Sunday, 17 March 2013

Drama on the Internetz

Twitter is probably the most sociable place you could ever hope for. I have made friends, valuable contacts, and even more from Twitter.

But the problem with a "social" network such as Twitter is that if you have a problem, it is soon amplified and ends up being the internet equivalent of a mass brawl.

Sure, if you see someone you like and respect being attacked for their opinions or beliefs it can be impossible to just stand by and watch and you too may have a strong opinion on the matter. But what you generally find is that the debate can descend quite quickly into name-calling, accusations of bullying and trolling fly around and nothing gets solved, it just gets worse.

Is calling someone a troll the new version of Godwin's Law?

Another problem that you find is that usually it is the same people embroiled in arguments. Now personally, I do love a good debate, but, I like to think I can put across my own opinion and then LISTEN to the other person. This is a huge problem with arguing in an open environment like Twitter, everyone is shouting their opinion and the only people actually listening are the ones that have no dog in the fight, and are busy watching the descent into madness, whilst eating popcorn.

Then there is the shaking of heads, the obligatory blocking, and everyone goes off to their separate corners with their mates and mulls over what has just happened.

Nobody wins, except for those of us who have just killed an hour watching and laughing.

I would LOVE to hear your opinion about Twitter rows in general.

Do you feel that a public platform such as Twitter is a good place to have a disagreement?

Or would you much rather people took it "outside" and settled their differences via e-mail or DM?

Or have you ever had a Twitter disagreement? How did it end for you?

Let me know.

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  1. I quite like sitting back and watching a twitter argument. It's like the social media equivalent of the Daily Mail one wants to admit to enjoying it a little bit but most of us do.

    Wouldn't get involved myself's too short.

  2. Yes always seems to be the same people! Some like a row I suppose. I never get involved as I don't see the point. Plus I don't want to look like a twat. You really do need to be careful of what you say on the internet as it can come back and bite you on the arse! I do however like to watch and laugh whilst eating popcorn ;)

  3. I find it ridiculous....if someone says something that I disagree with, unless its really wrong/rude/personal I certainly won't use twitter to vent my frustrations at them. It's always the same inflammatory culprits who seem to 'tweet' before they sit & think. I've had a few confrontational tweets come my way, but I just ignore it. I also firmly believe that you shouldn't tweet/comment towards someone unless you would ACTUALLY say it in the real ,non keyboard world!

    I think so many people will agree with this post and feel the same. The only people who enjoy it are the voyeurs (the sensible ones)


  4. I think that when you're limited to 140 characters and the timeline is moving so quickly, it's sometimes difficult to be eloquent and reasonable, especially when you're consumed with rage. Words like 'troll'and 'bully' really pack a punch for minimal letters and yes, I agree with you, but think that 'bully' is the real killer of debate.

    The main thing that always strikes me (although God knows why it surprises me) is how people can get *so* personal and out and out mean, saying things that don't even relate to the issue, just to cause hurt. And all over what? Bugger all really.

  5. Making posts about the Twitter argument you had the night before is ridiculous, in my opinion, you obv had no better posts to write and is petty, I do like this post though.

  6. I didn't mean you, I guess I'm commenting on a arguement that happened over the weekend, sorry for not making it clear.

    1. Ohhhhhhh, ok. My apologies. I misunderstood.

      I think that with twitter rows, as I said above, sometimes everyone shouts and no-one listens, perhaps whoever you are talking about wanted to get out their opinion and views clearly and use more than 140 characters. Just guessing here.

  7. Great post! Was thinking the same thing - it's all so pointless. Where is the love?

  8. LOVE this post, I personally think twitter, is fine for a good old debate. But when it comes to an argument its just a big no no, put your laundry out to dry somewhere else!

  9. I puzzle, I really do. I don't think I've ever had a Twitter row. And I don't see them either. Maybe I'm just too laid back (or stupid!)...or my timeline is comatose. :)

    I guess my bottom line is that I never tell anyone what to think or do (or, at least, I try not to)...which takes me right out of most spats.

    I like popcorn though. :)

  10. I try my hardest not to get into them anymore, there's no possible way to respectfully portray your point in 140 characters and everyone can be a little trigger tweet happy during a twitter row. I've had some clinkers. Haven't enjoyed any, a few have left me in tears and then you need to step back and see it for what it is. It's twitter.
    Watching them knowing I'm not involved is like a really good episode of You've been framed. Grab the popcorn and watch the hair and false nails fly ;)

  11. nice post :) your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  12. To be perfectly honest twitter arguments bore me senseless. It's like being back in the playground with all the he said /she said bullshit. Drives me nutty. So I happily ignore them. What I really get riled about is when people retweet it all... WHY do that? Just why? Is it to get attention or to get more and more people involved when they know nothing about the origins of the argument to begin with?

    I've had people try to start being a wally to me, I either ignore it or just give them the comment of their allowed their opinion even if it differs from mine. I then normally get told to fuck off... Verra mature that is *sigh*

    So I ignore them all :)

  13. Usually I sit back and watch it all happen, I usually always bite my tongue even when I agree. Unfortunately I got dragged into an argument recently and was called a bully despite the fact that I wasn't involved in the argument. I will always defend myself even though I should probably ignore and move on, because I hate the idea that unknown people would believe that of me because that's just not who I am. Fortunately I got an apology and I was able to leave it there and move on. It definitely made me think more about twitter rows and people getting pulled in off the sidelines. It's easy to pick sides but sometimes things are deleted or misconstrued, so in future ill be keeping a very open mind! And in all honesty I don't know whether its better to defend yourself or ignore...and I still don't know!

  14. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" ~ Aristotle

  15. It's just like a school yard really isn't it. Word gets round that there is a scrap and people clamour to get to the offending timelines to rubberneck (I'm one of them!) and you can almost imagine kids standing round chanting 'FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT' until someone with a modicum of sense comes along and disperses it.

    I think people forget WAY too easily that if you don't like someone you can unfollow them and if they REALLY offend you, there is the option to block their ass.

  16. The problem I have with Twitter is the character limit and it is another reason why I started my blog. Hence it REALLY gets my back up when one chooses to disagree with me (fine) but to tweet me, which is a mare when you try to make a number of different points.

  17. I'm not interested in drama in real life or online, if people want to do it that's up to them but often it puts me off them and their blog. Which is a shame! I think if I ever had a problem with someone to the point of needing to call them out I would email them privately, just because I have the problem with them doesn't mean I need to begin a tirade of public abuse and humiliation, they're still a human being and we should all be able to deal with our problems like adults...never going to happen though eh. Haha.

  18. Never had a twitter argument but isnt it just common sense to dm each other

  19. To be honest people are on a power trip some times.. twitterati!

  20. Love watching twitter dramz, but also love it when people try and start it with me because they aint getting nothin' but OWNED I tell thee! Twitter is for opinions and personal points of views, and if people are gonna try and 'call me out' for having THOUGHTS then it sucks to be them.

  21. I had one recently (my only one in FOUR years of Tweeting) so I think that is sort of OK? It was with a minor 'celeb' and she seemed to me to be endorsing drug use. She is popular with teenagers and my brother has schizophrenia due to drug use when a teenager so it is a bugbear of mine. I sent a polite tweet to her saying endorsing drugs wasn't cool and before you know it she went orbital...eventually she blocked me. For once I did not care as it is a subject I feel strongly about. I still do not think influential people in the public eye should publicly endorse drugs. Anyway, sorry I am now ranting about it again. Great blog post as always Kellie. I will try NOT to ever have another Twitter argument though. Not good for the soul.

  22. I think twitter arguments always end up reflecting badly on the main players. If we are all talking about the same argument, and I'm pretty sure sure we are (!) then nobody came away looking good. I am surprised however by why people feel the need to send rude and aggressive tweets. I do think the whole saga could have been avoided by one of the girls just keeping her opinion to herself. It struck me as a very catty comment to make. I'm further baffled when people involved in twitter arguments then go and blog about them (with screenshots!), it just strikes me as a waste of time and energy. Oh well, I guess sometimes we all have our immature moments xx


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