Thursday, 14 March 2013

If Phillip Schofield was Female - A Daily Mail rant.

So Phillip "Hot Stuff" Schofield is in The Daily Fail online today, being stroked and flattered by them telling us how wonderful he looks. (Which he does) but could you IMAGINE how this article would have differed if he was a woman?

Luckily, I can.

So here is a link to the original article by the DM online.

And now below, is how it would go if Schofe was female.


'What do I look like without make-up? Like THIS!' BRAVE and haggard Phillip Schofield shares a picture after stripping himself of his thick orange TV warpaint

He's been on our television screens for nearly 30 years and is looking as if he has felt every year.

On Wednesday, Phillip Schofield decided to strip back the warpaint he sports on the small screen to give his fans an idea of how he looks off the box.
Asked by one follower on Twitter what he looks like without make-up, Phillip shared a picture of himself entirely bare of any cosmetic aids.

The 50-year-old is seen wearing a casual jumper that is perhaps too tight for his billowy waistline and last seasons T-shirt as he grimaces for the camera.

And Philip showed with the picture that he really should rely on his TV warpaint, with the bags under his eyes looking like they are not the only things covered up for his appearances on This Morning and Dancing On Ice.

Phillip had become something of a heartthrob and icon for grey-haired men after he decided to ditch the hair dye and embrace his natural look ten years ago.
But in an interview before he turned 50 last year, Phillip admitted that he found the ageing process hard to deal with.
He said: 'I hate it. It causes me deep personal anguish.
‘I don’t like ageing, I don’t like being older, time is going too fast, and life is like a train running at high speed. I have a real problem with it.'


However, despite Phillip's personal feelings about getting older, and rightly so, there is one person who looks up to the presenter so much that he wants to turn into him as he ages.
One Direction star Niall Horan kindly admitted in a recent interview that Phillip is his own personal icon.
Asked where he sees the chart-topping boyband in a decade's time, Niall said: 'I'd go to see what One Direction are doing in ten years' time. I'd love to see us doing a world tour and I'd like to see us sitting by the river in Amsterdam.'
'It wouldn't bother me if I had grey hair cos I love grey hair. I always tell Phillip Schofield that I'm very envious of him.'

Bless Niall, doing his bit for the elderly.

Stick to the slap Phillip,

Your public doesn't need to see the "real" you.

So what do you think? Have I got it right?

We all know how much The Daily Mail LOVES women, don't we?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Absolutely spot on!

  2. haha so true. I wouldn't have been surprised to read that in the DM- they love a good bitch. the only woman they regularly praise is Kate Middleton, which comes as no surprise x

  3. Don't forget to mention how many kids 'she' has and how much she weighs - the Mail HAVE to add those two little snippets to every article about a woman. Misogynistic c*nts.

  4. I think you've hit the nail on the head. I don't read the DM and have been approached a few times by a couple of freelancers who want to pitch ''my story'' and there's just no way on earth I would ever do it. If there is a negative spin to be had on a female story - rest assured they'll find it and run with it. Negative press is so last season dahhhlink ;)
    Great post Kel x


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