Friday, 8 February 2013

Nom or Vom

And here we are, it's Friday once more and that can only mean.........

Nom or Vom.

This weeks Nom or Vom is, I assume going to split you down the middle, (in a non-sexual way of course. God, that sounded awful didn't it?)

So without further ado,

Ladies and Gents, this weeks Nom or Vom is..............

Paddy McGuinness

What do YOU think of Paddy?

Let the Nom, see the Vom.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista xx



  1. A rare Vom from me I'm afraid...

  2. Neither really - he's not nom or vom, just an average looking guy.

  3. Vom. I don't get his appeal at all. I don't find him attractive OR funny. If he came down the TMO shoot, I'd switch my light off! No likey!!

  4. Not a fan. It's a good picture though. I'm sure if he chatted me up in a pub I wouldn't run screaming, he just seems a bit one dimensional. But I imagine he has a good deal going with Greggs so it might be worth a shot.
    Mmm sausage rolls.

  5. I have no shame. I totally would. In fact, we both used to live in Bolton in the early 90's. There's faint chance I already have. I was drunk. To be fair, I was drunk for most of the 90's. It was ACE.

  6. Grim no way! He is the Vominator!

  7. I wouldn't say no, I think he's a ride! That TV guide programme is heinous though, why did he agree to do that, it's painful to watch

  8. can't you imagine his come-to-bed quips? "Let the sausage see the growler!"
    i'm afraid my light's out.

  9. long as he didn't talk excessively :)

  10. Vommed down my new jumper.

  11. It's neither from me - just a 'meh'. He's all right looking but he's not half as funny as he thinks he is. xx

  12. I don't like that dating programme he hosts. What's that all about? The dullest, most self possessed people on earth in it. And him right in the middle. Other than that I find him scary to be honest.

  13. V!O!M! Not helped by the fact my mate worked with him & confirmed my suspicions that he's a total knob! Wouldn't touch him with someone else's. Harsh but fair. Xx

  14. No its a definite vom from me.

    I want to hit him every time he tries to be clever and do some silly quip. And he treats the girls like they're thick.

    Bring back Blind Date I say!

  15. Oh I am caught on this one....on the fence.....??

  16. Not sure, bet he would be a right laugh...not sure I fancy him though...tough one...


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