Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Big Reunion, Second Series Candidates.

I'm currently watching The Big Reunion and dancing around the living room while reminiscing. The one group that I would LOVE to see on The big Reunion if they did a second series, (which I REALLY hope they do) is Another Level.

Quick blog question,

Who would YOU love to see on a second series of The Big Reunion?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I really want to say Boyzone but without Stephen it really wouldn't work. I'll just have to stick with Ronan's solo stuff and the old albums :)

    Though they could bring back Aqua or Vengaboys for some more 90's fun! It'd only need to last one show! x

  2. Wham! Hear'say and PJ & Duncan -


    1. I actually downloaded Lets get Ready to Rumble. It makes me smile

  3. CLEOPATRA...coming at ya! I'd love to see them on it. And S Club 7. Ha.
    Oh I hope they do another series. I'm loving this one, I'm fangirling so much! xx

  4. Another Level for sure, E17 and A1.

  5. How about the original sugababes aren't they supposed to be reuniting? I mean all of the originals have now left the band anyway! Oh and busted

  6. A1, Another Level, S Club 7, Busted :)

  7. Without a doubt would have to be a1 and Busted - I was obsessed with those guys!! x


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