Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Celeb Rant-Kim Kardashian

Saying that Kim Kardashian is my least favourite Kardashian is a bit like saying Chlamydia is my least favourite STD.

I literally cannot stand the woman, and reading today that Kim Kardashian was the most searched person on Yahoo & Bing in 2012 just makes me want to pull the plug on the internet altogether. (although I have had fun wondering what other words were used with her name, let me know what you come up with)

Recently Kim was heard to voice concerns about how big her arse will get during pregnancy!!!

Now for someone who saw her career skyrocket after a sex tape, (and knowing how big-headed Kanye West is) if you ask me, her worry should be exactly how big her vagina is going to get!

Sweetheart, I don't feel that you are prioritising correctly here.

Think of your *cough* "career" *cough*

What the hell is she going to say to her child in the future when her child asks her why she is famous anyway?

She is basically a reality tv star, she may dress it up as that she is now a fashion designer, and whatever the hell else it is that she does, but when it comes down to it, she is an American Amy Childs who made a porn tape.

and for that alone, she will forever and a day be to me, Chlamydia in a fancy frock.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian? Is she a shrewd business woman or are you bored with the whole Kardashian thing now?

And is anyone else just waiting for the baby clothing line to come out? Because all that babies need to look good is peplum, don't you think?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I've never watched the Kar-Krash-ians and if I did I sincerely hope someone would punch me in the face. Hard. This is why young women grow up aspiring to be ho-bags. And what's this shit about letting Kanye dress her? Is she 5 years old? Wear what you want to wear woman! Grrrrrr. xx

  2. My 3rd year uni house mates used to watch the show, so I know far more than I would ever have wanted to about their family. Basically: THEY'RE ALL RIDICULOUS. None of them have ever contributed anything to the world that deserves them their level of fame and fortune. As far as I'm concerned they can all fuck off.

  3. I am so uninterested in her that I haven't even watched her sex tape. I do feel very alone when others go on about her...I am going on holiday in the summer to escape the baby fuelled media about her baby and that of will and Kate.

  4. In the words on one Reality TV star: "Who IS she?!"

  5. You are, without doubt, by far, my favourite, most wonderful bitch there is! Couldn't have described her better myself ;-)

  6. Not too long ago I had to Google her to find out who she was. Famous for doing fuck all really was pretty much the answer Google came back with!

    I wouldn't call her Chlamydia, she's more like thrush because she's an irritating ahem insert the c word!

  7. Massive LOL at "Chlamydia in a fancy frock."

    You rock my socks off. Hahahahaha. xx

  8. word for it!

    1. Let's face it, we'd all love her money. But acting like a talentless, no good for the world slag to get it? No thanks. Now fuck off

  9. As ever bang on the money darling.
    The whole KK and the family etc just come across as money grubbing whores but in all seriousness what shocked us was the fan frenzy when they launched their cheap line of animal print clothing at Westfield and hysteria from thousands of fans - what kind of role model is she - no wonder we have a problem with "sexting" and young girls doing porn video's

  10. Her sex video is the dullest one of the most boring things I have ever watched.
    I recently read online that in one of the latest episodes of their shows Kim said that she would hate it if she got pregnant anytime soon...and now she is. Absolute moron.
    Actually feel bad for the only "decent" sister, Khloe, who has been trying for a baby for years but can't get pregnant.
    Wouldn't surprise me if Kim and Kanye show off their bambino like an accessory.

  11. She doesn't bother me. It's that po-faced WAGON of a mother I can't tolerate. Even when she was having her spawn, she was creating a brand, giving them all "K" names. I hate the woman. HATE HER. Plus, I bet her name's not even Kris. I bet it's.... Patricia.

  12. Love them, love them, love laughing at them!Makes me feel so normal!

  13. Well said, apparently Kim can't get her divorce through quick enough so when she has her 'K' baby (what's the betting on the baby being named something beginning with K) that she will still be married to Kris 'married for 90 days' Humphries - that's the way to stay classy Kim! PS I think her mum is a vile-attention seeking, money grabbing old hag!

    1. That's the best part- she keeps whining because she'll still be married and having another mans baby! Priceless!!!

  14. Not a fan. Her arse is big and she let an ex take dodgy film of her? I have a big arse and a few dodgy pics floating round the net from an ex too, where's my fucking pay day?

    Fecking great post sweetie x

  15. There is a radio station here LA that refers to her as, Porn Star Kim kardashian- every time! It's hilarious!!!


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