Monday, 4 February 2013

Does Harry have Style(s)

Now it has been a while since I got a bit "ranty" (Checks watch, I'm talking hours here, not minutes.)

So I thought that I would dedicate the week ahead to telling a couple of celebrities out there what I really think of them, and because it has been a while since I have received death threats, (checks watch again) why not start with a pop star out there that really does need a good talking to.

Master Harry Styles.

Now I remember watching X Factor when One Direction were on my telly box every week thinking, "Ahhhhhhh, look at those sweet little boys, they will go far. (or was it, I wish they would go far away, I can't quite remember)

Then that very naughty boy Harry was caught on camera telling Matt Cardle how much pussy he was going to get, (Matt Cardle always looked like more of a dog person to me, I must admit) and I knew then that it was all going to go downhill from there.

So I think that Mr Styles needs a bit of advice from an older woman, (And I don't mean in a Caroline Flack sort of way either) and my first piece of advice to Harry Styles would be this.

STOP DRAWING ON YOURSELF WITH CRAYONS, because I'm sorry but that is what it looks like. Tatts? Yep, go for it. Writing what looks like shopping lists and inspirational sayings, stolen from tweets from The Notebook just looks naff. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY.

My second piece of advice would have to be, Taylor Swift. Just don't do it mate, that bird is like a Venus flytrap. You know when you were shagging her and she was humming? She was working out the songs for her next album even then, RUN AWAY, and never look back.

I would like my third piece of advice to Harry to be about singing some good tunes for once, but I think if I have got this far without being murdered by One Direction fans then this bit of advice would probably tip them over the edge.

So Harry Styles, fix up a bit. There's a good boy. Take a long sip from a glass of calm the fuck down and just enjoy your youth and fame while it lasts.

Because otherwise in 20 years time you are going to look REALLY crap on ITV2's The Big Reunion.

What do you think about Harry Styles?

Just a young lad who is making the most of his 15 minutes?

Should someone take his felt tips away from him?

Or is he just soooooooooooo dreamy?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista xxx

PS, all anon hate comments will be posted but make sure you have a dictionary with you or otherwise I will laugh at your bad spelling, and Harry will never love you.




  1. I effing hate the little shit.

  2. I personally don't see what young girls see in him!! He's such an arrogant little shit who is yes making the most of his 15 mins of fame but also making a complete fool out of his little self!

  3. He is exceptionally dull. Especially when you have to share a house with a 16 year old 'directioner' Bring back Duran Duran. Ha!

  4. He is my 6 year old boys idol... I've just had his long, curly, floppy hair cut as was the same as HS's but now his football mates are calling him "Joey Essex" I don't know which is worse!

    However, that said, I'd rather they were listening to 1d (ha! check me) than grinding american shite.......did you not see my post where I wrote a letter to Olly Murs ;-)

  5. I just don't see his appeal really. I don't get why millions of girls & the media have gone crazy over him. Zayn is much more my cup of tea but even he's been a bit of a prick in the media lately. I only really like one of their songs too "little things" which is lovely. They are still very young though so maybe he'll mature a bit?

  6. Having heard some of the rumours about him ( I actually feel a little bit sorry for him. That said, I don't get the fuss about them - and it's kinda worrying how batsh*t crazy their fans are. Seriously, do you follow @Harrymycatdied? Totally mental.

  7. I think, sadly, too much too young! I just hope he has a very big glass of your calm the fuck down! I don't see the appeal, but think he will probably end up going the way of so many famous youngsters if he carries on believing his own hype! And love him or hate him, that would be sad!

  8. I am REALLY disappoint at the lack of anons so far.

  9. Well he does like cat's apparently so he can't be all bad!

  10. he is a sleazy boggin wee #*#* lol great post xx


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