if that's ok?) and I wouldn't get cold or soaked through.

If there is anything worse than feeling cold AND wet, then I am yet to find it. Hibernation would certain help with that. Warm, dry? If only hibernation was available on the NHS then I think we would end up a lot healthier. Look at the Spanish with their siestas, in my eyes, hibernation is just a longer version of a siesta.

So I'm up for a longer version of a disco nap, anyone care to join me?


Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Completely agree! My mum has a tortoise and come October he gets put in a cardboard box in a shed until about April. Seems very appealing to me. I like some things about winter - but most of the time I think we all just put up with it - I especially dislike the short days!

  2. Yes please! Nothing is appealing at the moment - cold, wet, dark. Booo!

  3. Thing is with hibernation, bears have to 'bung' themselves up as it were. I'm all for sleeping and wrapping up in a duvet until the sun appears (that'd be a long sleep!) but the cork bit? Hell no.

  4. I hear you and I am with you on it!

  5. Sounds like the sensible way forward. I don't do cold and wet. I do warm and sunny.

  6. i'm all up for hibernation! End of Sept to Beginning of June, where do i sign up? x

  7. Sign me up, I'm so over the biting wind, and the forecast of 4 degrees for my jaunt into work.


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