Sunday, 11 November 2012

Look Magazine and ASOS internship competition.

Congratulations Look Magazine and Asos Fashion Finder, congratulations indeed for setting women back a couple of hundred years once again.

Today, I received an email from ASOS Fashion Finder, heralding the start of a new competition with Look Magazine to WIN an internship................

Now firstly, shall we address the winning the chance to work for free issue?

For SOME people, this will be the only way that they can get an opportunity to work on a magazine such as Look. (If you don't appear in Made In Chelsea, they seem to be a bit thin on the ground lately) I HATE these competitions with a vengeance, but I understand why some people enter them, I really do.

So, there is a chance to "win" an internship is there?

"What do I need to do" I hear you ask? Demonstrate your tea and coffee making abilities? Write a 5000 word dissertation on the future of fashion and magazines? Put together a Pinterest board of what fashion icon inspires you and why?


All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this prize is upload a picture of yourself.

A picture?

Seriously? Look Magazine and ASOS. You are doing that to us? Now some people will say that it is all about style and how you put an outfit together.


Because as an intern you will be fully responsible for all of the fashion pages won't you?

I DON'T think so.

If Look Magazine are looking for an intern, why not make it less about how you look, and more about what you have to offer? I know many people who would chew their arm off for this opportunity. People who want to get their foot on the ladder in a career that is notoriously difficult to get into.

So shame on Look Magazine and ASOS. SHAME ON THEM.

So what did I do?

Well I entered didn't I?

As you can see, the onesie truly shows off my experience, my qualifications and my years of blogging, and of course I have co-ordinated it with a satchel, coz that is TOTES fashionable and just screams unpaid intern to me.

What do you think?

Should Look Magazine and ASOS Fashion Finder have made their search for an intern all about how they look?

Do I truly rock the piggy onesie?

Will you be voting for me?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


I have been speaking to the lovely Justin from ASOS this afternoon, and at first, I was hopeful that they would be up for changing the competition and at the very least adding an element where people could explain WHY they wanted to work for Look Magazine, (you know, use their brains instead of just their looks) BUT, ASOS have told me that unfortunately their Terms & Conditions mean that they cannot change the rules at this late stage.


Justin assures me that the pictures will be judged purely on HOW the entrants put together an outfit and interpret A/W '12 fashion.

I say it is STILL a beauty pageant and frankly I am REALLY disappointed.

How about YOU?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. That is truly fabulous.. Good on you! Loved this!

  2. amazing post and I'm completely with you on this one, it's ludicrous and completely disheartening to those who actually WORK to achieve things like jobs and internships.

    II think this is awesome - and for this alone, you should win :)

    Mel x

  3. Kellie, I feel complelled to say this...

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    Seriously, that is an amazing response and I agree that both Look magazine and ASOS should be ashamed of themselves. Women should not be judged on the way they look, regardless of whether they want to work in fashion or not. You can appreciate style and be able to collate information from retailers without looking like a fashion plate. As for the winning an internship, I'm just not going there as steam will start pouring out my ears and the resulting explosion will wipe out most of the Midlands... Grrrr

  4. If only the judging was by vote, we could so get this going viral. I would LOVE to see you intern for Look ;) and on the front page of ANYTHING with that outfit.

    Voted nonetheless, you've inspired tomorrow's outfit.

  5. This post is amazing! I can't believe they are genuinely offering an internship based on a photo! It totally undermines all the hard work so many people do to try and get positions like this. Definitely got my vote! xx

  6. I'm voting for you! these things are just popularity contests based on looks! and in my opinion you and your piggy onesie are the best x X X

  7. I'm voting for you! these things are just popularity contests based on looks! and in my opinion you and your piggy onesie are the best x X X

  8. Oh man.. U havent even noticed that comp runnin, but its just appalling isnt it. So you pay GRANDS to get a degree & then some snotty good looking murron uploads a pretty photoshoped pic & baaaang got the job. Well, unpaid job ( what even is that?!) Good job you put it in words! & shame on both of them!! x

  9. ahahaha

    I'm loving this blog more and more each post.

  10. Look and ASOS should hang their heads in shame. Getting an internship based on how you look? Surely this is some sort of lookism? It is an absolute disgrace. Then, they are asking people to vote? As in "who is the prettiest" I am appalled. Truly appalled.

    I will be voting for you and tweeting/sharing the arse of this post. It is absolutely horrid. THe only message this is sending out to young ladies is "if you look good, you're in"


  11. Oh dear. Terrible contest. But a great post. Go piggy!

  12. You rock! I will so vote for you, onesies and satchels are both part of my daily attire but wearing them at the same time- true genius!

    These comps to intern are ridiculous though, it's just a slap in the face to everyone who works their nails to the bones to get the skills and experience to get into media if all they really want is someone who can take a good picture!

  13. I voted for you and I hope you win haha How funny would that be ;)

  14. Kellie, have you actually considered what you're going to do if you actually win?

    I love this post, it's genius and your entry is amazing. It is truly ridiculous that they're running this comp, especially in this way.

  15. This had made my Morning. HAHAHAHAHA. X

  16. Love it Kellie!! It would be amazing if you won. Imaging their faces when you tell them where they can stick it!

    I don't fully understand employment law but with the whole minimum wage thing, how can they get away with making interns work for free??

    Completely agree with what they are offering is a great opportunity (that they should be paid for) but the way they're offering it is disgusting.

  17. Kellie if you were in the same post code as me right now I would snog you.

    I saw your tweets about this and was waiting for the post. You better bloody win it. Just so you can then stick two fingers up at them.

  18. Good for you K. Stupidly ridiculous to employ someone, paid or otherwise, based in their appearance.

    Books, covers and judging spring to mind.

    *rolls eyes, then hands K large bottle of wine for being a star*

    S x

  19. Bravo! *standing ovation. I hope you email Look/Asos this post-utterly sickening comp. Well done you!

  20. I don't have a problem with the Internship but basing a new employee on their looks sends us back to the dark ages which is so wrong! I think you look rather fabulous in your piggy outfit, you get my vote ;)

  21. I bloomin' love you lady! That picture definitely deserves to win and I would vote for you 100 times over!

  22. jess that is terrible basing a internship on looks...christ how shallow, what about skills people...Finger crossed I hope you win.If I have to vote for you I certainly will!

  23. what the holy Liz Jones?? And yes. I'd vote for you.

  24. I might be opening myself to attacks of holy hellfire here, but how does this "set women back a couple of hundred years once again"? It's open to both sexes, with exactly the same rules and judging processes, and already has several male entrants listed on the competition page. Notwithstanding the overall validity of their competition/internship, I don't see that they could have done much more to make it gender neutral - apart from possibly having a male judge, as both of their named judges so far appear to be women.

    1. One word - You are talking bollocks. Probably where your opinion stems from-no understanding at all of the deeper issue here.

  25. Ha ha this is priceless and yes I've voted for you.

  26. Amazing! I love that you're clearly the front runner in this competition with 36 (including mine) votes now.

  27. Basing a job on looks? REALLY? So it wouldn't mater if they have the IQ of a turnip as long as they look pretty? (No offence to turnips)Never mind that people that have slogged through years of uni are looking for an internship, that doesn't matter if they aren't pretty they won't get the job.
    This sickens me.

    You now have 37 votes! Woo!
    WTH you going to do if you win it?

  28. I'd vote for you. Christ, I'd have you editing Vogue. I can't believe that this is internship will be based on a pic. Yes, you have to prove that you can style yourself but come on, this is just appalling.

  29. I'll be voting for you (you, like, totally rock that onesie)

  30. This is brilliant! I've voted. I've told all my friends! I follow you on Twitter!

    I may have gone too far with the exclamation marks.

  31. Having tried to vote, the pic seems to have disappeared from the entries list.

    How disappointing.

  32. obviously they didn't learn from the Next model competition last year where the "ugly guy " won - shame on ASOS & Look for being so shallow

  33. Yeah. Fuck that for a game of soldiers. Sexist twunts.

  34. Hi
    Thanks for highlighting and questioning this magazine. I work with unemployed teenagers who regularly suffer low self esteem and self image issues along with the daily horrors of judgemental peers, family and prospective employers. Even young people who are NOT interested in entering this competition, to read this magazine and see that all is wanted is a photograph to get a job, just sends the wrong message to influential young people about prospective employers.
    Very disappointing that Look/Asos could not rectify this and restore their reputation.

    Kellie, I follow you on twitter and v much enjoy your tweets! Loved the Onsie :-) i am Lady Fish @beadyfish

  35. Go you! You're currently in second place behind some bloke in a scruffy pair of jeans & jumper. It's absolutely a beauty contest & irrelevant when it comes to the skills needed to work in journalism.

  36. You are fucking awesome. That is all!

  37. You are fucking awesome. That is all!

  38. Totally 100% agree with you and I'm really suprised this got past 2 brands and an online team without someone questioning the logistics. There should've at least been a 500 word piece to accompany the photo.

    Like ASOS says though, they can't amend it once it's up - it's a legal thing. Boooo.

  39. As someone who is coming to the end of a communications degree and someone who has worked their ass off for 5 years as an intern and then a freelance journalist, this makes me SO sad. Why should a pretty little thing get the experience when a uni student or wannabe write wouldn't? I actually feel disgusted by it. How many people are going to be put off working in journalism because they don't think they're pretty enough? As a plus size girl, I have experienced bullying over my looks in the media work place but I've fought against it. This just makes the whole industry look even more fickle and shallow.

  40. Hadn't seen this, and now I'm annoyed.

    I am not a blogger who gets overly worked up about things in general, but I do think this is pretty darn outrageous. Internships are, in essence, meant to be there to encourage people, help them gain work experience, build confidence and skills. As an ex rec-con (don't hate me) I would have been (rightly) sacked for advertising a role where the application process was "send me a picture". So why on earth do they think this is OK? I don't care whether Justin is sorry or if they can't changes their T&C's. Shouldn't have been done in the first place.

    Have they not seen Devil Wears Prada? (!)

    It really doesn't matter if someone wears the right shoes. It matters that they're enthusiastic, creative with ideas, willing to learn and, lets face it, happy to slog away in an often heartbreaking industry with some extremely difficult characters and remain strong enough to produce excellent work.

    This infuriates me. And I'm very surprised at some of the people at ASOS who I know and respect for letting this even go ahead.

    Rant over. Sorry ;)

    ANGRY from Maida Vale xx

  41. I am getting YOUR face on a t-shirt. HERO.

    Totally with you on this one and amazing tongue in cheek fingers up to both ASOS and LOOK.

    Keep up the sterling work beaut

    L xx

  42. Kellie - here is the email I sent ASOS. Not quite as acerbic as your comments earlier, but wanted to vent my frustrations at them!! @beadyfish xx

    Dear ASOS

    I am extremely disappointed to see that the entry rules for your internship require the upload of a photograph. I would have expected a similar entry process, like the one in Red Magazine (for example) whereby entrants can be judged on their passion for the opportunity through a written application in addition to any photographs.
    To judge an applicant for a position with ANY company based purely on their looks, is these days frankly, irresponsible, especially given your target market/audience.

    I have been working as a Careers Adviser for 10 years, specialising in youth unemployment where I work with teenagers who face a daily battle of low self esteem and poor self image. You have single handedly belittled a wonderful opportunity and fanned the flames of the shallow, pathetic messages sent out by the media that you are only good enough if you are pretty/thin/have expensive clothes etc. Young people today are judged enough by employers and your internship, while I agree is a great opportunity, stinks of the old 'Wanted - Girl Friday' vacancies of the 1970/80's.

    Be ashamed, very ashamed.

    OR Change your entry rules - ask the entrants to write WHY they want the internship and why they'd be amazing at it. You'll find some real talent and insight into your applicants, and you may even choose the right candidate for the job!

  43. You have got my vote - that is an absolutely magnificent onesie!

    Agreed, it is a disgrace that an internship is being offered based on looks alone. It's just wrong!

  44. I love you and I'm voting for you.

    Fucking idiots.

  45. Totally agree. Meh.

    Love the onesie btw. Super on trend.

  46. Love love love this! Well done Kellie. Popping off to vote now too...

  47. Oh my goodness! I have voted for you and your scoring is doing really well! I bloody hope you win to show them the error of their ways!xx

  48. you're right it IS a beauty pageant and they will get the 'job' purely based on how they look in my opinion... you look immense by the way!

  49. Brilliant picture, and blogpost, just voted

  50. Actually, I have totally noticed that more often than not the prettiest beauty bloggers are sought out to work for brands. I know its beauty but it kind of throws the *real girl* thing that blogs are suppposed to represent on its head.

    1. It isn't even just about judging who is the prettiest.

      It's the judging in the first place.

    2. You are not the only one to notice this. I can see why they want to entertain the young, pretty bloggers as they will be the customers of the future but in fact alienating the very people who use their products currently. If certain bloggers weren't gifted certain brands...they wouldn't buy them - not on a University salary anyway.

      When I was that age - girls wouldn't buy Clarins, Chanel etc...they bought the cheap as chips crap from superdrug! Then when they were in their thirties with a stable income etc THEN they spend £30 on a lippie. What a load of nonesense that 18-24 year olds can afford NARS, Tom Ford and would even dream of shopping at Estee Lauder like my grandma does.

      In my browsings of the blogs, I haven't come across one "real" girl yet...they are all cut from the same cloth - slim, very pretty, long flowing hair and the prettiest girls get the best and generally most expensive brands.

      Funnily enough I find the fashion bloggers a little more "real" but I tend not to follow them as their style, is again 18-24 which does nothing for me and it's all "floaty crap" or weird sacky type outfits. I want figure hugging galaxy dresses and wiggle pencil skirts for girls wiv curves.

      Ultimately it's all free advertising! Brands send to pretty bloggers who are generally followed by other pretty bloggers. ASOS create a furore with this comp - more great advertising (there's no such thing as bad advertising)

      I want someone to intern for ASOS who knows about clothing women with boobs and hips. Please!

  51. You are so right the whole thing is just so WRONG. Also just wanted to I have just read a ton of your posts (stalker style) and I haven't laughed this hard in ages. You are brilliant.

  52. Can't quite believe this?!?! This is 2012 right? Don't apply for the job and don't buy from them.

  53. Hehe your pic is so funny. I don't think it is completely insane what they have done. I really don't think they would judge on the prettiest or skinniest looking back at past winners of outfit competitions.

    A picture speaks a thousand words and like it or not, working in a fashion magazine you have to have a grasp on trends and know what each season is about. They want to see how you would interpret a current trend and style a look together - call it a 'creative task'.

    I think if there was a written essay in the beginning then they would have had barely any entrants (people wont want their pleas for the job made public) and in reality this is a competition to get people to sign up to ASOS FF and promotion for Look (boy they got that alright ;)), they obviously wanted to make it simple to enter and similar to previous competitions.

    What I do feel is they should have added a second round where a shortlist would have a round of interviews or write an essay, in which Look could decide on a suitable winner.

    As for the prize, I have no idea if the Look and ASOS FF is paid or unpaid, I can't see anything about it in the Ts & Cs. I really don't understand why anyone would do an unpaid internship. I think I read somewhere that they are actually illegal and they should be in line with minimum wage. The only fact they go on is because the law is not enforced (at the moment). I also disagree because only people with money can do them! most people can't afford to work for nothing! Not only that I can't imagine they are any good for the economy, no wages, no taxes! I worked for a company that would forever get interns rather than pay for a Junior.

    Anyway that's my 2 cents :)

  54. I'd vote for you! only because I've looked and I don't see anybody that looks like Dannii Minogue. if there was, Then I'd vote for her!

    Sorry for not putting a comment with insight, but I just wanted to say something about Dannii Minogue, because I haven't seen her on Telly much recently.

  55. This if so f-ing funny I spat my gun powder tea all over my new asos shoes. Lol only joking but.

    This intern business is a joke. I think in the world of blogging your are one of the very few that have a very funny view of the world. Bring on more ranting blogs

  56. Ha ha! I think you look awesome! I'd hire you in an instant!

  57. Hi,

    You do realise that by linking to their website you have given them what they want? Improved PR and SEO value, helping them out in the long term and making them more money.

    Agree with your argument, but it's probably best you don't help their website out at the same time.



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