Monday, 11 March 2013

99 problems and my blog is one.

I briefly touched upon this last week on twitter and it got such a great response that I thought it would make an excellent post.

Blogger problems.

We all have them, I'm talking about wearing a £30 lipstick on your lips and having no food in your cupboards.

A fantastic camera you carry around everywhere but your family have forgotten what you look like as you are always at events. (If they want you, they can DM like everyone else)

Other blogger problems include, not having eaten a hot meal since Instagram began, as you HAVE to take a picture of it before you can take a bite.

(You know I mean you, missy. I see your Instagram)

Wearing the latest high fashion clothes, with your old grey undies underneath.
(Or worse, your period pants!! Oh don't grimace, we all own them)

Sulking every time the postman walks past your door without a parcel, or WORSE, a delivery driver pulls up in the street and delivers something next door. (You know it flashes through your mind the sender may have taken down your address wrong)

See!!! Bloggers have it hard!! You don't see anyone setting up a rehabilitation home for us, do you? Or holding a -thon to help us in our time of need.

Where IS Bono when we need him most?

We have to sort out our OWN problems here, but we are bloggers, and we are HARD. (Well our nails are, coz we got them did at the last event we attended, didn't we?)

Dear bloggers, help me spread the word, tell me what blogger problems like the ones I have listed, you have experienced in your career.

Don't let anyone suffer in silence anymore, share your problems with the world.

And let us console each other with cupcakes, as we do best.

Got a blogger problem, 12 bath products to trial and only have a shower?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. not being able to use a shiny new *insert product name here* because you have to take photos while it's still in pristine condition

  2. Always being inspired by a moment, thinking "That will make a great post", forgetting to make a note of it and so that great post has gone. I am sure all of my best ones are somewhere up there still. *taps side of head*

    Or starting with "My friend..." when speaking to family only for them to interrupt with "Is this someone who you have actually met or just an on-line friend?".

    1. Ha ha ha ha. So true with the "friend" thing!!!

  3. Having one glowing,pristine hand where ALL the skincare swatches are done - the other looks like it belongs to the keeper of the crypt...

  4. Wearing and styling an outfit just to take photos of it, for your next post! Then taking it all off and putting your scruffs back on!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

    missing an event because you have important 'real life' stuff to do!!!


  6. Getting sent a e cigarette to trial even though you don't smoke anymore, feel compelled to try it and nearly choke on the 'apple' flavour!

    1. Apple?


      No, seriously? Apple? What's with that?

    2. Oh yeah, all flavoured! All gross, even the mint one!

  7. I always forget to take a picture of the food until I am half way done. Loz

  8. Not being able to pick at glitter nail polish because the light was too bad to take photos so you have to wait until the next day. TORTURE.

  9. Seeing a women in the street and thinking you know her through Twitter/Facebook/blogging, then realise it has nowt to do with online at all.

    Seeing your friends/families faces glaze over when you start discussing blogging, again.

  10. Not getting dressed until lunch time because you've wasted the morning looking at what everyone else is wearing.

  11. I'm just thankful the trend is to Instagram your food BEFORE you've eaten it.....Instagramming your food AFTER you've eaten (and digested) your food would be gross ;)

  12. taking loads of pictures of your dinner, then eating it then discovering the pictures were crap :(

  13. hahaha love this post....My blogger problem would be looking at my emails for comment notification on a post I wrote hehe

  14. Hahahahaha I laughed out loud at this post it is sooo funny and true!! Someone should hire you writing for a wellknown newspaper or magazine. You've got some skillz

  15. Taking brilliant photos/video on my phone for a post then remembering have no way to upload them to my laptop... ARGH!!!

    Great post x

  16. Constantly refreshing the stats screen to see the point where the axis changes on your graph of viewing numbers, just so you can get that sense of achievement. Oh and also not being able to think of suitable things to write.

  17. As always - spot on! ;) I DO have 12 bath samples and only one daily shower ;)

  18. Wanting to write yet too tired/ordinary life takes over
    Then remembering that ordinary life is what gives the blog fodder and getting annoyed when can't leave the house due to weather so that kids can't do funny things - they're mostly annoying at home!
    Definately with Claire Deegan on the walking through strange town and thinking -are they staring because they know me/ do I know them!!
    Not doing reviews on time
    Getting annoying emails from US companies who think you blog in the US
    Or getting emails from idiots who want you to advertise/post a naff post for them for free
    Or getting spam comments


  19. Burning the kids' dinner cos I'm blogging... that's a regular!

    When the sun has come out, you've a million things to photograph & then realise the camera battery needs charged - raaaaa!

    The postman/delivery van bit - so true haha!

    LOVE this post - and it's SO reassuring to know that others understand the 'hardship'! :D

    Nic xx

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