Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cute Easter Bunnies.

Easter isn't just about eggs, so here are some cute bunny pics to help you through the day.

Cute bunny pics make the day go just that little bit quicker I think.

(And wine always helps too)

Have a lovely Easter everyone.

Big Fashionista x x


Saturday, 30 March 2013

What Does Easter Mean To You?

Happy Easter everyone.

What I am asking today is, what does Easter mean to you?

Are you just happy for a couple of extra days off work? Does the true meaning of Easter for you mean swan diving into a pile of Easter eggs the size of dinosaur eggs? Or do you head to church and thank God for giving us his only son?

There are no right or wrong answers here, I am just interested in seeing what people are thinking about, and doing, over these next couple of days.

So let me know, and Happy Easter to you all, whatever you are doing.

Big Fashionista xx


Friday, 29 March 2013

Nom or Vom

Is there a better way to celebrate Friday than with a Nom or Vom?

Of course not. Nom or Vom is what Fridays are allllll about.

If you are new to the Nom or Vom experience, we take a male (sometimes female) celebrity or film star and decide whether they are Nom (wouldn't kick them out of bed for leaving crumbs) or Vom (pretty self-explanatory, think Coyote Ugly. If you wake up in bed with a person so ugly you'd chew off your own arm rather than wake them.... That's Coyote ugly, AND Vom)

So this week's Nom or Vom is a request from a few weeks ago from someone who wanted to remain anonymous, I'm not sure why as this guy is a perfect candidate and I'm surprised he hasn't been featured before.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you this weeks Nom or Vom, star of Being Human as well as appearing in The Hobbit.

Aiden Turner.

What do we think?

Nom or Vom? Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Big Reunion, Second Series Candidates.

I'm currently watching The Big Reunion and dancing around the living room while reminiscing. The one group that I would LOVE to see on The big Reunion if they did a second series, (which I REALLY hope they do) is Another Level.

Quick blog question,

Who would YOU love to see on a second series of The Big Reunion?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blog Spam overload.

Unfortunately, Blogger seems to be experiencing a deluge of spam lately. My posts have been flooded with spam comments about everything from Viagra to Hamster Porn, (Do you know how much self control it took not to click that link?)

I know that a lot of bloggers have been experiencing this issue and it is becoming a real problem for many of us. Some bloggers have switched off the "Anonymous" option on their post, but I love the occasional anon calling me fat or a bitch, or if they are very literate, A fat bitch (Not every anon can string a sentence together like that, it takes time and energy, you go Anon, you rock) I also encourage Anonymous comments on certain posts where it would be embarrassing for some people to leave their name. For me, removing the anonymous option isn't a choice.

I LOVE getting comments on my blog posts, I don't care how many hits I get per day, I love the interaction with people who read my posts, and a lot of time the comments are funnier than my original posts. (Don't all rush at once to tell me any different)

So what I am asking today is, IF I turned on CAPTCHA, where you have to put in a code, would that put you off of commenting? Or would you prefer it if I moderated my comments instead?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

From Labia to Lady Garden

Last week I wrote a ranty post about scented sanitary products. It was ok, but there was nothing special about the post. The thing that made this post (and a lot of the posts I write) extra special, were the excellent comments that were written. (Helmand Province, need I say more?) They made me absolutely roll up with laughter, you guys are exceptionally witty and extremely funny.

What I did notice in the comments, was the sheer number of different names you had for your "private parts"

So today I'm throwing it open to the floor and asking what YOU call them. (Obviously I don't want to know any pet names - Although, if you do want to share, there's always the "anon" option)

Lady garden? Vag? What do you call it? and if you want to tell me why, feel free to share.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Monday, 25 March 2013

A Fashion Guest Post.

A week or so ago I put out a call for some guest posts as I fancied a couple of days blog free, the lovely Hannah from was the first out of the blocks and her guest post made me laugh so hard I had to share it with you all today. Enjoy the post and if you love what you read, don't forget to leave Hannah a comment and go and check out her blog as well.

Have a happy Monday everyone.

Big Fashionista x x

How to fashion blog – the REAL story

For all you aspiring fashion bloggers out there, I thought I'd help you out and let you know how the process works. Here it is:

Start looking for a dress for a wedding, get sidetracked, see flowery daytime number on ASOS and fall in love. Dither about because normally £38 would get you two or three dresses. Save the link and decide to leave it and see if you can find a discount code.

Two days later: Get an email from ASOS proclaiming: SALE! Go to site and see that dress is reduced. Shout: 'Huzzah!' Resolve to buy it later as you're supposed to be working. Forget all about it until the next evening and then buy it for the princely sum of £30. Cross fingers and hope that a 'medium' fits over your massive arse but doesn't flap around your teeny boobs.

Dress turns up three days later. Quickly try it on over your vest and decide that it's a bit big round the top but just about fits as long as you haven't eaten Dominos the night before.

A week later, remember you were going to blog it but have been wearing a hoody and Uggs because it's so hideously cold. Wait for the snow to pass.

Two weeks later, get dressed in your usual layers that you've lived in since November, making sure to tuck thermal vest into thermal tights and thermal top into thermal leggings. Add dress. Go to work and resolve to rush home and grab some pictures in daylight hours. End up getting home at 7pm and eat Dominos.

Two days later, when pizza bloat has worn off, wear same outfit. Rush home to get pictures at 6pm before light disappears completely. Balance a table on a chair in the garden and spend half an hour setting the camera to self-time and rushing to the other side of the garden and back while you look at the floor, pout and flip your hair with one hand on your hip while trying to look seductive and still keeping an eye out for the neighbours wondering what the fudge you're up to. Dash back inside to grab some jewellery so it looks like you wear accessories. It starts to rain. Dash back inside again to chuck on a bit of mascara and lippy so it looks like you wear makeup and actually have eyes. Spend another half an hour with hand on hip and trying to look as thin as possible and until it's raining too much and you have to call it a day.

After you've cooked dinner, washed up, put some washing on and changed into your slanket, review photos and find that almost all of them make you look like a fat trout. Spend three hours going through 483 images deleting the trash and finding some that look OKish. Give up and go to bed.

Next day, pick the six where you don't look completely like a whale and spend 2 hours editing the light levels and trying to Photoshop out that spot in the middle of your forehead in Microsoft Paint. Finally, at 3am in the morning, upload the pics to your blog once Blogger decides to let you. Write OOTD in the post title and laugh morosely to yourself at the irony. Save the post as draft and go to bed.

Next evening after work, open the draft add all the details of where you bought the clothes. Hope no one laughs at your middle-aged low wedged boots from M&S and wish you owned a pair of Louboutins or Kurt Geigers and press 'Publish'. DONE!

In the morning, log back on to make sure comment moderation is switched on so you can filter out the comments asking why you look like a fish or if you have a problem standing on two legs without your hands glued onto your hips like a normal person. Plan your next post and wonder if it should be called 'OOTM'...

Hannah xxx


Friday, 22 March 2013

Nom or Vom

As a continuation of yesterday's post about Esquire Magazine and their objectification of woman, (Which is here if you missed it,) I thought it would be slightly hypocritical of me to do a normal Nom or Vom today,

Sooooooo, instead, I thought it would be interesting to see how Alex Bilmes liked it.

So without further ado, I present to you today's Nom or Vom.

Alex Bilmes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nom or Vom?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Esquire, They Are Not Gentlemen.

Have you heard of Alex Bilmes? Unless you are a hardcore media whore or have a passion for journalism and Men's publications then probably not.

Checks watch, give it an hour and you will know of this man, I assure you.

Here is the link to The Guardian and what Mr Bilmes has said about women in his publication.

Alex Bilmes is the Editor of Esquire, now I grant you, I have never had Esquire down as a "lads" mag but Mr Bilmes yesterday freely admitted that they are objectifying women in his magazine, but it's OKAY, because they are being honest about it.



I'm sorry, Alex but I'm not okay with this. I could openly admit to thinking that you are a bit of a knob, and surely you would have to be okay with it as I have been honest about it?

It doesn't really work, does it?

Mr Bilmes also wants praise as his magazine features women in their magazine who are a little older. You know, famous older women such as Cameron Diaz. He actually used Cameron Diaz as an example of an "older woman" (Excuse me while I go and kill myself)

But it isn't Men's magazines that are the problem according to Mr Bilmes. Women's magazines have a lot to answer for. He said the women's magazine industry and advertising targeting women were primarily responsible for perpetuating stereotyped and negative images of women.

So, what I am hearing here, is that if everyone else jumped off a cliff, Mr Bilmes would too?

I think a lot of magazines do objectify women, they do perpetuate stereotyped and negative images of women, and I am looking at both Men's AND Women's publications here.

But perhaps just being honest about this isn't the answer, how about instead of throwing your hands up in the air in a "What are we like?" gesture, CHANGE the system. Stop objectifying women, stop comparing us to cars and stop trying to pigeon-hole us into certain characters, and stop calling Cameron Diaz an "older woman" because quite frankly that has annoyed the hell out of me. What do Esquire want? A feminism award? An award for services to women?

Alex Bilmes thinks that honesty is the best policy, I would be much happier not only a woman, but as the mother of two daughters and a son, if Mr Bilmes would have said, Yes, we do objectify women, but we are not going to do it any more.

That for me would be the best policy of all.

What do you think about Mr Bilmes's comments?

Is honesty the best policy here? Or do you think Esquire could do more to change the way their readers think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

The Man We Love To Hate? Or, The Most Dangerous Man in Politics?

When I first created this site, a well-meaning and well-respected blogger said to me,

"Unless you want dramas, never talk about politics on your blog"

Well I LOVE drama, (admit it, who doesn't?) Politics? Meh, not so much. (I would rather talk about kittens than the Gold Standard) but I fear, this time I must break my "No politics on the blog" rule as amongst us walks a man so dangerous, so politically ambitious, and yet so damn cuddly that I worry that one day we will all wake up, this man will be running the country and we will all be scratching our heads, wondering what the hell happened.

I can only be talking about, BORIS JOHNSON.

Have you ever seen someone look quite so ineffectual and bumbling? He is the stereotypical favourite uncle. He reminds me just a little of Prince Philip, always dangerously close to putting his foot in it and yet quickly forgiven for his gaffes with a "It's Boris/Prince Philip, what did you expect?" and then sent on their way with the same fond look we give a toddler who has just smeared their own excrement across a wall because they didn't know any better.

Now that is bad enough when you are the Mayor, but this week there have been whisperings about Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister.

Holy shit, now I love a joke as much as the next person, but I am hoping that this never comes true. I can indulge Boris's little ways when he is stuck, dangling, on a zip wire with his little chubby legs wriggling in the air, (it makes an excellent gif) something that we can laugh at in years to come. I can smile when his floppy hair, blows across his face during a live news broadcast, and I can giggle when he uses the word ZOINK. But I don't want to laugh at the man touted as our next leader, I want to be inspired, be moved and not be, quite frankly, terrified that this man has tricked us with a cunning plan to fool us all into believing he was harmless before taking over the country and starting a revolution to overthrow the monarchy.

Boris, I beg you, stick to doing what you do best. Play the fool, be the man that we hate to love and just can't help ourselves. As the Mayor of London, we get to keep pretending that really, you have nothing to do with politics and are just a character we created for the Olympics, like Mandeville and Wenlock.

It is a dangerous tightrope you are walking, Uncle Boris. I do hope you don't fall (in with the wrong crowd)!

What do YOU think of Boris Johnson?

Is he harmless?

Do you find yourself secretly loving him, while publicly despising him?

Or have some of his previous comments to the press mean that you cannot stand him and are not a fan at all?

And what sort of Prime Minister do you think he would make anyway? I'm sure more of us, love him or hate him, would tune into Prime Minister's Question Time if he did become PM.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Happy, SCENTED period?

Now USUALLY at this point, I would give all then men in the room the option to leave. But today, I would quite like your opinion on this as well, so grab a chair, (Not that one, it's mine) and let's begin.

Scented sanitary products?

(Come back here, don't think I can't see you trying to press the little X in the corner. Sit down you big wuss)

Scented sanitary products?

Why on earth are we being offered scented sanitary products these days?

Does the smell of me, not being pregnant, offend people so much that I now have to mask the odour?

What idiot came up with the concept of scented sanitary products? Is it not bad enough that I ride the red river rapids for 5 days a month, now feminine hygiene companies want me to smell like I've sat on an air freshener from Poundland?

But what happens next? When the makers of this abomination decide that not only is this a great marketing ploy to subtly tell us that our vah-jay-jays stink, but what we need is a choice of scents?

"Cherry tampons for you, Madame? Or perhaps you would like to see something from our Christmas range, we have Cinnamon sanitary towels that have a subtle hint of Orange to them, No no Madame, it isn't a blood orange, certainly not. And yes Madame, our Christmas range does come with scented angel wings to wrap around your underwear to keep you fresher for longer"

No, no, no. This must not be allowed to continue, and I for one will be avoiding scented sanitary products as if my balance of Candida depended upon it.

Personally I don't think that my menstrual cycle is something I should be ashamed of.

Is this not another way to make women and young girls feel bad about themselves and their bodies? How confusing for young women,

Or do you think that there is nothing worse in this world than the smell of a woman on her "Happy period" and it should be masked? (Preferably with Duct Tape? )

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Let me know

Big Fashionista xxxx


Monday, 18 March 2013

A One Direction Concert Ticket GIVEAWAY.

In conjunction with The Sun Newspaper, I have TWO tickets to giveaway for the One Direction Concert in Manchester on Saturday the 20th of April at 2pm in the afternoon.

The giveaway starts NOW. and finishes on Monday 25th of March.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to add an extra entry, tweet

'I've entered @bigfashionista's 1D ticket giveaway over on her blog'

Don't forget to leave a comment on the blog, telling me your favourite member of One Direction and why.

 And do not forget to leave me an email address to be able to contact you if you win.

Good Luck, I will announce the winner NEXT Monday.

Big Fashionista x x x 

Terms & Conditions.

UK entrants only, If you are under 14 you will have to be accompanied by an adult if you win. There will be no alternative dates offered or alternative prize. The winner will be announced on my blog next Monday. The concert is at 2pm in the afternoon,I reserve the right to change parts of the competition if I have made an error somewhere.


Bring me Sunshine

I don't know about you, but I never have been a true worshipper of the sun, (although there was that unfortunate incident with the goat once, but the less said about that, the better.)

I don't think I am actually built for summer. if I had a bikini body then perhaps I would think differently, but once the thermometer hits 80 degrees I start to regret the "I'm laying down fat for winter" cracks and remember that what goes up (my weight) doesn't necessarily come back down. I then eat ice-cream, and so the cycle continues. (Sigh)

I am more of a Spring person, I adore warmth, flowers just starting to bloom, and being able to wear a light jacket or a wrap over a T-shirt without feeling as if frostbite is going to set in. (This is why blue is more of a winter colour, it matches our skin)

BUT, and this is a big butt, and I cannot lie, (Sir Mix-A-Lot, in case you were wondering. Yes, I know at least some of you were thinking, "Who sings that song again") I miss the sunshine so badly right now.

That gorgeous yellow ball of fire that usually comes out to play by now? well it has obviously been stolen. And it seems that no-one has yet noticed this hideous crime and reported it to the relevant authorities. What is wrong with people these days?

Do you not CARE that our sun is missing? Or have you got it locked up tight in your basement for your own pleasure. (Are you thinking of asking for a ransom? Because I think now, we will pay it.)

If you are out there sun. We miss you, please come back to us. We promise not to complain about it being too hot, (well, for a little while, at least.) or moan about the lack of air-conditioning in this country if you promise to put in an appearance. Just give us one more chance sun. We can appreciate you more, I know we can.

(I also know where I can get hold of a goat, if that will help? But we can discuss that another time)

Dear sun, we miss you. I miss you. I want to feel you on my back and face and I want to smile and see other people smile at your reappearance. What do you say sun? Will you come back?

Let me know.

How about you? Are you craving the sunshine now and the happiness that it brings with it? Or are you more of a winter person?

Do YOU have the sun locked in your basement perhaps? (Psssst, how much do you want for it, I have a goat going spare - no literally, it read this post, its going berserk, I told it, it's brother went to live on a farm)

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Drama on the Internetz

Twitter is probably the most sociable place you could ever hope for. I have made friends, valuable contacts, and even more from Twitter.

But the problem with a "social" network such as Twitter is that if you have a problem, it is soon amplified and ends up being the internet equivalent of a mass brawl.

Sure, if you see someone you like and respect being attacked for their opinions or beliefs it can be impossible to just stand by and watch and you too may have a strong opinion on the matter. But what you generally find is that the debate can descend quite quickly into name-calling, accusations of bullying and trolling fly around and nothing gets solved, it just gets worse.

Is calling someone a troll the new version of Godwin's Law?

Another problem that you find is that usually it is the same people embroiled in arguments. Now personally, I do love a good debate, but, I like to think I can put across my own opinion and then LISTEN to the other person. This is a huge problem with arguing in an open environment like Twitter, everyone is shouting their opinion and the only people actually listening are the ones that have no dog in the fight, and are busy watching the descent into madness, whilst eating popcorn.

Then there is the shaking of heads, the obligatory blocking, and everyone goes off to their separate corners with their mates and mulls over what has just happened.

Nobody wins, except for those of us who have just killed an hour watching and laughing.

I would LOVE to hear your opinion about Twitter rows in general.

Do you feel that a public platform such as Twitter is a good place to have a disagreement?

Or would you much rather people took it "outside" and settled their differences via e-mail or DM?

Or have you ever had a Twitter disagreement? How did it end for you?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

Saturday, 16 March 2013

A Quokka, Giving you a Saturday Smile

Have a picture of a cute Quokka.

Have a happy weekend. It looks as though this little guy will.

What do you think? Do you want a Quokka now?

Are they not just the cutest little animals ever?

Did you even know what a Quokka was?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Friday, 15 March 2013

Nom or Vom

Happy Friday everyone, seeing as it is dark and grey and miserable I thought we needed a Nom or Vom to brighten our day.

I don't even know who this guy is, but I have come to the conclusion that he would be a welcome edition to the Nom or Vom basement, I mean stable, of hot men you can drool over.

So let me introduce you to..........

Travis Fimmel

What do we think?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Thursday, 14 March 2013

If Phillip Schofield was Female - A Daily Mail rant.

So Phillip "Hot Stuff" Schofield is in The Daily Fail online today, being stroked and flattered by them telling us how wonderful he looks. (Which he does) but could you IMAGINE how this article would have differed if he was a woman?

Luckily, I can.

So here is a link to the original article by the DM online.

And now below, is how it would go if Schofe was female.


'What do I look like without make-up? Like THIS!' BRAVE and haggard Phillip Schofield shares a picture after stripping himself of his thick orange TV warpaint

He's been on our television screens for nearly 30 years and is looking as if he has felt every year.

On Wednesday, Phillip Schofield decided to strip back the warpaint he sports on the small screen to give his fans an idea of how he looks off the box.
Asked by one follower on Twitter what he looks like without make-up, Phillip shared a picture of himself entirely bare of any cosmetic aids.

The 50-year-old is seen wearing a casual jumper that is perhaps too tight for his billowy waistline and last seasons T-shirt as he grimaces for the camera.

And Philip showed with the picture that he really should rely on his TV warpaint, with the bags under his eyes looking like they are not the only things covered up for his appearances on This Morning and Dancing On Ice.

Phillip had become something of a heartthrob and icon for grey-haired men after he decided to ditch the hair dye and embrace his natural look ten years ago.
But in an interview before he turned 50 last year, Phillip admitted that he found the ageing process hard to deal with.
He said: 'I hate it. It causes me deep personal anguish.
‘I don’t like ageing, I don’t like being older, time is going too fast, and life is like a train running at high speed. I have a real problem with it.'


However, despite Phillip's personal feelings about getting older, and rightly so, there is one person who looks up to the presenter so much that he wants to turn into him as he ages.
One Direction star Niall Horan kindly admitted in a recent interview that Phillip is his own personal icon.
Asked where he sees the chart-topping boyband in a decade's time, Niall said: 'I'd go to see what One Direction are doing in ten years' time. I'd love to see us doing a world tour and I'd like to see us sitting by the river in Amsterdam.'
'It wouldn't bother me if I had grey hair cos I love grey hair. I always tell Phillip Schofield that I'm very envious of him.'

Bless Niall, doing his bit for the elderly.

Stick to the slap Phillip,

Your public doesn't need to see the "real" you.

So what do you think? Have I got it right?

We all know how much The Daily Mail LOVES women, don't we?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Go on, you know you want to.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What with all the "Chicken Little-ing" going on today, I thought that there wouldn't be a better time than now to jump on the band wagon (What? I love a band wagon, me) and ask if you wouldn't mind following me over on Blog Lovin'

I am the first to admit I haven't got a CLUE what I am doing over there but it is a great opportunity, with so few followers at the moment, to really up my game and see if I can build something up from scratch again.

So give me a follow and make a Fashionista smile.

Are you on Blog Lovin' ?

Hit me with your names and I will give you a follow too.

Big Fashionista x x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

PJs as Fashion? Just NO.

Dear Marc Jacobs,

Just a quick note to say, stop it with the pyjamas. Some of us have campaigned for years to get people to put clothes on in the morning and you are trying to make it FASHION-FORWARD to wear your indoor clothes, OUTSIDE?

You are crazy like a fox, Mr Jacobs, like a fox. (And quite foxy looking may I add)

BUT, you can take your jim-jams, and stick em........... back in the drawer please.

My eyes are offended on a daily basis by people in sheep pyjamas on the school run, minor celebs in Essex frolicking in onesies and now YOU, telling people it's ok to work it in their pyjamas!!!!

No, no, no, no!

If you wanted to make me happy you could've modelled a king-sized duvet wrapped around your body like a cuddle from a kitten.

At the moment, that's a fashion trend I can get behind. I am freezing.

Enough with the PJs, Marc.

I beg you.

Big Fashionista xx

What do you think?

Will you be wearing your PJs proudly, or are you now dreaming of designing a body-shaped duvet and showing it at LFW and being the next "big thing"?

Let me know x x x


Monday, 11 March 2013

99 problems and my blog is one.

I briefly touched upon this last week on twitter and it got such a great response that I thought it would make an excellent post.

Blogger problems.

We all have them, I'm talking about wearing a £30 lipstick on your lips and having no food in your cupboards.

A fantastic camera you carry around everywhere but your family have forgotten what you look like as you are always at events. (If they want you, they can DM like everyone else)

Other blogger problems include, not having eaten a hot meal since Instagram began, as you HAVE to take a picture of it before you can take a bite.

(You know I mean you, missy. I see your Instagram)

Wearing the latest high fashion clothes, with your old grey undies underneath.
(Or worse, your period pants!! Oh don't grimace, we all own them)

Sulking every time the postman walks past your door without a parcel, or WORSE, a delivery driver pulls up in the street and delivers something next door. (You know it flashes through your mind the sender may have taken down your address wrong)

See!!! Bloggers have it hard!! You don't see anyone setting up a rehabilitation home for us, do you? Or holding a -thon to help us in our time of need.

Where IS Bono when we need him most?

We have to sort out our OWN problems here, but we are bloggers, and we are HARD. (Well our nails are, coz we got them did at the last event we attended, didn't we?)

Dear bloggers, help me spread the word, tell me what blogger problems like the ones I have listed, you have experienced in your career.

Don't let anyone suffer in silence anymore, share your problems with the world.

And let us console each other with cupcakes, as we do best.

Got a blogger problem, 12 bath products to trial and only have a shower?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Scrunch or Fold? Oh hell no.

Can we talk for just a second about my bowel habits?

You know, just sit around and chat about regularity, time spent completing the mission, and dare I say it, consistency?

No? You don't want to chat shit with me?

Well Andrex feel differently! They are trying to get us to have meaningful debates about whether we "Scrunch or Fold"

Now I am allllllll for having uncomfortable conversations, but Andrex you are pushing things too far. We, as Brits do not like to see such things, or even read about such things. We aren't prudes, we just think that our time on the loo should be private time.

Not once have I sat around with friends thinking, I wonder if they scrunch or fold? It has truly never crossed my mind.

And honestly Andrex, I'd like to keep it that way. My origami shit-scraping habits are of no concern to you, you little perverts. Durex never ask me my favourite sexual position. Colgate never ask whether I spit or swallow. (A thorough dental history is a necessity)

So why, oh why, do you care so much, Andrex?

Away with your nastiness and nosiness.

We aren't sharing our toilet habits with you, you are just going to have to look at us and wonder.

So how about you?

Scrunch or fold?

Only kidding, what do you think about the Andrex marketing plan? Worst idea ever or a great way to get people talking.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista

Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

Today I bring you a guest post from a woman that I really admire, we have disagreed recently over marriage and taking your husbands name but we did it with grace and both of us listening to the others point of view.

I love that in a person,

So let me pass you across to the wonderful Ashleigh to talk with you about International Woman's Day.

If you enjoy what you read, please do go check out Ashleigh further at

And many thanks to Ashleigh for writing this.

Today, as some may know and some others may not, is International Women's Day, an initiative supported around the world by charities, political bodies and individuals to raise awareness of women's issues and the on-going fight for sexual equality in every country, at every level of society. It is, in many ways, a day to look outside of our own, comparably comfortable existence, and recognise the pain and suffering faced by women elsewhere on the planet. I could have offered up a lengthy monologue about how as an international community we still have such a long way to go to stop women from living in constant fear of sexual harassment, discrimination and violence. In South Africa for example, where the rate of sexual violence is among the highest in the world, women's charities estimate that a woman is raped every 36 seconds. Every. Thirty. Six. Seconds - not in the world, but in one country alone. A country where 25% of men anonymously questioned admitted to having raped someone, more than half of those to having raped more than one person. But the problem isn't on somebody else's doorstep alone; here in the UK there are around 230 rapes reported per day, with only around 1 in every 100 surviving victims seeing the conviction of their rapist. I'm not going to preach about this, which I consider to be a very real crisis facing us as a human race, a crisis which we've sat in for centuries; because International Women's Day is also a day about looking positively at the strength, resilience and inspirational power of women in our world today. In the UK alone we're seeing a change in attitudes not just amongst us lady folk, but within our entire society at large, we can talk openly about sexual equality and discrimination and can discuss very publicly the struggles faced by the women in our communities, drawing attention to what has, for a long time, been a silent battle. With everything from whistling builders to The Sun newspaper's Page 3 legacy under intense scrutiny from a female army who feel empowered and confident enough to say "No!" - We do live in a very different world, one which has a long way to go, but one which is moving towards providing women with the perfect platform upon which to thrive.
But perhaps, just maybe, you're not all too fussed about nipples in your news, after all, no Page 3 model has ever been forced to undress and stand before a camera against her will for the feature right? Maybe, even more controversially, you have once, maybe twice, maybe a whole host of times, got the odd wolf whistle when you've been out and about and been just a little bit (whispers) smug? Because let's be honest, you had just left the salon, or bought a new dress, or just had a bloody good morning, and you did look pretty fine. Any then there's always the possibility that you might have stopped what you were doing to catch that H&M advert (yes, the one with Beckham, in the pants) or the Diet Coke man doing his thing - so you can't really complain if men are doing the same thing over "Zoe, 22, from Cambridge" huh?
So perhaps you wouldn't describe yourself as a feminist. You might be married, heaven forbid you might be married with your husband's surname to boot. You might stay at home raising your awesome kiddies whilst Mr. You goes out to work. You might even like men. Who knows! So you're not exactly a feminist are you?
Well here's where I argue with every married stay at home Mum who bitches regularly about the woman next door but has a bunch of male friends who absolutely rock (and wouldn't think twice about asking them to carry the shopping in from the car) - feminism isn't just relevant to everyone, but it's practiced by the lot of us in our way.
I probably have the least, what many would think of as "typically feminist", outlook and attitudes amongst my friends; not because I hate women, on the contrary most of my closest confidants are fellow girlies, but I'm a great preserver of the gap between men and women. It's a sideways gap in my mind, with those with willies and those without standing side by side with a space in between, as opposed to us trailing behind like a lame golden retriever, but it's a gap none the less, and it's a vital one that ensures that being a woman continues to be fabulous.
To me, and I don't consider myself to be speaking for the feminist movement at large here, I see feminism as being the campaign for our right to carry on being women, not to alter what it means to be a woman, but to alter how we function within the societies that we live in.
I don't want to be the same as any man, on the contrary the thought depresses me, but I want to be able to exist alongside men in a world where my femininity is cherished and my strengths as a woman are put to good use. There is a place for a female presence in every work place, whether we're talking schools, beauty salons, or oil rigs. It's not just about equal pay (although of course that's a no brainer) and it's not about us shouting from our soap boxes that "anything he can do we can do better" - the fact remains that we have chips to bring to the table that may not be present in a man only work force, or a man only circle of friends, or a man only club or organisation, a man only sport, a man only event, a man only team. The female fire fighter, the female police officer, the female film director, the female rally car driver; and the stay at home Mum; each of these women has been blessed with a natural, in-built woman-ness, which she applies to her lifestyle, her job, her every day doings in her own special way.
Feminism, for me at least, is not about ensuring that we're all saving border collies from burning buildings and breaking up bar brawls (although - kudos if you are!) it's about creating a global community in which women are celebrated, not as being better than men, not as being a man with a womb, but as an equal to men in our intrinsic value, as beings and to the society that we contribute to, with very very different biological and psychological makeups that make us a true asset to our community.
And whilst we're at it, let's also hope for a world where those men can be hairdressers, florists, wedding planners and domestic cleaners without assumptions being made about their sexuality, a world where men can work with young children without being suspected of criminal activity, and a world where men can have a sneaky peek at a lingerie ad without being labelled a pervert. Men are different; and those differences need to be exploited just as much as a woman's should be (they're also handy for reaching top shelves).
There is no place in this country, on this planet, for a woman who calls herself a feminist and believes that men are useless.
I write this as news appears that the UN has cancelled this year's Gaza Marathon after the authorities governing the area decided to ban women from taking part. The race has been run annually for the past 2 years, with a third race scheduled for the 10th April 2013, and previously both men and women, from countries across the world, had taken part. In a statement issued this week the Hamas authorities said that they were disappointed at the decision to cancel the marathon, but that they "did not want men and women being in the same place."
I shall leave you with a quote from Gwyneth Paltrow at the launch of the new Hugo Boss fragrance Boss Nuit
"the key to female empowerment is truly knowing yourself and not being scared of what others think of you"


What do you think everyone?

Let me know.

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Holding out for a zero.

So it has been announced this morning that Bonnie Tyler is our representative for the Eurovision this year.

I LOVE Eurovision, I can't help it. It's cheesy, fun, and there are more politics than on BBC Question Time, although the outfits always leave me feeling quite drab and grey in comparison. (I could be wearing a sequin onesie and I think I would still feel drab)

But what do we think of Bonnie Tyler as our representative? (First one to reply, WHO? will be slapped so hard your teeth will rattle.

Is it a bad move following on from Englebert Humperdink last year?

Or do you think our female rock goddess will kick ass?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Buick and the marketing fail of the century.

It is only a small article, so far I have only seen it on the BBC News Website.

A Chinese baby was left in a car which was subsequently carjacked and when the robber realised there was a baby in the car. He strangled him to death.

It is a truly awful story, and one that has touched the hearts of millions in China,

And then there is Buick.

Buick quickly responded to the tragedy by putting out an advert praising the safety of their cars and how they can be put into lock-down. At this stage, although we may grimace at Buick capitalising on an awful situation, many of the PRs who read this blog probably understand what their aim was here.

But then Buick decided to use a picture of the victim in their advert. Now this is where it stops being just implied to be in reference to the poor child and travels into territory that is in such poor taste it cannot be believed.

At what stage did Buick EVER think it would be a good marketing ploy to sell their cars off the back of dead children.

Did no-one stop and think that perhaps it isn't just in poor taste, it is downright disgusting?

I'm still looking into what has happened next but I would love to hear what you think about what Buick have done here.

Anyone want to tell me what Buick MAY have been thinking when they put out the advert.

Or how does hearing about this make you feel about Buick, in my eyes, this is not just a marketing fail. It is despicable behaviour from a company that should know better.

Let me know your thoughts.

Big Fashionista xx

Edit, it has been brought to my attention that this was a Buick Dealership and not Buick themselves. However, I stand by the fact that if you are representing a brand, then you are the face of that company and the inevitable fall out will be felt by Buick themselves as well.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Critical behaviour

I'm going to leave this one to Alexander O'Neil.

Can't you find something else to talk about?
Is this song the only one you sins?
Makes you look better when you put things down?
Value your opinion!

Don't criticize my friends
criticize my ideas

Don't criticize my life style

I'm fed up 'cause all you wanna do is criticize.

You've just closed your mind
ooh ooh - criticize!
Yov don't realize - all you wanna do is criticize.
I just want what is right
still you say

Is anyone else feeling that lately, we have become a lot more critical of ourselves, each other, even the whole fucking world?

Well I do.

So I want to spread a little positivity around the Internet, I don't haz cute kittens, I don't have any Dr Suess sayings to hand (I'm a little weird.....)

All I have is this platform for people to shout from, so let us shout together.

Why not say something positive, whether it is about someone else or yourself, a company or another blogger. Let's drown out negativity and critical behaviour with positivity and praise.

Credit where credit is due and all that.

Let us read NICE things on the internet for a while, (bring your own kitten pics)

Want to spread the love? Say something nice or just praise someone or something?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista Xxx
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