Thursday, 21 March 2013

Esquire, They Are Not Gentlemen.

Have you heard of Alex Bilmes? Unless you are a hardcore media whore or have a passion for journalism and Men's publications then probably not.

Checks watch, give it an hour and you will know of this man, I assure you.

Here is the link to The Guardian and what Mr Bilmes has said about women in his publication.

Alex Bilmes is the Editor of Esquire, now I grant you, I have never had Esquire down as a "lads" mag but Mr Bilmes yesterday freely admitted that they are objectifying women in his magazine, but it's OKAY, because they are being honest about it.



I'm sorry, Alex but I'm not okay with this. I could openly admit to thinking that you are a bit of a knob, and surely you would have to be okay with it as I have been honest about it?

It doesn't really work, does it?

Mr Bilmes also wants praise as his magazine features women in their magazine who are a little older. You know, famous older women such as Cameron Diaz. He actually used Cameron Diaz as an example of an "older woman" (Excuse me while I go and kill myself)

But it isn't Men's magazines that are the problem according to Mr Bilmes. Women's magazines have a lot to answer for. He said the women's magazine industry and advertising targeting women were primarily responsible for perpetuating stereotyped and negative images of women.

So, what I am hearing here, is that if everyone else jumped off a cliff, Mr Bilmes would too?

I think a lot of magazines do objectify women, they do perpetuate stereotyped and negative images of women, and I am looking at both Men's AND Women's publications here.

But perhaps just being honest about this isn't the answer, how about instead of throwing your hands up in the air in a "What are we like?" gesture, CHANGE the system. Stop objectifying women, stop comparing us to cars and stop trying to pigeon-hole us into certain characters, and stop calling Cameron Diaz an "older woman" because quite frankly that has annoyed the hell out of me. What do Esquire want? A feminism award? An award for services to women?

Alex Bilmes thinks that honesty is the best policy, I would be much happier not only a woman, but as the mother of two daughters and a son, if Mr Bilmes would have said, Yes, we do objectify women, but we are not going to do it any more.

That for me would be the best policy of all.

What do you think about Mr Bilmes's comments?

Is honesty the best policy here? Or do you think Esquire could do more to change the way their readers think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh no :( See if I have this right: A man who is in complete control over what ends up in a published magazine has said that basically a picture of a woman is no different to a picture of a car or other inanimate object, put there purely for advertising, but that's absolutely fine because he's told us that's what he's doing? - Then again, I just googled esquire magazine and the official website comes up in search results with the tagline "Esquire - Beautiful Women, Men's Fashion, Best Music, Drink Recipes." Actually I just clicked the women section on the site and I want to explode, it's blatantly obvious that they see women as wanking material and that's about it.

    1. I went too, what has been seen, can never be unseen.

      I don't quite understand this mentality of because they admit it, it's ok.

      It really isn't, is it?

  2. I must say, reading this makes me see his a bit of a twat. Pure as really. Women are not like cars.. cars are batch-manufactured machines whereas women are unique and beautiful people. :) (Just like my fiancée for example.)

    I not that fond on Esquire anyway.

    1. Awwwwwwwwww. That's cute. And good to hear a male viewpoint as well.

  3. I honestly think he's a spacktard.

    1. So what I'm thinking is that you aren't a fan either? ;)

  4. Seems they haven't really grown up enough past puberty to realise the difference between an object and a woman. Good job we can tell the difference between a twat and a man though eh...

  5. This guy's face is just asking for a punch! I hate reading articles like this because they instantly make me angry. Bleh, I don't know what else to say about this that hasn't already been said! He doesn't deserve to be in his position of power, just another irresponsible member of the media! xxx

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  7. I agree with all the commenters and don't really have anything to add. Enjoyed your post though as it had passed me by, so I am glad you brought me up to speed.

    Liska xx

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  9. This man like other sexist men disgust me. He should go 'F' himself :)



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