Wednesday, 13 March 2013

PJs as Fashion? Just NO.

Dear Marc Jacobs,

Just a quick note to say, stop it with the pyjamas. Some of us have campaigned for years to get people to put clothes on in the morning and you are trying to make it FASHION-FORWARD to wear your indoor clothes, OUTSIDE?

You are crazy like a fox, Mr Jacobs, like a fox. (And quite foxy looking may I add)

BUT, you can take your jim-jams, and stick em........... back in the drawer please.

My eyes are offended on a daily basis by people in sheep pyjamas on the school run, minor celebs in Essex frolicking in onesies and now YOU, telling people it's ok to work it in their pyjamas!!!!

No, no, no, no!

If you wanted to make me happy you could've modelled a king-sized duvet wrapped around your body like a cuddle from a kitten.

At the moment, that's a fashion trend I can get behind. I am freezing.

Enough with the PJs, Marc.

I beg you.

Big Fashionista xx

What do you think?

Will you be wearing your PJs proudly, or are you now dreaming of designing a body-shaped duvet and showing it at LFW and being the next "big thing"?

Let me know x x x



  1. I spent years dreaming of the day that wearing PJ's in public would be acceptable! I salute the man lol and yes a duvet dress would be amazing right now! FREEZING!

    1. Like the Miu Miu long coats! Oh yes, a duvet dress is the way ahead. Pyjamas for the win!

  2. LOVE my PJs. In them now.
    But. not. outside!
    Not even to put the bins out.

  3. Actually the OH & commented on this the other day after seeing a couple of quite girls walking outside (we were driving at the time) at about 4pm in their PJ's. I think our words were something along the lines of "for fuck sake, do people have no pride nowadays??"

  4. No never ever EVER ok in my book. I have two problems with the concept. Firstly it just looks so, so lazy. Like you've given up even pretending to be presentable.

    Secondly (and probably heavily related to my OCD tendencies) I view my PJ's as 'clean' clothes. I get home from work, hot bath, PJ's on and relax. Would I want to traipse to the shops then climb into my bed with grimy PJ's on? NO!

    I'm aware this comment is more an exhibition of my own neuroses than a fashion statement but the gist is you will never see me rocking my onesie in the cheese aisle.

    1. I agree on both counts. Must say with regards to OCD, I can't even sleep in the pyjamas I put on after my shower if I've gone downstairs in them. This is because I sit on the settee that I sat on earlier in the clothes I wore outside!

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  6. Hahaha I thought PJ's were for inside the home :)


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