Thursday, 8 November 2012

You know you're a blogger when...........

Now before you get your top knots in a tizz, be aware that I am taking the piss (slightly)

There are quite a lot of us around now, (bloggers are breeding like Nadya Suleman) and like a zebra has its stripes, bloggers have developed a uniform and style so that we can recognise each other in the wild (Top Shop, Oxford St)

So just for you guys, just in case you don't realise,

You know you're a blogger when,

You constantly have your iPhone out, ready to instagram the shit out of the weather.
(If I see one more picture of rain, I'm going to dig out an old picture of the summer and start messing with peoples heads)

You have ombre'd hair.
(Oh stop looking so shocked, you know it's true. If  you also wear it in a top knot, then you are a walking, talking cliche. Deal with it)

Every conversation you ever have, is possible blog fodder.
(You start talking to friends about names for penises and a little lightbulb goes off in your head.............. This might just be me, but I doubt it)

You talk about people you have never met before as if they are your BFFs
(You always use their blog names though, as you can't remember their real names)

You go nowhere without a camera
(Those OOTD pictures aren't going to take themselves you know)

You tweet and blog about things, before you have even told your family
(Guilty, so sue me)

You look down at your wrist and check the time on your Micheal Kors Rose Gold watch
(See disclaimer about taking the piss)

Your dinner goes cold because you have to find the right filter on instagram
(X-Pro II, you're welcome)

You carry a satchel.
(You have to have somewhere to carry that camera, iPhone and iPad don't you?)

Are there any that I have missed?

For example,

You know you are a beauty blogger when....

 you own more lipsticks than pairs of knickers.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. haha this is great. i feel like i need to ombre my hair to fit in now. and yes, my new camera is my new favourite fashion accessory.

  2. You can't use a product until it has been photographed from every angle possible, in and out of packaging. Not to mention the mandatory arm swatches!

    Anna x

  3. This is such bullshit

  4. Hahaha, this is hilarious! :) x

  5. Pahahahaha! Brilliant! Guilty on several counts here... Shame you seem to have touched a nerve with 'anon'!

  6. Love I'm not quite there, no gold watch or ombre'd hair or new BFF's ;) x

  7. Not forgetting the all important 'feet in various places' photo, a must!

  8. priceless. And not, as someone so eloquently pointed out (disclaimer: I do sarcasm) bullshit. I am guilty of at least three. Not a fashion blogger so the ombred topknot passed me by....

  9. "You look down at your wrist and check the time on your Micheal Kors Rose Gold watch
    (See disclaimer about taking the piss)"


  10. You know you're a beauty blogger when you can't use a skincare product without photographing it first.
    You also don't use products YOU LOVE twice because you constantly need something new to write about :-D x

  11. loooool I can't lie I do miss my satchel to carry iPhone, iPad and Camera around. It broke on a way to an event and I miss the convenience of one.

  12. hahahaha LOVE THIS... especially the more lipsticks than knickers (probably guilty) haha x x

  13. Should we add "You know you are a blogger when you are disappointed if your posts don't regularly receive an insightful, witty and erudite comment from Anon"?! Great post! xx

  14. LOL...I think I should print this out and frame it!

  15. Ooh I laughed all the way through this, whilst flicking my ombre hair.
    I don't have the watch but I'm pretty sure I do/have most of the other things.

  16. Hilarious!
    "you know your a blogger when your network text you monthly warning your going to exceed your data allowance through excessive use of twitter, instagram and facebook"


  17. You know you're a beauty blogger when you can't leave a make up counter without swatches up past your wrist.. Tis like a #bblogger tattoo, easily spotted in the wild (of Debenhams)...

  18. hehe. guilty on most counts. No ombre for me, I think it's a hideous look *gets unfollowed by fellow fashion bloggers*

  19. I think my hair is vaguely ombre'd at the mo, but it was an ACCIDENT! That reminds me, need to go satchel shopping

  20. I have a new one: You know you've MADE it as a blogger when some Anonymous Dipshit leave comments like this "This is such bullshit" on your blog.

    Kel, You Rock!

  21. .... when you own a pair of disco pants

  22. . . . when you take random days off actual work to attend events and then cry at the end of the year wondering why you only had one full week off on holiday.


  23. so true. all so true.
    ...when your choice of new phone is based on how easy it is to blog from.

  24. ombre hair is SO last week don't ya it is ALL about the dip dye......

  25. this is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaaa!!!!!!!!
    I think this should be one: you know you're a beauty blogger when you're standing in superdurg/boots looking for a present for someone and find yourself saying: which products have been hyped up by my fellow bbloggers?!?!? ahahahahaa!!!!!
    My next phone will have to be instagram enabled that's for sure! :D
    I'm always thinking 'I could blog about this' and you stockpile batteries so your camera never dies!?!?!? Have a mini heart attack when the empty battery sign comes up on your phone! :P
    I do not have ombre'd hair nor do i own a satchel but i am always thinking of buying something so i can blog about it! haha!! :D
    This should become a tag-each bblogger adding their own to it! xoxo

  26. lol this is so funny guess i mite turn into a stereotype "blogger" :) looking forward to it! - Newbie

  27. You know you are a beauty blogger when your nail varnish collection takes over your living room and you have to do a spreadsheet as you keep buying duplicates!

  28. You know when you are a blogger when you read this and start nodding as you recognize yourself *hangs head in shame*

    PS: When you instagram pics of EVERYTHING from your breakfast (only the nice ones, NEVER cold pizza) and overpriced cupcakes that taste the same as regular buns!

  29. I normally don't "lol" but I think this merits it. LOL, I see so manyombres out there. Michael kors


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