Sunday, 3 March 2013

Critical behaviour

I'm going to leave this one to Alexander O'Neil.

Can't you find something else to talk about?
Is this song the only one you sins?
Makes you look better when you put things down?
Value your opinion!

Don't criticize my friends
criticize my ideas

Don't criticize my life style

I'm fed up 'cause all you wanna do is criticize.

You've just closed your mind
ooh ooh - criticize!
Yov don't realize - all you wanna do is criticize.
I just want what is right
still you say

Is anyone else feeling that lately, we have become a lot more critical of ourselves, each other, even the whole fucking world?

Well I do.

So I want to spread a little positivity around the Internet, I don't haz cute kittens, I don't have any Dr Suess sayings to hand (I'm a little weird.....)

All I have is this platform for people to shout from, so let us shout together.

Why not say something positive, whether it is about someone else or yourself, a company or another blogger. Let's drown out negativity and critical behaviour with positivity and praise.

Credit where credit is due and all that.

Let us read NICE things on the internet for a while, (bring your own kitten pics)

Want to spread the love? Say something nice or just praise someone or something?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista Xxx


  1. ...yep, here's one.

    That's positively rich, coming from you...!

    Most of us read your blog to see what the latest topic is that you're bitching about, so we can all join in the bitch fest.

    You're sick of it? Well, we have to be the change we want to see in the world, as a great man once said, so if you want change, then go change, it's a free world.

    1. Using the words "positively rich" does not count as positivity my little ray of anonymous sunshine.

      It's a little early for someone to have pissed all over your cornflakes anyway isn't it?

      Let me show you some positivity,

      Thank you anonymous, you've made my night, who knew that people still hid behind the veil of anonymous to bitch about others to make their own lives seem better?

      Do you need a hug, Anon?

    2. No, I don't, Fash, neither do I need to make myself known to millions of people I've never met by broadcasting the contents of my head/opinions to them daily so that I can have my ego stroked by those who agree and take to task those who don't (even though I don't know who they are, my name would make no difference, you don't know me), as I am quite self assured and happy without feeling the want to have that constant affirmation and quite frankly, don't consider myself that interesting...

      but whatever floats your boat.

      Your blog is read my many because of your acid wit, which is what I also enjoy, but to expect everyone to suddenly do a body swerve just because you've decided to smacks of the illustrious Maccy Ds, who made their fortune doing less than salubrious things to this planet and now preaches to us all about their healthy environmentally friendly soon they forget.

      I reiterate, if you want change, then you go be that change, I have enough positivity in my cereal bowl for all, what I can't stomach is hypocrites.

      Anon :)

    3. Still struggling to see how I am being a hypocrite.

      Plus I find it so difficult to take serious anyone who hides behind a cloak of anonymity. I've never had a problem with anyone disagree with me, and as you can see, no-one else has jumped in. If you believe what you are writing, you'd put your name to it.

    4. They say you see your own worst faults in other people.

      Quote, 'Is anyone else feeling that lately, we have become a lot more critical of ourselves, each other, even the whole fucking world'?

      I have just randomly picked 5 of your topics, and every single one of them is slagging someone or something off or having a general rant.

      I could pick another 5, and I guarantee at least 4 of them would produce the same result.

      I would consider those comments 'negative', which is absolutely fine by me, I find you very entertaining.

      You built this blog and your following on your pithy insights, what's that phrase next to your name about sarcasm being one of your good points.....?

      I repeat, I read you, I like you, you tell it like it is, many other people read you and like you for the same reason, but to come out criticising all the apparent 'negativity' on the internet whilst failing to acknowledge that you yourself contribute to that is the pot calling the kettle black.

      There is no trolling or anything of the kind intended here, Fash, simply an observation that you yourself might have made, if you'd heard someone else dissing what they themselves do.

      - anon.


  2. This was a little bit of wonder I came across recently-someone who flew in the face of her anonymous troll and decided to do some nice things anonymously instead, it warmed me cockles it did

  3. I have something mildly negative to say.. That song will now be stuck in my head all day and I will be bopping around to it and tempted to shout it at people who annoy me today... However.. I like the sentiment :) no kitten pics though.. That's a step to far!

  4. I have a positive thing to throw into the world:

    I spent 33 years of my life thinking "If I was thinner, then, then I would be happy". This year I said "Fuck that".

    Now happy comes first. That's the way we all need to be, happy first.

  5. Fuck you for that song! But I DO have a Dr. Seuss quote: "Today you are you. That is true-r than true. So ignore Anon fuckwits and keep doing what you do". He said that. Sure of it.

  6. Criticize is one of my fave songs ever!

    J x

  7. Love a bit of Alex. Definitely my era ;)

    Ok positives. I just spent a week with six of the most incredible ladies. Those that were already friends now feel closer, and those that weren't now feel like friends.

    Plus, my teenagers lived on pizza for a week and were pleased to see me. Win/win.

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