Monday, 14 January 2013

Positive Mental Attitude

We all have bad days, and god knows I've had my share lately.

But you know what?

There has to come a time in our lives when we drink down a big, tall, glass of positivity and think, this WILL get better, I BELIEVE things will go my way,

I may not be gulping from that glass just yet, but I am taking a sip, and THAT, my friends, is positivity at its finest.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Keep sipping ;) and congrats on your 1000(+7) ->
    Glad to see you back xx

  2. I agree lovely :) I like to blog about being positive and related stuff for instance


    if you would like to read I would be thankful :) Ixxx

  3. Knowing where you are, and how ready you feel to take that next step is massive. And a positive way forward.
    Times will get hard, there will be situations you'll want to kick in the face but you have to believe it will get better.

  4. Its incredibly hard to do - the dark cloud can easily obscure the bright sun - but I like to think that the sun will always be there and the cloud will blow over for a while at some point.

    Feel for you - Have been there to a small degree and not a nice place to hang around !!


  5. I hope you feel better soon and come through smiling x

  6. Lover I had this convo with my girls this weekend and wanted to share two bits of PMA that have kept me a float on my darkest of days.

    Temporary - I always say to myself that this feeling is temporary and I will feel differently in a day, hour, minute!!!!! It's helped.

    Thoughts Become Things - and it is so true. Believing you can do something means you WILL do it. You are the only person who stands in your way. Negativity breeds negativity so don't give birth to it in the first place.

    Keep going beaut xxx

  7. Totally agree! All about positivity x

  8. today is my bad day, I am "just flat"
    and my bloody glitter nail polish from the weekend will not beepin come off

  9. Sip away, at some stage you'll realise just how much you've sipped and the hurdles won't seem as big. We're all here, look after yourself xxx

  10. Thinking if you always my lovely xx

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