Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Buick and the marketing fail of the century.

It is only a small article, so far I have only seen it on the BBC News Website.

A Chinese baby was left in a car which was subsequently carjacked and when the robber realised there was a baby in the car. He strangled him to death.

It is a truly awful story, and one that has touched the hearts of millions in China,

And then there is Buick.

Buick quickly responded to the tragedy by putting out an advert praising the safety of their cars and how they can be put into lock-down. At this stage, although we may grimace at Buick capitalising on an awful situation, many of the PRs who read this blog probably understand what their aim was here.

But then Buick decided to use a picture of the victim in their advert. Now this is where it stops being just implied to be in reference to the poor child and travels into territory that is in such poor taste it cannot be believed.

At what stage did Buick EVER think it would be a good marketing ploy to sell their cars off the back of dead children.

Did no-one stop and think that perhaps it isn't just in poor taste, it is downright disgusting?

I'm still looking into what has happened next but I would love to hear what you think about what Buick have done here.

Anyone want to tell me what Buick MAY have been thinking when they put out the advert.

Or how does hearing about this make you feel about Buick, in my eyes, this is not just a marketing fail. It is despicable behaviour from a company that should know better.

Let me know your thoughts.

Big Fashionista xx

Edit, it has been brought to my attention that this was a Buick Dealership and not Buick themselves. However, I stand by the fact that if you are representing a brand, then you are the face of that company and the inevitable fall out will be felt by Buick themselves as well.


  1. I'm just amazed that any company is that frigging stupid. HOW did they reach the conclusion that running that ad was in any way " a good idea"

    I despair of the world at times, I truly do.

  2. This is the world we live in. Just because we think we are enlightened and civilised, we are still animals. We didn't get where we are thousands of years down the line by being tolerant, merciful, kind or generous. We fought, stole, raped, pillaged, murdered and plotted to get here. Such is our heritage and our future. Where we see evil, call it out and shame it. We won't stop it. I'm talking about the dead baby by the way.
    As for Buick they can go fuck 'emselves.

  3. Agreed, downright disgusting.

  4. Obviously the opportunity to make sales has overidden the need to consider the family's heartbreak and in bad taste. Truly shocking but unfortunately not uncommon these days. Reminds of the person highlighting that Sept 11 was a good day to bury bad news!

  5. This is one of the most sick things I have EVER heard.

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  7. Oh dear, that's a pretty big f*ck up! Pretty disgusting and worrying that anyone would think to use such a tragedy as a marketing technique x

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  9. That's terrible. I had not heard about it.
    There's sensationalist which is what the headlines are every day and then there is just pure poor taste.
    Which is what that campaign is!
    Disgusting and won't win them ANY fans
    Liska xx

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