Friday, 16 November 2012

Nom or Vom, sort of.

This is a difficult post to write.

Friday is always a highlight of the week for me. When I first started Nom or Vom, it was a bit of fun and I always enjoy the *cough* detailed research *cough* that goes into it.

BUT, after all the drama of the week (Oh don't tell me you missed it) it made me sit and have a hard think about what Nom or Vom actually is about.

In case you are new to my blog, each week I pick a hot celebrity and we decide whether he is Nom (hot) or Vom (not).

Does doing this, while arguing against being judged on your looks make me a hypocrite?

In my opinion, NO.

Personally, I think there is a huge difference between choosing someone for a internship based just on a picture and saying whether you think someone is good looking or not.

But I would be a fool not to think that some people may think otherwise, and I am always interested in hearing what readers of my blog think.

I KNOW there is a difference, and will be continuing on with Nom or Vom next week.

But I would like to hear your opinions on the matter.

So let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Edited, for you wonderful lot.

Bring on the hot men

Happy Friday x x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I say carry on with Nom Or Vom. There's a big difference between whiling away a minute thinking about boffing someone famous and only employing people if they're aesthetically blessed. xx

  2. Yeah there's a total difference. The person in your Nom or Vom doesn't lose (or gain)anything based on the way they look and never know about it. The Look thing was denying people valuable opportunities which should have been about ability, not based on their looks.
    Glas Nom or Vom isn't going anywhere!

  3. The difference between the two is akin to the mahoosive gap called the Grand Canyon....carry on with Nom Or Vom please. The world needs it.

  4. Judging a PERSON based on their looks is wrong in every way. Judging a PICTURE of a person based on the way the person looks in that picture is goooooood. After all, they wouldn't have posed for it if they didn't exepct to be judged.

    And in any case, I like looking at pics of hunks with no thermals on.

  5. I am a "worthy" blogger, blogging about pregnancy, prematurity etc. If everyone blogged like me the world would be dull, depressing, and boring. To me "nom or vom" is girls around the coffee machine having a giggle. I don't always comment as sometimes I don't have an opinion (I have odd taste in men) but I look forward to Nom or Vom, its just a bit of harmless fun.

  6. We want nom and com, we want nom and com. It's a bit of fun saying, if you would or wouldn't. Everyone would do the same when they're out with the girls and spot a bloke at the other end of the pub, club, restaurant and people shouldn't read too much into it...

  7. Keep Nom or Vom! We're not judging their acting talent, just have a little lady perve at them. Look magazine however was judging talent by a photo....

  8. Please don't get rid of Nom or VOM. Yes it's wrong to judge people solely on their looks but as we'll never meet these guys there's very little else to go on!

    If Nom or Vom proves anything it's that us ladies all have very different opinions and that is OK. At least your blog is encouraging interactions and the sharing of everyone's opinions.

  9. I say they are completely different. Forming an opinion on whether you find some aesthetically pleasing or not, happens instantly in the brain anyway. It's a natural thing and nothing wrong with it.
    Judging people and choosing who gets opportunities over other people purely based on looks is a different matter.

  10. No, no - don't get rid. The way we objectify men is the same way they objectify us. The difference is - men don't give a toss...women on the other had feel pressurised to conform to the images of women in the media with unlimited time, money and a good gene pool. Men just laugh off the fact we think Brad Cooper is a muffin...yeah that's great and pat their beer belly.

    The problem is when this objectification is taken too far and into the workplace. Bar owners know men like "hot" women and will therefore only employ highly attractive women to entice paying customers to their bar. Generally the men are of shocking standard (in Edinburgh they are anyway) I've been turned away for barwork for not being attractive on several occasions.

    Again, selling cosmetics to other women is another one where only beautiful women are allowed. wonky nose? double chin? No you can't work for us. You have to be a walking advert for the product. Here, at least you can have a few pounds extra as it makes your skin nice and plump.

    and then there's the beauty bloggers. All young, pretty and don't really need never see an older woman with imperfections doing a FOTD or vlog? But their peers are the ones who need the help the most - to cover thread veins and deal with hooded eyes and thin lips. No woman over 35 gives a toss about some 18 year old giggling through a "make-up with me"

    The world is a pretty manky, dirty place sadly. People are always judged on their appearance based on the role they are to fulfill and how customer facing they are and what message that retailer wants to convey. Eg Tulisa isn't allowed to borrow certain brands of dresses that are sold in a certain "special" store as that store doesn't want Tulisa fans through the door!

    We expect if we shop in Harrods, Harvey Nics etc for the staff to be BETTER than those at LIDL or poundland. Why? We expect them to conform to the customers expectations...groomed, easy on the eye, great smile and helpful. How attractive someone looks is an extension on this - an ideal taken too far.

    Ps thanks for Brad - please source more "old skool" pics...Mccaughney, Bale, Clooney too.


  11. Agree with the general consensus so far... there is a huge difference. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this (just skimmed the other comments) but the setting of the judgement (of others looks) is (to me at least) important. A fashion industry internship vs a regular blog feature... hmm I know who offends me more, and it's not the one that doesn't take itself too seriously.

  12. I think you should keep Nom or Vom! You're right, there's a huge different between using someone's looks to determine whether they get a job or not and judging the looks of someone from a picture. The first one gets rid of anyone's chance at their dream job if they don't "look a certain way" but the second one is something that's done by everyone (like when you're watching a film/the tv/walking down the street), male and female, everyday. I think it's good to have a blog feature that's light hearted and fun, it gives people something to look forward to!

  13. It's about power balance and wether it is likely to harm or help them isn't it? An interviewer holds all the power, and dishing out jobs based on physical looks is an abuse of the imbalance because it could seriously damage someone's career without justification.

    Saying you think a celebrity is gorgeous is giving them power and status and if anything improves their career. I guess deciding they are not hot isn't great for them, but in the scheme of things it isn't likely to bring their career to a halt exactly is it?

  14. Do people really not see the difference? Just stating whether you think someone is hot or not, is not the same as affecting someones life (offering or denying them a job) based on their looks! Simple as that really!

  15. I think its a bit of fun and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.You will always get Voms and

  16. Totally different, the Look thing was basically interviewing potential employees based entirely on looks alone. This is just me having a bit of a perv for 5 minutes every Friday, I'm not looking to hire any of them.

  17. WORLD of difference between the two. Keep up the good work. And as noone has got in there yet can I bagsy Bradley Cooper please. Ta.

    1. Nope, I said it first :-) although I mayt concede for JBJovi

  18. hear, hear. still too much vom for me, but Bradley Cooper, i think i could be persuaded.
    i think it's time for a Weird Crush vom or nom.


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