Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Horsing around

If ever there was a good reason to put down the burgers in January, this would be it.

Horse DNA? In burgers?

What scares me most is that they aren't saying horsemeat, it's just the DNA!! (I'm slightly concerned now that they have disgruntled horses working in the burger factory who are masturbating over the burgers for shit and giggles)

We've heard all the jokes now, about the burgers giving you the trots, someone got ill, but now they are stable and it is a pun lovers dream, if not a burger lovers like myself.

But did ANYONE out there, honestly know what was in their burger in the first place?

I'm going to stand up now and say, it doesn't bother me if my burger is partly minced up Shergar. It tastes good. For some people it just means they can't feel superior to the French anymore for not eating horsemeat. Never mind.

We eat cows, pigs, rabbits, squirrel and all sorts anyway. So why is everyone so upset?

Will YOU carry on eating burgers, now you know there is a chance it contains parts of the loser at the 3.20 at Kempton?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista xxx



  1. mmmmmmmm horse steaks, love 'em!
    tbh I don't eat burgers unless I make them myself. purely cos I'm a fussy bitch when it comes to my meat :D Saying that horse meat does taste nice so no, it wouldn't bother me to eat a bit of Shergar :)

  2. Sure as a meat eater, meat is meat. I don't get why people are so worked up. Maybe they should have just changed the packaging to 'meat burger' instead of beef burger.
    I try to avoid burgers in general anyway. Not out of fear of what could be in them, as I already know they're full of shit! But rather trying to eat a healthier diet, which included WHOLE lean meats. That said if I want a burger, I'll quite happily go to McDonalds and get one. Am I worried if there is beef, sheep, horse, rhino in there. No not really. If you don't like it, then don't eat processed meat!

  3. Got to be honest, I'll eat a burger as long as I don't know for sure that it's got a horsey in it... ignorance is bliss!

  4. Well I just went to check my Tesco burgers in the fridge ....and they're off! ;)

    Sorry, my jokes are rubbish. I should stop foaling around!

    Jen xx

  5. Arse holes and eyelashes!! But boy they taste fine!!!

  6. love Jen's joke!!

    does not bother me one bit!

  7. I was going to get caught up in the hysteria but shrugged my shoulders and kept eating my sausage and mash. Just imagine what could be in sausages?!?


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