Monday, 25 February 2013

In defence of Katie Price

Right, now this is something a little different from me. I am actually coming out in defence of a zeleb (Yep, I spelt that correctly) who I really don't have a lot of time for.

Miss Katie Price/Andre/Reid/haven't got a clue and can't be arsed to Google.

Now in my opinion this woman has done more to damage the sanctity of marriage than any gay couple could ever do, if I was gay and in a loving relationship I have to admit that I would be more than slightly pissed off that she can get married so easily and yet I couldn't.

(Erm, ok, so my "defence" needs some work)

BUT, I've seen a lot of people absolutely disgusted that she is pregnant and I for the life of me cannot work out why?

Surely it is up to her if she gets with sprog?

Or am I wrong? I think I missed the memo which says any womans womb becomes public property when they become famous? Yes I admit, I will probably sneer at the name she decides to call it on twitter, but that's me, I'm a bitch.

But people tweeting that a married woman is a disgrace for getting up the duff is probably pushing it just slightly too far for my taste.

I know that I wouldn't like it if my choices were questioned every time I dared to breathe. (In, not out, obviously)

Let the woman be for Gods sake, it's her life, she isn't instagramming her minge left right and centre or tweeting about drugs, she might not be to everyone's taste (including mine) but surely it is her life?

If she wants to fall pregnant, that's up to her.

But if she DOES Instagram or Vine the birth, me and her are going to have a falling out.

What do you think? Is she "a disgrace" or do you think she is entitled to shoot kids out of her vagina whenever she damn well chooses?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista xxx



  1. Yep totally agree it's up to her, if people don't want to see her anyway do like me. Don't buy any magazine with her face on, and avoid all internet coverage of her. She's easy to avoid (yes I know unthinkable), the only time I see her is when I'm in the charity shop and see a stack of her books :)

  2. She can afford them, so she may as well have them. I would just be a little more selective over who I gave a lifetime claim over my life and fortune if I was her, but I'm not so live and let live I guess. My bff just married the father of her 5th child so you never know

  3. P.S she is a disgrace the way she does use ANY ting including her kids, for coverage. But there are people having kids who starve and abuse them, so compared to them she's a good mum. She's just a fame whore, but I'm sure she does love her kids. It's sad because way back when she was more relaxed and she and Pete, were always with the kids and seemed so happy. Oh well who cares she can give birth to a small country of kids for all I care, as long as she treats them well. Great post as always Kel xx

  4. It's just class snobbery - if Kate Middleton was firing out sproglet number four the entire nation would have a collective orgasm.

    Admittedly she could do with some help on the 'acceptable names for a child' front but those kids are going to grow up wealthy and well-supported, and she doesn't strike me as an uncaring monster. I'm sure she, like all women, loves her kids. So fair play to her. Churn out as many as you want, Katie!

    Is it sad that I STILL wish she'd get back together with Pete?

  5. You are right - it is a few steps away from selective breeding. It's almost as bad as people telling others to have children. why is everyone obsessed with other people's punanees?

    But it scares a lot of people that she is so strong - people take the mick out of her but she still has fun - that is kinda scary for a lot of people. People normally whither and disappear - in that sense - respect.

    she is whether we like it or not - the donald trump for a certain demographic - she shows that an uneducated woman can make money. I am not going to belittle those who extract hope out of her.

  6. This is hard for me to comment and remain unbiased because I despise this creature with every fibre of my being (I know, so terribly unhealthy) but I think she is a vile, disgusting example of a woman.

    My opinion is that her choices are scrutinised and questioned because she chooses to put it out there in the public domain in such a fame-grabbing, distasteful way.
    If she didn't sell the sordid details of every marriage/ovulation/conception/birth to the tabloids - people probably wouldn't really care.

    You are right that what she does is very much up to her - but it's the fact she makes it all so public that I find offensive.

  7. I have to disagree.
    We watch women on Jeremy Kyle with less kids to less fathers and sneer at them. Just because Katie Price has money and some bling, doesn't exempt her from judgement. I think Katie has a lot of imprssionable young women looking up to her (lord knows why) who will see what she is doing as the norm.

    I was brought up in a house with parents who have been married 30 years and have 2 kids together, so maybe I just have high standards. But I think anyone who publically acknowledges they have 4 kids by 3 different dads, one of the dads she has only known 3 months... just portrays the wrong message to young girls.

    That mesage being... get your baps out, open your legs to anyone and you will be famous!

    I think celebrities do get it hard sometimes, but there are plenty of celebrities who manage to keep their private lives pretty private. She is not one of them. She is more than happy to have it plastered aross papers or featured in reality tv shows, so I have no sympathy for any of the hate or judgement.

  8. Her womb is her own, to do as she pleases with of course. It doesn't make her attitude and lifestyle any the less disgusting. I wouldn't remove hers or anyone's freedom of choice, but I am still entitled to sneer at her choices, because I'm a bitch too ;)

  9. I found the sheer woman-hating misogyny on Twitter about this made me stop following a few people.

    Yes, Katie Price is a woman I'd happily dodge traffic blindfolded to avoid, but the slut-shaming on this matter is appalling, and I'd like it to stop.

    Disclosure: my two sisters and I all have different fathers - it doesn't make us any less of a family, and my mother is not a slut, either.

  10. I agree but you didn't say the word minge nearly enough!

  11. Couldn't give a shite how many times she gets pregnant - she only has 3 kids, it's not like it's her 45th by her 17th husband or anything. Could not give a shiny fuck. Breed away, KP.

  12. I don't really like the all, but I couldn't care less wether she was pregnant or not, that's her business.
    To be fair, how hot her new hubby is I don't blame her, I'd want his babies too if I could LOL

    1. I guess I'd have a lot of fun trying though ;)

  13. I think Katy is similar to Angelina Jolie when it comes to children. She probably gets more love, insight, and joy from them rather than dealing with adults in the real world.

    As much as I wouldn't emulate her lifestyle or choices I will always like to think she does the best she can for her children. I think men will always come and go in her life but her children will always be her priority.

  14. Can't stand the woman but it's her choice how many children she chooses to bring into this world.

  15. I personally couldn't care less about her.
    I just personally wouldn't marry and then have kids with someone I've known 5 seconds.
    Then again I'm not an attention seeking z lister that will sell details on her daily bodily functions to the highest bidder either

  16. It's her choice and she has great love for Harvey

  17. I think an interesting way of looking at this would be to see if it was the same of she was a man. A wealthy guy with 4 different kids to tree different women. Not an eyelid would be batted. Rod Stewart, mick jagger etc, but because she's a woman she's held to a different moral standpoint. I say let her tear away, she supports her kids, provides for them and is married to their fathers when she has them. It isn't for anyone to judge what she does.

  18. I totally agree, it is her choice and hers alone! It seems that people really have time on their hands these days to butttt innn with every single thing that is none of their business!!

  19. I agree but I definitely don't think it'll last and that's the real shame. She's been hopping from man to man in recent years and bringing a child should be into a stable home.

    I also don't agree with the fact she announced it at a little over a month is right but that's up to her. I just hope for her sake nothing goes wrong.

    I think it's really despicable of people to say people like her/Kim K etc shouldn't be allowed children. It's going to be bought up and have everything it needs, at the end of the day as long as it's loved I do't see the problem.


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