Monday, 28 January 2013

Judge on what we say.

I've been sitting on the tube all morning, watching people getting more and more irate on Twitter about a radio discussion where the words "rape and "skirt length" were mentioned in the same sentence.

Now, I could get angry and shouty, (it has been known) instead I thought I would just write this down. (It's my blog, I can do that)

Don't look at what I'm wearing,
Don't see make up on my face.
Don't judge me on my skirt length,
Or the time and the place.

Listen to my voice,
Hear me tell you go.
Understand, we ask of you,
No, means no.

Big Fashionista. xxx



  1. Summed up so perfectly.

    I think one of the major labels should take this up and put it to music. You know, so the kids know this from a very young age?

    I've posted this on my facebook just as a helpful reminder


  2. It really is as simple as that xx

  3. Here Here!!

  4. I wish it didn't need saying, but it does!


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