Thursday, 17 January 2013

Summer fashion? Get stuffed.

Take a quick look out of the window. Go on. (I'm not standing out there, I promise.)

Done it? Looks chilly doesn't it? (I deleted my first observation that it was fucking freezing, I must admit)

I think we will all agree it is cold at least.

So why the HELL are all the stores now bringing out their Spring/Summer ranges NOW?

Yesterday, I went to a shopping centre, (Doing a passable impression of a Yeti may I add) and my eyes were assaulted with neon colours, short sleeves and impossibly short skirts. (Not even in August, New Look, not even in August)

It is January!!!!!!!

Give me over-sized jumpers, thermal knickers and a coat that could double as a duvet. We don't need wispy fabrics and sheer tights yet, (I don't shave my legs until May) we want warmth and comfort.

It always makes me wonder whether this sales tactic is part of the reason why some companies struggle. It is the equivalent of trying to sell ice to an eskimo. (I feel like a bloody eskimo at the moment)

Clothing companies, there is enough time in the year for me to worry about fitting into my summer gear, indulge me a bit. Why not let me buy jumpers in January and sell me bikinis in July (ha ha ha ha Bikini? Joker)

Instead of the other way around as you are doing at the moment.

What do you think? Are clothing companies missing out on our money by not selling us clothing we actually want? or am I just being over-sensitive about the fact I'm never going to fit in a bikini?

Let me know (Break it to me gently)

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Agree wholeheartedly.

    But mostly just laughing at "I don't shave my legs until May"

  2. Hahah! Hell yes you're so right! There is no way I want to be thinking about summer clothes in this freezing weather and with my Christmas pudding style belly!

  3. This has been a gripe of mine for a long time! Who buys S/S clothes this time of year?!?!
    I get that the fashion houses are planning seasons ahead but it doesn't mean it should filter down to the shops just as quick.
    When I buy clothes I want to wear them straight away. Not put them up for 6 months time, by which time I've probably changed my mind about liking it!

  4. Is it not to get us excited that "Holidays are coming" - and that we can start shopping for them now?!

    I agree, in store is a little daft, but previews and a few items aren't too bad... are they?



  5. Totally agree with you, you go in wanting to buy a jumper and all there are is whispy little tops, that is why we have to layer becuse our wardrobes are full of clothes that need to be worn together to keep us from dying of frostbite

  6. Layering - fashions answer to keeping warm and emptying your wallet faster! I agree it's bloody daft unless, maybe, blue is the in colour for lips this season

  7. Completely agree! And then in July you can get a swimsuit to save your life they've got FW in! They do it to keep up with press samples but really customers should be their first priority. x

  8. your so right and why the retailers do this is beyond me - why not do a spring range which is warmers as in 3/4 length coats etc or bright coloured but warmer - and they have no excuse as they are all geared to doing fast manufacturing - sometimes common sense should be classed as a super power

  9. I know right, they should really keep up with the seasons!!



  10. This gets my goat every year! I don't know what goes through their heads

  11. They're dafter than we realise. They still have the jumpers, and the warm stuff, and they've reduced it all. I picked up a jumper, jumperdress & a couple of pairs of thick leggings for less than £30 the other day, 1/3 of the original price.

  12. I tried to buy a wooly hat the other day after the dog chewed mine to bits and only H&M had a couple left. You'd think with the snow falling shops would roll out the thick coats from their store rooms; it isn't like people are that bothered about the fashion season when they want to stay warm.

  13. I know. It's always bugged me that they stop selling winter clothes the minute the winter sales are over. My slippers are falling apart but I'm a bit worried I'm not going to find any to replace them now! My daughter also needs some long sleeved t-shirts and I'm not sure how many of them are going to be around either.

  14. Kellie, you have an award, because you are awesome.

  15. Haha I quite like that they have the summer stuff.. as the winter stuff is now in the Sale! BONUS.

    I really want to be able to wear little dresses again.
    The whole shaving my legs part isn't going to happen though! xxx


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