Thursday, 14 February 2013

Massacre of Valentines Day

While everyone else is celebrating Valentines Day, I have decided to be the Valentine Grinch and ask you,

What was your WORST Valentines Day experience EVER?

It could be anything from getting a giftwrapped Hoover for Valentines Day to being dumped on the most romantic day of the year.

I promise not to laugh. (I'm too busy sobbing my way through the day anyway)

If it helps, This year I have a school assembly with one child today and then Parents Evening for another one.

Fun huh?

So let me know your worst Valentines Day ever.

and let us all have a group hug x x x

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Boyfriend came round for the evening with a rubbish/comedy(!) Valentine's card. Then told me he was going to get back together with his ex girlfriend!
    While I was taking it all in, my best friend 'phoned to ask if she could come round as she'd just found out her father had suddenly died while away on business.
    So I told the useless bloke to get lost, and my friend came round and we spent the evening drinking a lot of wine and crying......

    1. That's pretty good in the bad stakes. I shat myself the night before my ex husband was leaving for Bosnia on Valentines Day in 1996. He'd cooked a massive rich meal and we were fairly drunk, and I thought I'd do a cheeky trump. Which turned out to be a very bad idea, and had to send him out of the room while I ran to the bathroom holding the sofa cushion on my bottom. So romantic, non?

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  3. Because i've always been so anti-valentines i've managed to escape any valentines's day horrors as i've just always refused to do anything to celebrate it. If your expectations are in the mud everything is a pleasant surprise!

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  5. My worst Valentine's related experience was when I discovered (as an adult) that my Mum and Auntie had sent me the only 2 annoymous Valentine's cards I ever received. They'd sent them to me when I was a teenager as I'd been complaining that no one ever sent me a card and I took them into school and my friends and I spent the next few weeks trying to figure out who'd sent them. It was literally years later than she confessed and I felt like such a twit!!!!!!!!!!! Still not over it and I'm in my mid 40s!!!

    This year's not the best either as my hubby is away all week on business - but then we've been married 19 years now so I guess I don't need a card and flowers to tell me he loves me? Not saying it wouldn't be nice.................... but then again I did tell him not to waste his money on getting me anything when I waved him off on Monday.

  6. When I was a painfully shy 17 year old, the boy I liked asked me out on valentines day. I had never had a boyfriend, or even kissed a boy, so all my dreams had come true when he asked me out. Being kids, he took me to his parents beach hut and we ate a picnic on the floor. It was quite sweet. Things were going well & we decided to stroll along the beach. That was when I realised that I should have mentioned my food allergies before eating his picnic food. Being too embarrassed to explain my food allergies to this boy, you can imagine how horrible it was having to try and convince him that I was ok to walk home alone after being sick in front of him. I did not want him to walk with me because I had lost the ability to stop myself from passing wind, and was quite concerned how this situation may progress. So yes, I ran away from him with sick in my hair, smelling like a rotting skunk.

    When I finally got home, sobbing, I went straight to the bathroom. Where I walked in on my mum and dad having sex.

    Every valentines since has been an improvement on that one.

    1. I just nearly died laughing. I read this to my husband and when I got to the end, he said he hadn't understood a word because I was laughing so much.

  7. Today I had to go to my Dr and found out I have to have my cervix frozen, which subsequently means no sex for me for a month. When my partner returns from his week away with the Army, he's going to be a bit disappointed I feel... I have decided to call this the Celibate Spring...

  8. About 6 years ago I spent Valentines in the bank with my twatbag of an ex, trying to close down our joint account.
    He spent most of the time smarming over me, trying to get me to give him ANOTHER chance. Was not a pleasant day!

  9. I think mine would be walking into the student union bar to see my on/off (but at that time I thought "on") drinking a pint of genies clearly on a date with someone else. He ended up wearing the pint and I got barred, but it was worth it ;-)

  10. Oh god, stupid autocorrect. That was meant to be a pint of ginuess and and on / off boyfriend....

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  12. I haven't got a worst valentine day and I think its a crap day and always thought this :)


  13. Like Sue, a few comments before me. I only found out years after that my Mum had sent me a card every year through my teens!Duh. But it did my confidence good at the time. I absolutely detest Valentines now as an adult, I'm not anti-romance, far from it, I just hate the contrived aspect of it all. Thankfully my husband knows me well enough to realise I need the spoiling all year round


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