Monday, 11 March 2013

Scrunch or Fold? Oh hell no.

Can we talk for just a second about my bowel habits?

You know, just sit around and chat about regularity, time spent completing the mission, and dare I say it, consistency?

No? You don't want to chat shit with me?

Well Andrex feel differently! They are trying to get us to have meaningful debates about whether we "Scrunch or Fold"

Now I am allllllll for having uncomfortable conversations, but Andrex you are pushing things too far. We, as Brits do not like to see such things, or even read about such things. We aren't prudes, we just think that our time on the loo should be private time.

Not once have I sat around with friends thinking, I wonder if they scrunch or fold? It has truly never crossed my mind.

And honestly Andrex, I'd like to keep it that way. My origami shit-scraping habits are of no concern to you, you little perverts. Durex never ask me my favourite sexual position. Colgate never ask whether I spit or swallow. (A thorough dental history is a necessity)

So why, oh why, do you care so much, Andrex?

Away with your nastiness and nosiness.

We aren't sharing our toilet habits with you, you are just going to have to look at us and wonder.

So how about you?

Scrunch or fold?

Only kidding, what do you think about the Andrex marketing plan? Worst idea ever or a great way to get people talking.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista


  1. I am with you 100%. When I first saw the advert I thought I was watching a spoof, I couldn't believe it was serious. I'm not even sure if I scurch or fold I pay that little attention. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the development meeting, oh and the pitch to Andrex. Seriously. What aer they thinking?

  2. I completely agree with you, when I first saw it i thought WTF, what is more worrying tho us that subsequently they have updated the ad with the nees that more people fold. This means there are wierd fkrs out there who are happy to share their toilet habbits, eugh!!

  3. I completely agree with you, when I first saw it i thought WTF, what is more worrying tho us that subsequently they have updated the ad with the nees that more people fold. This means there are wierd fkrs out there who are happy to share their toilet habbits, eugh!!

  4. Yeah, I don't get it, nor why anyone would willingly divulge such things.
    I went to the loo the other day in a disabled toilet because the 2 cubicles in the ladies were full and they had clearly had an idiot design it in that there was a full length mirror bang opposite the toilet...who wants to see that? It was SO awkward.

  5. I watched this advert open mouthed.
    It's just shit isn't it. (scrunch or fold that away Kleenex) However it has got people talking - whether it's good or bad about the crapiness of the advert.
    Oh and who the bloody hell scrunches?!?

  6. It makes me feel a little icky - all I could think about was those people straining away. And now you. Straining. Perhaps. Maybe you're a careful consumer of fibre. I just don't know. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Argh.

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  8. Totally get your point (and I bloody hate the campaign for the record,) but from a marketing pov it's absolutely done the job. How many articles, blog posts, tweets and FB updates have you seen slating it? You can't buy that kind of publicity! Whoever came up with the idea is a (dirty) genius.

  9. Surely the dawn porter bum wipes ad is worse. Does anyone need dawn porter to tell them how to wipe their own arse? And the picture wall of successful wipers lord above. That's Andrex too isn't it.

  10. Regardless of people's views on the subject, people are talking about Andrex. Job done as far as the marketing department is concerned.

  11. I tweeted about this the other day - not because loo talk particularly bothers me (everybody poops after all), but mostly because I'm baffled by the idea that ANYONE scrunches loo roll. I am a folder - and I thought everyone else was. Who the fucking hell SCRUNCHES loo roll?

    Ahh, Andrex have got me right where they want me.

  12. It's definitely got people talking, mostly in disbelief that Andrex could give a shit what we do with our shit. Everytime I have visited the smallest room in the house since then I have thought about it though - primarily wondering why on earth anyone in their right mind would have replied to their survey. It's just not normal. Sure my friends and I talk about all sorts of grim stuff (they're doctors mainly, they have a lot of stories!) but never has it crossed my mind what they wipe their arse with. They could use their fingers for all I care! xx

  13. See, I think Andrex are making a HUGE mistake here by even mentioning your arse (not yours personally, Kellie). Their whole appeal (no pun intended) was based on cute puppies bouncing around, being little rascals. The joy! The frolicking! The fact that it had absolutely NOTHING to do with shit. Now what, we went from adorable puppies to creepy CGI ones straight to asking how you wipe your arse?! NO.

  14. They have got you right were they want you! I don't really like the idea of the campaign, but I think that's the reaction they wanted. All publicity is good publicity and all that Jazz.

    We drove past a huge sign the other day for a new drink that said 'Pussy' then a small piece of text saying "the drinks pure, its your mind that's not" something along those lines.

    I think it is definitely lazy marketing. If all brands went down the shock route then it would all get very boring. Take Rihanna for example, I am very bored with her now. Keep the puppy I say!

  15. Like the comment above me says, all publicity is good publicity so I think they have done the right thing.

    Although, like I said in my blog post today, I am counting the squares at the moment rather than caring whether they are folded or scrunched ;-)

    Liska xx

  16. I hated that too, as Elder then asked me "so, which do you do?". Now, he has seen me have c-sections, he has seen me have breakdowns, he has seen me drunkenly puke my guts up after too much tequila mixed with a trampoline, there isn't much in 13 years we haven't shared. But I draw the sodding line at bog related habits.

    I said to him they'd be asking whether you spit or swallow next and he told me off for being course, the cheeky fecker. But its OK to know what I do with loo roll? I'm with you, hell no.

  17. Everytime I see this advert I want to slap (very hard) the person who decided this 'was a good idea'.

    Vile. Weird. Stupid.

    And someone got paid to think of this?!?!


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  20. I'm actually intrigued now......who the fuck scrunches?!?!?! LOL

  21. First time I saw that advert I watched in disbelief, nearly as bad as when Janet Street Porter's daughter (I think it was her??)was harrassing men in a gym trying to make them use wet toilet paper. Bring back the puppies!


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