Saturday, 23 February 2013

Build-A-Bear review

Now I am usually not one for reviews but when I was offered the chance to go to Build-a-bear I jumped at the chance. (I was slightly disappointed I had to take a child but hey, it gave me a chance to keep a six year on her best behaviour for a week, so everyone is a winner)

If you have children then you may well be acquainted with the phenomenon that is Build-a-bear but if you haven't, then I suggest you start taking notice as they make an excellent present. (And not just for kids either)

For the review, I took not only the 6 yr old but my two elder children as well, not thinking that an 11yr old and 12 yr old would be interested in bears.

How wrong was I? I went in for one bear, I came out with a menagerie of animals.

The Build-a-Bear concept is simple, you don't just pick a bear off a shelf and pay for it, you CREATE it, from the choosing of the bear to the stuffing and even giving it a heart, (which needs a kiss before it goes in, obviously) You have the option of dressing your bear as well and if you have the inclination and the funds you can make your bear into the best-dressed bear in the kingdom.

The bear building is split into stages and my children were entranced at every stage, first they chose their bear and then went to the stuffing section, each team-member who works at Build-a-bear is extremely enthusiastic and really gives each child their attention, my daughter who chose a dog had to prove that she would have the energy to look after her new friend by running the length of the shop as well as doing star jumps and even press ups. (She certainly went to bed happier, if a little more tired than usual) after the stuffing, where you even get to choose how stuffed you want your new friend, we moved onto the grooming station where you can spend time brushing and air drying your bear to make sure it starts its new life with you in perfec condition. After grooming we moved onto the clothes, (did you know dogs could wear roller-skates? Or hot dog costumes? Me either)

The next step after the stuffing, beautifying and dressing up is the birth certificate, this gives the child a chance to name it's new friend and makes a great keepsake and a way never to forget its birthday. The certificate is printed off at the till and is wrapped in a little bow and tucked in the box that the bear comes in to make the ceremony complete. Of course no building of a bear would be complete without reciting the Bear Promise which my daughter did solemnly with a little help from the rest of the shop.

Of course you can buy bears from anywhere, and yes, some are cheaper but I have come to the conclusion that with Build-a-bear you aren't just paying for a toy, you are building a friend. The whole trip is an experience and a lot of fun. As I mentioned before, I went in to review the store and get one bear but I ended up walking out paying for another two bears and I did so gladly as my children had so much fun in the store.

I definitely recommend trying out Build-a-bear if you haven't done so before, my children have not let their bears out of their sight since purchasing them as well, putting a little more effort into the making of them means that they also put more effort into loving them.

Build-a-bear is definitely a fun way to spend some time with your child and walk away with not just a bear but a new friend for your child.

Now who wants to take me to build a bear? Because I have my eye on a teddy and I've even picked out a name.

Have you been to Build-A-Bear?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista. xxx

(Disclaimer; This bear was provided for review purposes but all words are my own and if the fact that I then went on to buy two more bears doesn't convince you we had a great time, nothing will)



  1. I'll take you! As long as we take no children with us :D

    I have never been :( I want to go and build a bear. Instead I shall stuff a Muticorn that I just finished. Just isn't the same really....

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  3. I remember going to one of these shops ages ago and my Mam wouldn't let me get one, the tragedy!!! Had forgotten all about the place, looks like a lot of fun, great idea for a place to bring them to use up Birthday money on something that will last forever too.

  4. I remember my Mum and Auntie taking me to build a bear with my sisters and cousins years ago to buy our Christmas presents the one year and we literally spent HOURS in there.

    I chose a a black and white cat which I dressed up as a wizard and called Hermione (standard for a Harry Potter obsessed 10 year old) and I loved her for ages. Do they still do the thing where you can customize them so you press their paw or something and they say something in your voice? Mine you squeezed her paw and she said "Allohamora" (because I was such a creative child...)

  5. My daughter got her first one from my husband when he went to New York. Imagine that... a grown man, on his own, in the Build-a-bear workshop in New York.

    But I am taking both of mine at the end of March, they don't know it yet (if they did I wouldn't be left alone) and I am super excited for them!!!

  6. We went for the first time yesterday strangely enough!
    I have browsed in there but my 6 year old was invited to a party we went to yesterday, she now wants her party in September to be there!

  7. I have heard of this and it's really coll

  8. Just came across this review and it made me so happy! I work at Build-A-Bear and it makes me smile knowing that people have such a good experience whilst visiting :) xxx


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