Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Unapologetic? Well you should be.

Alright Rhi-Rhi, put down the joint and listen up (and shut your legs a bit luv, there's a good lass)

Right Miss, whatever the hell your surname is anyway, we need a chat. Now usually I don't go in for slut shaming, (or Ho Bag hollering, whatever it is called, I'm so down wiv da kidz) but something has to give here.

I am the mother of two daughters and a son, and while I don't expect you to know them by name, what I DO expect for them from you, is just a little social responsibility.

Now, I am a teeny-tiny blogger, not even a blip on the internet in comparison to you and I am still wary of what I put out there for the world to see. (stop laughing at the back) and what you won't see me doing is posting pictures of myself with drugs, (Drugs are bad kids) glamourising that shit and acting as if it is acceptable. Because it isn't Rhi-rhi, it really isn't.

It's bad enough that you are doing it, but INSTAGRAMMING it? That just shows no class darling,

Now, shall we begin on the romanticizing of your abusive relationship with Chris Brown?

Whilst I do think that every woman has a right to choose who she wants to be in relationship with, is the man that smacked seven kinds of shit out of you, really the one for you? Even if you are not in a relationship with the man now, how could you even bear to be in the same room as him? We've all read the police reports, and quite frankly they make for some scary reading.

Why on earth ANYONE would voluntarily choose to then go back to a man when she has not only the funds but the OPTION to never have to see him again, is beyond me. There are women caught in domestic violence situations who DON'T have a way out. SHE DID, and she went back. What kind of example is she setting to her fans there?

So Rhianna, what I want you to do for me is to go and sit and have a good hard think about what sort of role-model you are going to be for your fans.

Because quite frankly, at the moment you are letting them all down.

And your "boyfriend" is a cunt.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Second to last line wins. :-)

  2. Well said. Although some will argue that her job is to make music and not to be an influence to youngsters, she should at least have some some self-respect.

  3. seriously - the girl needs to be told!!

    i loved it when rihanna got mad at joan rivers for criticizing an outfit she wore and joan was like - what you can take a punch but you cant take a joke??

  4. I really love her music but won't let my niece watch her on telly, such a shame that.
    Love your letter.

  5. Urgh Chris Brown, I have no idea what's going on there. He's horrific, what's worse is all his little girl fans who tweet 'Chris you can hit me if you want' or 'I'd love Chris to beat me up' erm so wrong.

  6. I really, really dislike Rihanna. Possibly more than any other person on the planet (which is both saying something & possibly a little bit sad). It's SO worrying that teenagers and young girls look up to her, and young boys see domestic violence being perfectly acceptable because, if Rihanna is any example, the woman will still want you anyway. It's not just her instagram, it's her songs, her general image... It's just all wrong. One day it will backfire in her face. She can play the 'unapologetic' card as long as she wants but when young people start idolising her to the point of copying her behaviour then we're all in deep, teenage-pregnancy, drug abuse, domestic violence, shit.


    In short. You rule. She sucks. X

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again:

    Ri-ri needs a reality check and then rehab. In that order.

  8. Awesome post. I have posted several times, free of anything else that Rihanna is a skank. She disgusts me. She will crash and burn in some bad way, she is young but it will come hard and swift. She's on her way in every aspect of her life. Good blog. Thanks.

  9. I watched her interview with Oprah and away from her sexualised PR image she seemed like a nice girl.
    I don't mind her music however I can't stand the way she thrusts about on stage, has gone back to a man who abused her and the way she promotes drugs.

  10. Cannot stand her. To me, she is cheap, skanky, no better than a junkie, and wastes a good talent by being disgusting. She's an appalling role model, a bad influence, and I don't play her music or the music of that utter scumbag who beat her black and blue. I want them both to disappear. Just had a look at her twitter there and the first ten tweets are about my other favourite scumbag, that cunt Terry Richardson. Match made in heaven. YUCKY.

  11. Amen! I don't know if the fame bubble removes ALL aspects of normality, if she grew up in a culture where physical abuse and drug taking is supposed to be glamorous, or if she's fucking batshit. Either way, she can fack orf. I'd be horrified if I had kids and they idolised her. Le spew. xx

  12. AMEN! I was so shocked when I first followed her on instagram (I ended up unfollowing her pretty quickly) but when she got back with Chris?! I was just plain scared. What kind of message is that giving to girls?! It's worrying!

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